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Make Up Swap – Collaboration with…..

Nope…not telling you yet, because I have to give you a little background.

Technically, this was like a Secret Santa Make Up Swap, hosted by the lovely and talented Mary from Pretty on a Dime. She gathered a group of us from Boss Girl Bloggers Facebook Group and did all the leg work. All I had to do was pick some things that I thought my blogger would like, but that still captured my personality, and make sure that it was sent by March 21.

So you can imagine that on the other side, some poor unfortunate soul had the terrible task of doing the same for me. Now the rules only state that I am supposed to talk about MY blogger, which I am assuming it’s the one I had to select items for, but I’m going to talk about both bloggers. The one I picked and the one that picked me.

I like to keep things fair. 🙂

My Blogger – Bethany from Diamonds to Crown

Now everything about Bethany is just plain ADORABLE! From her cuter than life baby and handsome husband to her 2 Maine Coon cats and her Goldendoodle. They literally belong on the pages of Family Circle Magazine. I like the way Bethany divides her blog between, family, beauty, bible journaling, DIY and just about everything in between. It’s literally got a little bit for everyone. Did I also mention that her and her husband are HUGE baseball fans and Diamonds actually refers to the baseball kind, not the glittery ones we wear on our ears?

Can we say GORGEOUS????? Look at this family!

Bethany states in her bio that she will always try to be as raw as possible in her posts and 4 paragraphs into her latest blog on Post Partum Depression and you know that she is not kidding. She tells it like it is, but from a kind place in her heart. You know that she is not writing any of this to be dramatic, but to help someone who might be suffering like she was previously.

With that being said, Bethany made it really easy for me to shop for her. I feel like we could be sisters, except that I would be like 15 years older than her. I won’t give away what I bought her altogether,  but I will tell you that I found out she loves Urban Decay (Twinsies!) and it was kismet that a certain collaboration between a famous YouTuber and UD went on sale this month, giving me the perfect opportunity to serenade Bethany with a few items that I had been dying to try and wanted to get her take on.

I’m not good at keeping secrets, huh?

I did kind of cheat and ordered everything straight off of the Sephora website and had it sent to her, but that was only because I was so bogged down at work this month, that I couldn’t make it to the store to pick it out in person and mail it from the post office. Bethany, I hope you forgive me and enjoy your goodies!

Blogger who got me — Gillian from Not Just A Pretty Face

When I got a little package hailing all the way from California in the mail, I was like “I’m on a Low Buy. What could I have possibly ordered?”. I opened it up and first thing I pick out is a handwritten note from Gillian saying she was so happy to be my secret blogger.

Her handwriting was neat and meticulous and I immediately thought this person MUST be a teacher. Sure enough, I log on to her website and see that Gillian or Gu-Wee (as her little charges call her) was an Au Pair living in Southern California.

My friends, I feel like my childhood dreams came true and Mary Poppins sent me a gift!

gillsee 2
The future Ms. South Africa is my Secret Blogger!!!

Aside from being an Au Pair, Gillian is absolutely stunning and comes all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Ms. Gillian is a triple threat:

  • Want a beauty tutorial? Check out her latest YouTube video
  • Looking on some advice on how to prepare for a job interview. Read her Au Pair series with tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Want some daily inspiration? Click and like her latest Instagram Post. She has a slew of daily affirmations to conquer any doubts or fears you may have.

Needless to say, she definitely is not JUST a pretty face. This girl has got it going on!

She also has impeccable taste. When I unwrapped my goodies, I was dumbstruck because I was looking at a gorgeous golden makeup bag containing my very FIRST set of Morphe Brushes.

My daughter, Sofia, said that now I am officially a beauty blogger as no respectable Beauty Guru would be caught dead without a set of Morphe Brushes. So young, yet so wise!

Gillian also sent me a tasty treat from her home country of South Africa, but me and the kids ate it right away, so I didn’t get a chance to take a picture or even remember what it was called, but it was like strawberry Laffy Taffy, just not as sweet. Both my kids gave it thumbs up and I’m sure I will searching Amazon for more of it.

