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Devinah Cosmetics – Somewhere Over the Rainbow Collection – Review Time!

I’ve been really into eyeshadow singles lately. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me a good palette. It’s like getting a box of colorful, square shaped chocolates, but sometimes I like to go into Godiva and make my own box of chocolates, catered particularly to my taste and with the flavors that I am craving at the moment.

Seeing as all the brands are coming out with the same thing over and over, I’ve decided to basically create something that caters to my current mood and aesthetics. I’ve been dipping my toes into color lately and have been particularly drawn to purples and greens, so coming across Devinah Cosmetics “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” collection was like serendipity.


Now depending on your age, you would either think this is a bright and colorful collection with Skittles like colors or if you are old enough to have seen The Wizard of Oz (not like when it came out in 1939–I’m not THAT old — but like on TV) or are a big fan of the musical Wicked, then you definitely understand why the collection is filled with glittery greens , purples and blues.

I like that. Devinah could have easily come out with a glittery ruby red shade, and thrown in some blues, golds and silvers and called it a day. Instead, they paid dual homage, in my opinion, to The Emerald City and the real star of the show, The Wicked Witch.

I’m a big fan of Wicked as you can tell.

You can buy the collection of 7 shades as a bundle for $35 (26mm pan size) or get individual shades for $5 each. Not a bad price at all. I happened to come across a referral code on Instagram for 20% off my first order and got the entire bundle even cheaper.


All the colors are extremely pigmented. One swipe with your finger gave really nice color pay off and the shimmer is out of this world. I will say that if you are not a fan of the chunky glitter look, this may not be for you as it’s not at all subtle and you can definitely see the glitter particles when applied. With that being said, I also think that unless you are a Wizard of Oz afficionado, you don’t really need all the shades in this collection. There is a lot of similarity between the shades and maybe you only need to pick up a few glitters and get a complimenting matte shade from the Devinah’s store.

The shades are:

  • No Place like Home- a pinky/purple/mauve with gold flecks.
  • I’ll Be Tender, I’ll Be Gentle – a dark blue, almost navy with blue glitter flecks
  • I’m Just a Dandelion – a deep shimmery emerald green
  • And Your Little Dog Too – a blue/green mermaid-ish iridescent color
  • Are You a Good Witch – beautiful shimmery, metallic lavender
  • Ding-a-Derry – a deep shimmery purple

I’ll Get You My Pretty, which is a light metallic green, deserves its own category. I absolutely LOVE the name and the color is just GORGEOUS. It’s looks lighter in the pan, than it does on the eyes, but I would imagine this is what the Wicked Witch would look like if she happened to have done the highlighter challenge. It’s has a touch of blue, but not enough to take away from the green and on the eyes, it looks beautiful alone or on top of I’m Just a Dandelion.

I’ll Get You My Pretty

I find that the colors are best applied with your fingers than a brush. However, with a little setting spray or wet brush, it worked just fine, but a dry brush just moved the product about too much and left a lot of patchiness, not mention you won’t capitalize on all the shimmer if used dry. Also, I recommend that you top off these shadows with some setting spray as I feel that they are not as long lasting as I would like. I used my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray and not only did it really make the color pop, but added to the longevity as well.

Anyone want to recommend some singles eyeshadows for me to try? I’m in the market to expand my collection, so drop me some stores for me to check out?

Till next time, my friends!


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