I had so much fun doing this makeup swap. I swear I would do it in a heartbeat all over again. Even though I have never met Bethany or Gillian in person, I feel like we are already friends and hope to see much more of them as I read their blogs.

Till next time, my friends!



Ittse Marcel Starter Kit – Review Time!

I’ve literally been singing BeyoncĂ©’s “All the Single Ladies” ever since I decided to sit down and write this post. Don’t worry, me and the Hubs are doing A-OK, but every time I play around with my eyeshadow singles, it’s like this song automatically queues up in my brain.

Not that it’s a problem at all. I love that song! I just find it funny, that’s all.

Anyways, as you all know, I have been loving me some singles lately. I love mixing and matching shades from various brands and creating the perfect palette based on my mood. The best part about creating your own palette is the ability to play with any color of your choice and not being limited to a brands perception of the perfect Sunset or Tropical Palette (ahem, Natasha Denona … you know I’m talking about you, right?)

However, even I have to admit that every palette needs some basics. Colors that are perfect to deepen the crease, create a glowy highlight or make your cheeks rosy at the drop of a dime. Recently, I received the Marcel Starter Kit from Ittse is filled with a glorious bundle of shades that can be the foundation for anyone who wants to start building their own singles collection.

If you haven’t heard about Ittse, let me fill you in:

  • They are based in San Francisco, California and manufacture all their products right in the Bay Area.
  • All their products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and soon to be talc-free.
  • Although not completely vegan, they do carry vegan products and if click here, you will see that it’s quite extensive.
  • Everything is magnetic and all their packaging is 100% Recyclable.
  • They have you pretty much covered from your brows to you lips and everything in between. Except for mascara. Ittse, can we work on that? You all know I love me my mascara.

There are two pre-made Starter Kits ($49) to choose from, The Marcel, a warm neutral palette of pinks, golds and a brown or The Riley, a cooler palette, also with pinks and golds, but includes a grey and black for that dark smoky look. All of them include a cheek color, illuminator and 3 eyeshadow singles to create a simple look. Rounding off your kit, is a travel palette to store your singles, while leaving you enough room to grow your collection and add more color if you so choose.

If none of these pre-made kits is your thing, you can also Create Your Own Palette and choose from a variety of colors to assemble your perfect starter kit. I know that $49 is a bit steep, but I just found out they have a payment plan, where for 4 payment of $12.25, you can have your kit mailed to you as well. Pretty neat!

As I mentioned, I received the Marcel Starter kit and for a girl who is definitely way more comfortable playing with warm shades that darker ones, this is a good start. I got:

  • Illuminator in Barbados – my FAVORITE of them all. It’s this glowy, golden shade that melts right into my cheekbones. It’s not in your face shine, but it still looks like the sun has decided to somehow set on my face.
  • Cheek color in Bliss – a pearly pink, which I also have used on my eyes too because… Why not?
  • Eyeshadow in Brut – a shimmery champagne color. Not too yellow, not exactly gold, but a perfect in between.
  • Tan Lines – a shimmery pinky brown shade. Pat Tan Lines all over the lid and deepen the crease with a bit of Suede Booties and your are out the door. Love it!
  • Eyeshadow in Suede Booties – what a cute name, right? This is a slightly muted matte brown, with a tinge of orange. I’m sure it would also make a lovely bronzer, except that the pan is a little small to get enough product on a fluffy face brush, but on the eyes it’s perfect for an easy natural day look. Also a perfect crease shade.

I found all the colors to be pigmented and long lasting. If I had one critique, it’s that unless you add additional colors, this collection can get quite boring. Ittse sells a large array of colors to fit all your needs, but at $9-$10/pan it’s on the more expensive side. However, be patient and wait for one of their 20% of sales and you can score them for less and you might even get free shipping.

If you want to buy any of the Starter Kits or Create Your Own, feel free to shop with me using my affiliate link by clicking here. Please remember, that if you decide to purchase something using my link, I will receive a slight commission. 🙂

Any of you tried Ittse before? If so, let me know your favorite products in the comments below. I love recommendations!

Till next time, my friends!


PS- I received the Marcel Starter Kit from Ittse via PR, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Boxycharm · Subscription Boxes

March Boxycharm Bae-cation

Alright, Alright, Alright!

That’s what I was saying to myself as I was opening my Boxycharm this month. Also, I had just finished seeing one of Mathew McConaughey’s artsy, yet slightly cringy, Lincoln commercials and I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. However, I would be lying if I said this box was just alright. This box was actually pretty freaking awesome!

As usual, some items were definitely better than others and I’ll be giving you the lowdown, however, this box, more than the others, gives me an almost complete look. If it had a lipstick or a gloss, I would have a full face.


On the top of the list for me was the Butter London Double Decker Mascara. You all know that I am a mascara junkie. If I had to choose one beauty product that I could never live without, it would be a brow pencil, but for sure mascara would be next (#blondehairproblems). This one didn’t have my preferred curved wand, however, it had fiber bristles and they didn’t make my lashes clump at all. Also, my lashes look really long! If I had one complaint was that it seemed like the thickness dissipated through the day. I know that is weird, but it just seemed that by the end of the day, the color and length was still there, but the volume sort of left. No visible flaking though, so have no idea where it all went. Wonder if that is just my imagination?

Next on the winner board is the Pur Cosmetics x Boxycharm pallete. I know that if you break this palette down, all it is a bunch of neutrals and then a bright blue and purple, but that’s ok. It’s a nice little compact palette that can take you from day to night in a jiffy. The tops row of peaches (3 mattes and 1 shimmer) all perform well. It took a bit to build the colors, but as transition shades they were fine. The middle row of shimmers were a bit uninspiring to look at, but swatched really nice. The pink shimmer one called Bae was my favorite out of that row, but I will say that ALL of them benefit from a little setting spray to foil. The last row is all about MIA (Teal Blue shimmer) and BFF (Purple matte). Both colors require quite a bit of build up and MIA does have a bit of chunky glitter, so expect fallout, but they are nice. If you are looking to dip your toes into color, I think this palette is a great introduction.

Somewhere in between Winner and “Meh” is the Pretty Vulgar blush in Prim Vixen. A very bright looking hot pink with a slight purple hue, it’s actually way more sheer than I expected, which is good. I wouldn’t know what to do with such a bright color on my pale skin if it swatched as bright as it looked. The problem I had with this blush was that I found it a little hard to blend. Wherever the initial color was placed, that’s where the strongest concentration of color remained no matter how much you blended or what type of brush you used.


Dipping into the “Meh” category where The Vintage trio brush set. Consisting of 2 flat brushes and 1 crease brush, I found these did not blend out the shadows well for me. They were just a little too stiff for me and the handles were a little too short for me as well. I like my brush handles to be a little bit longer as I find that I like to hold them closer to the end for a more diffused look.

WAYYYYY Down in the love list and actually more like in the “NOPE” category were the South Mane Eye Gel Packs. This stuff burned my under eyes about 15 seconds after sticking them on. The first time, I thought it might be because I had just recently exfoliated and my skin might, therefore, be a little sensitive, so I suffered through the required 30 minutes. I didn’t really see any reduction in puffiness or dark circles, in fact, for the rest of the day, the skin looked red and was sensitive to the touch. Being the masochist that I am, the next day, I went for Round 2 and decided these were just not for me after experiencing the same burning sensation. Big. Fat. NOPE.

What did everyone else think of their Boxycharm this month? You know where to keep the discussion going?

Till next time, my friends!


Rocksbox · Subscription Boxes

RockBox Reveal – Volume 3

I feel like it’s been forever since I have done a Rocksbox Reveal! I know that I skipped the month of February altogether because I must have gotten like 50 emails from Mandy at Rocksbox wanting to know if I wanted to refresh my set yet.

Mandy don’t play, people!

I did eventually return my last set and in about 1 week, a new box appeared at my doorstep. If there is one thing I have to say about Rocksbox is that the minute your box is dropped off at the post office, they are already working on your next set. They don’t waste time and I really appreciate that.

I did receive an email a few days before my new set was sent asking if I wanted to switch any of the pieces my stylist picked, but I opted not to. I like to be surprised and sneaking a peek into my set and switching something, kind of takes the fun out of a subscription service, in my opinion. So I scrolled by Mandy’s email and put my trust in my stylist to pick something that I like.

If you caught my first Rockbox Reveal post, you would know that I really dig the natural stone look and am a total sucker for turquoise, slate and anything earthy looking and once again, my stylist took note of that, but this box was a little mixed for me.

When I opened my box, it looked like my stylist paid attention to my previous notes and purchases and tried to mimic them. However, as I dug into the box a little more, I have to admit that my enthusiasm dwindled a bit. The Ava Rose Tyler Pendent in Gold and Turquoise was the first item I opened and my initial thought was that the rectangular pendant was really bulky looking and heavy. However, it ended up being my favorite piece for those very reasons. You see, I’m not a petite girl. I’m 5’11 and “Curvy”, so small things have a tendency get lost on me, but this piece nicely straddled my love for delicate jewelry with my healthy body frame. I’ve worn it a couple of times and I really like it with a simple white t-shirt and jeans or a collared blouse and work trousers. I think this one is a contender!

The next item, I thought I was going love, but ended up hating it. I love ear jackets. I like how they hug the curve of your ear and add a little fun to an otherwise simple stud, but the Sophie Harper Starburst Ear Jacket didn’t look like ear jackets to me at all. First off, they looked more like Palm Trees than Starbursts and that was an immediate turn off. Secondly, the part that is supposed to hug the ear looked like a simple dangly earing, except there was no fluidity or movement to it, so it was just very stiff looking. Totally skipping this piece.

The last item, I knew before I even tried it on that I wouldn’t be purchasing it. I’m not much of a bracelet kind of girl. I prefer a watch on my wrist and not much else and even then I find myself taking the watch off halfway through the workday and putting it in my purse. So when I saw that my stylist added the Slate Amina Stacking Cuffs to my box, I was a bit perplexed. I don’t even have any bracelets on my Wishlist, so you would think that would be a big clue into my dislike for wrist ornaments. Not saying the actual cuffs are ugly, they are really pretty, but just not for me. Also, they are tiny! I think they were made for children or at the least very petite women with delicate, birdlike wrists.

As usual, I left feedback on all my pieces and, immediately got an email from Rocksbox about the sizing issue with the cuffs asking me if I wanted to exchange them for a different size or style. Although, this box was not as spectacular as past ones, you can’t beat the customer service. I feel like they are really invested in their product and in their customers and want to make sure you have a pleasant experience. That in itself is a real treat.

If you want to check out Rocksbox for yourself, feel free to use my referral code, MARITZABFF39. Your first month is FREE and I get a $25 credit to use for any future purchases. Win/Win!!!

Till next time, my friends!



Nudestix Rock n’ Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink – Review Time!

About a month or so ago, I was perusing Instagram, when I came upon a post from Nudestix in which they were going to give 50 lucky people a chance to win a Rock n’ Roller Eyeliner if you liked their post. I’m pretty sure I had to tag a friend or write something as well, but, to be honest, I forgot. I enter A LOT of giveaways, but never win, so imagine my surprise when a few weeks later, I get an DM saying that I was one of the lucky winners!

I was in the middle of a conference call at work when I read that DM and had to contain my squeal of joy. I’m sure the folks on the other side of the call must have been like “Is she ok?”

I recovered and about a week or so after, I got a nice little package in the mail from Nudestix containing my very own Rock n’ Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink in Golden Rose. If you don’t know anything about Nudestix, I’ll give you the rundown, because they seem like a pretty cool company:

  • Their Founder is a chemical engineer/mom whose main inspiration for this beauty line are her two GORGEOUS daughters.
  • They are kind of known for their “On the go” beauty, so a lot of their products are multi-functional and can be used for the lips, eyes and cheeks.
  • The name Nudestix is derived from their of concept of a “Nude/Natural” look in the form of a stick. Pretty clever, huh?
  • Their products are vegan friendly and enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

I know that I am not necessarily their target audience, which are millennials, but I think that their product speaks to me. As a busy, working mom of two kids, I appreciate anything that will get me out the door in 1, 2, 3 and make me look put together. I do usually forgo liquid eyeliner whenever I’m in a rush, but the thought of something that will make the process go faster intrigued me.

Both MAC and Revlon recently came out with a similar roller wheel eyeliner, but I never tried them out. I admit, it seemed a little gimmicky, but now that I actually had one of these eyeliners in my possession, I figure, what the heck!

The color I received is a metallic rose gold, which I really love. Mostly because the light color was really forgiving when it came to my technique, but rose gold is also so very in style. There is an applicator with a tiny little wheel at the end, which you dip into the tube to get product (like a mascara). I feel like the little wheel was great to create the initial flick and to get into the inner corner, but when it came to the curve of the eye, it got a little tricky. With a pen you can somewhat hold at any angle and use the flat side of the brush to create a straight line, however, with this little wheel, you could only hold it one way in order to draw a line. It made getting across your lash line a bit awkward.


The actual product itself is really nice though. I only had to dip back into the tube once and it was only because I wanted to create a thicker line, otherwise, one swipe took me from end to end. It’s also budge proof. I tested it out on the back of my hand and after washing my hands a bunch of times, that stuff did not come off. However, don’t worry, at the end of the day, when I washed my face, I noticed it came off pretty easily with cleanser and, interestingly enough, it came off in bits and pieces. I was looking at the sink and seeing a few specks of rose gold and was like, “That’s peculiar”.

Overall, I’m digging this eyeliner. I feel like there is a learning curve to using it, but once you get the hang of it,  it does shave off a few minutes from your routine.

Anyone got any tips for your girl on using a roller eyeliner? If so, you know where to leave them.

Till next time, my friends!


PS – I received this product as part of a contest, but all opinions are my own. 🙂


What’s in My Cart? – Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

Why are there always sales when I’m on a Low-Buy?

Damn you, Ulta!

Anyways, I happen to be perusing the ad for the Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty and couldn’t stop myself from adding some stuff to my cart. Unlike the Sephora sale where everything is 15% off, some of the stuff advertised is not on sale at all, so I tend to stay away from those, as that’s just filler, and try to really snag the deals.

On the top of my list are some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles, which go on Sale March 23 for $10/each. I know lot’s of people don’t like singles, but I really love them. Urban Decay makes really pigmented shadows and sometimes getting a few singles fills in the gaps in your palettes. At $10 a piece, I might pick up Blunt and Sellout.

Also, I really want to get the Buxom Full On Cream in White Russion for $10 on March 22, but don’t want to place two orders and I don’t have an Ulta close by, so this is a maybe. I do love me White Russian though and $10 is such a STEAL!


I’m a huge fan of Clarins and whenever I see a good deal, I always try to snag it because, let’s face it, they ain’t cheap! That’s why the All Stars Exclusive Discovery Kit for $27 is going in the cart. It comes with travel sized versions of the Instant Eye Makeup Remover, One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract, Hydra- Essential Silky Cream and UV Plus Anti-Pollution Suncreen in SPF 50, which is great because this is a good opportunity to find out if you really like these products before you splurge.


While I’m here might as well stock up on some faves. Sofia loves the OGX Haircare Line so seeing as they are Buy 1, Get 1 50%, will definitely pick up some Shampoo and Conditioners for her. Since she has thin hair, we get the Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner.

Also, the Hubs and I both like to use Olay Regenerist and seeing as it’s also Buy 1, Get 1 50%, will pick up 2 so that we can each have our own. I swear he uses too much and I am way more light handed. Now we will each have our own and no one is reaching for the divorce papers.


That’s it friends! I know it’s not a very exciting list, but I feel like I want to stay true to my Low Buy and only get the essentials….and some little extras 😉.

Did I miss anything special? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time my friends!


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Pinch Me! Favorite Green (Colored)Beauty Products

Story Time: Many years ago when I was in my 20’s, I went on vacation to Paris, France with one of my friends. We actually landed in Paris on March 17 and, despite our jet lag, were so excited when we found out that right next to our hotel was an Irish Pub. We were totally planning on celebrating St. Patty’s Day abroad, only to get to the pub and see like 3 people sitting at the bar and they were most definitely NOT drinking green beer.

That was the day we found out that St. Patrick’s Day, at least the way we celebrate here in the U.S., is not really done anywhere else.

Oh well. You live and learn.

I’m not sure why I get so excited to celebrate St . Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish and don’t live in a city with a predominantly large population of Irish folks, but I love any excuse to go out and drink some beer. I get even more excited about the opportunity to wear some green colored makeup, particularly eyeshadow. So, with that being said, I have compiled a brief list of my favorite greens:


“I’ll Get You My Pretty” by Devinah Cosmetics– If you read my last post, you know that I am in LOVE with this eyeshadow single. It’s this fabulous shimmery metallic green, that pays homage to the Wicked Witch of the West, however, brings forth mental images of Leprechauns as well. Either way, wet a brush with some setting spray and go to town on your eye lids with this magically delicious shade.

Mermaid Boy and Water Bearer in Dream Street Palette by ColourPop – This a two-for-one recommendation because alone they are great, but together it’s even better. Found in the latest Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop, these are deep blue green shades that once again, can be applied all over the lid (Mermaid Boy) or to deepen the crease and outer V (Water Bearer).

Helia in Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills – Also a two-for-one shade as you can use this cool lime green as a highlighter for your cheekbones or, do what I like, and pat this on my eye lids over a black matte shade for a out of this world iridescent green effect.


Sheer Envy Color Correct Cushion Wonder in Green by Hard Candy – I don’t always color correct, but if I have a zit or am going to go all out glam, I like to cover all my bases, so I apply a dot or two of this color in green to counteract any redness I may have. I blend it in, apply some foundation and concealer and Voila! I’m no longer tomato red.


Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen – Ok, so some of you may consider this cheating as, technically, this is not a green lipstick shade, but I had to include it. This is one of my favorite lipsticks for two reasons: it’s actually goes on a lovely berry shade despite it’s toad like color AND it’s literally one of the silkiest lipsticks I own. I could space out to the feeling of applying this on my lips. It glides on beautifully and leaves a really nice sheen. Also, when you rub your lips together, it feels a bit like a balm, which I like.

Anyone else all pumped to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. How do you get all dolled up? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


Devinah Cosmetics

Devinah Cosmetics – Somewhere Over the Rainbow Collection – Review Time!

I’ve been really into eyeshadow singles lately. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me a good palette. It’s like getting a box of colorful, square shaped chocolates, but sometimes I like to go into Godiva and make my own box of chocolates, catered particularly to my taste and with the flavors that I am craving at the moment.

Seeing as all the brands are coming out with the same thing over and over, I’ve decided to basically create something that caters to my current mood and aesthetics. I’ve been dipping my toes into color lately and have been particularly drawn to purples and greens, so coming across Devinah Cosmetics “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” collection was like serendipity.


Now depending on your age, you would either think this is a bright and colorful collection with Skittles like colors or if you are old enough to have seen The Wizard of Oz (not like when it came out in 1939–I’m not THAT old — but like on TV) or are a big fan of the musical Wicked, then you definitely understand why the collection is filled with glittery greens , purples and blues.

I like that. Devinah could have easily come out with a glittery ruby red shade, and thrown in some blues, golds and silvers and called it a day. Instead, they paid dual homage, in my opinion, to The Emerald City and the real star of the show, The Wicked Witch.

I’m a big fan of Wicked as you can tell.

You can buy the collection of 7 shades as a bundle for $35 (26mm pan size) or get individual shades for $5 each. Not a bad price at all. I happened to come across a referral code on Instagram for 20% off my first order and got the entire bundle even cheaper.


All the colors are extremely pigmented. One swipe with your finger gave really nice color pay off and the shimmer is out of this world. I will say that if you are not a fan of the chunky glitter look, this may not be for you as it’s not at all subtle and you can definitely see the glitter particles when applied. With that being said, I also think that unless you are a Wizard of Oz afficionado, you don’t really need all the shades in this collection. There is a lot of similarity between the shades and maybe you only need to pick up a few glitters and get a complimenting matte shade from the Devinah’s store.

The shades are:

  • No Place like Home- a pinky/purple/mauve with gold flecks.
  • I’ll Be Tender, I’ll Be Gentle – a dark blue, almost navy with blue glitter flecks
  • I’m Just a Dandelion – a deep shimmery emerald green
  • And Your Little Dog Too – a blue/green mermaid-ish iridescent color
  • Are You a Good Witch – beautiful shimmery, metallic lavender
  • Ding-a-Derry – a deep shimmery purple

I’ll Get You My Pretty, which is a light metallic green, deserves its own category. I absolutely LOVE the name and the color is just GORGEOUS. It’s looks lighter in the pan, than it does on the eyes, but I would imagine this is what the Wicked Witch would look like if she happened to have done the highlighter challenge. It’s has a touch of blue, but not enough to take away from the green and on the eyes, it looks beautiful alone or on top of I’m Just a Dandelion.

I’ll Get You My Pretty

I find that the colors are best applied with your fingers than a brush. However, with a little setting spray or wet brush, it worked just fine, but a dry brush just moved the product about too much and left a lot of patchiness, not mention you won’t capitalize on all the shimmer if used dry. Also, I recommend that you top off these shadows with some setting spray as I feel that they are not as long lasting as I would like. I used my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray and not only did it really make the color pop, but added to the longevity as well.

Anyone want to recommend some singles eyeshadows for me to try? I’m in the market to expand my collection, so drop me some stores for me to check out?

Till next time, my friends!


Random Selfie Outtake Time!



First Beauty Empties of 2018

I don’t know about you, but I feel so damn proud when I get to the end of a makeup product. I know lot’s of people do Empties and post mostly shampoo or lotion, but everyone goes through that fairly quick, so it’s kind of cheating. I’m talking about MAKE UP! Lipstick, mascara, blush, etc. If you can get to the very end of a lipstick tube, then you deserve some sort of award, in my opinion.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I didn’t exactly go through all these products at the same time. I have been accumulating these for a few months so that I can actually have something to write about, but one of my goals for this year is to shop my collection more often and I have been even been putting aside some products I want to pan (future post coming), so I hope that I can have a few more Empties post in 2018.

So, without any further ado, I present you my EMPTIES!

Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara. This should come as no surprise to anyone. I ADORE this mascara and use it almost daily. It leaves my lashes feathery, long and curled. I get zero clumping and it costs $15 on the Marcelle site. If you wait for a sale, you can get it even cheaper.

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation in Creamy Natural. Another product that I use very regularly. I think I got this bottle in an Influenster box back in August or so and it’s definitely a bit too dark for me now, so I have been mixing it with my Burts Bees Goodness Glow Foundation to lighten it up a bit. I recently bought my third bottle of this in Classic Ivory and I totally recommend it. It’s definitely dewy and medium coverage, but buildable if you prefer something more full coverage. It smells lovely and when set with powder, lasts all day. Also, there are always tons of coupons, which means that from time to time, you can get it for about $9/bottle.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Medium Brown. I can’t believe that I actually got through almost all of this stuff before it dried out on me because when I purchased this off of Birchbox using some points I had, I accidently got one shade darker than I usually buy and then shortly after, I cancelled my Birchbox subscription and felt weird asking to exchange it. However, I always went in with a  light hand and was able to fill in my brows and deepen the overall color to match my hair. As a girl with blonde eyebrows, I always appreciate a product that pulls double duty.

Almay Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde. Another I can’t believe I used all this stuff up product. As a girl who relies on above mentioned pomade to fill and color her brows, I find pencils can only fill, but not exactly darken to my liking. However, this pencil is creamy enough to do both. The tip is wide, which gives you the ability to apply color in larger sweeps and when angled just right, carve and fill in those sparse parts well. Also, it comes with a really nice spoolie, which I still use even though I used up all the product.

Ok, so I’m about cheat just a bit and showcase two non makeup empties, however, don’t judge. I usually don’t get to the end of face products that quickly either:

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. I actually purchased the travel size of this serum thinking that I would never get through the larger bottle, but boy was I wrong! I love this stuff. First off, it smells like orange or maybe grapefruits, which I love either. Second, I apply this in lieu of my moisturizer and primer before I put on makeup and it is the perfect base. It doesn’t sit on the skin at all and leaves your face all nice and glowy.

Clarins Extra Firming Day and Night Cream. I got a deluxe sized sample of this to try from Influenster and I really enjoyed using them. I actually wrote a dedicated post to this product, which you can read here. I would say that I was able to squeeze out maybe one more week from these tubes and if I had $180 hanging around probably buy them, but since I don’t, just going to have to jump back to my Olay Revitalist.

I hope to bring you more empties this year. My goal is at least once a quarter, so wish me luck!

Till next time, my friends!


PS – Amazon links above are affiliated, so if you choose to purchase some of  the products above, I will make a slight commission.


Project Pan – 2018 – Better Late Than Never

I know, I know. Everyone starts Project Pans in the beginning of the year, but much like dieting, there is no better time to begin than the present.

As I mentioned in my Palette of the Month post, I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by all the products coming out and feeling like I always need to get the next big thing. Why? I don’t know, but quite suddenly it all felt so wasteful. Like, why do I buy all this beautiful stuff to just use it once or twice and then stuff it in a drawer?

I actually declutter quite frequently, so whatever I currently have in my collection is stuff that I intentionally kept and like, so I decided to make a conscious effort to use the following products all the way to the very end. I also intentionally chose products that I would not typically go through quickly and use daily, like foundation and mascara, but rather products that will give me a challenge to finish. If I can finish these, I can finish anything!

The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer Highligher. The OG highlighter. I think everyone has this in their collection and for a very good reason, it’s gorgeous! It’s a beautiful, golden shimmering shade that blends into your cheekbones, without giving you that weird strip of glow that some highlighters give off. It’s also the only product I currently own with a considerable dip in the middle. I use this sucker a lot and I feel like this will be the one I will hit pan on first.

Nars Liquid Blush in Torrid. This one is going to be a toughie. I can feel it, but I did say I wanted a challenge.  It’s a gorgeous deep coral that will be perfect for summer and in fact, I did use it last year quite a bit. The problem is that a little goes a long way so getting through this bottle might take me all the way to December, but I’m a tenacious woman, so I’m up for the challenge.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in Kitten Karma. Now this one I picked because I just did not use it enough since I bought it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but I always seemed to skip it when I was going for a glam look. I don’t think it will be too difficult to get through it, but it will certainly be interesting creating so many looks. I’m going to be sporting glitter to work meetings and, I’m sure, getting loads of side eye.

Too Faced Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don’t Peach. I was so into this lip gloss last year when it first came out and then it fell off my radar. I recently got into it again when I dug it out from the bottom of one of my purses and decided that I was going to pan it. I do not anticipate this will be difficult at all as I love the muted peachy color and find the formula to be lovely, glossy and moisturizing.

Hard Candy Cushion Wonder Color Corrector in Peach. I don’t have a lot of color correcting products, but I find this one to be quite nice and use it often, or at least when I remember. I have dark under eye circles, and this not only corrects it, but in a pinch, is a great substitute for concealer, if you are going for a natural look. I just apply some of this before my foundation and find that once I powder, I’m good to go. There is quite a bit of product left, because a little goes a long way, but if I use it more often than I have in the past, then I think I can squeeze the very last from the tube before the end of the year.

I’m been really into Project Panning lately, so feel free to drop your blog post in the comments below so that I can see what you are panning and maybe we can all motivate each other and keep our goals in check throughout the year.

Till next time, my friends!


PS – Amazon links above are affiliated, so if you choose to purchase some of the products above, I will make a slight commission.