The Friday Five

The Friday 5 – The Flu

I don’t know about you guys, but 2018 so far is proving to be a bit stressful. Between work and family, it’s been a rough two weeks for me, so I am once again going to make todays post, not only brief, but a free for all.

#1 -5 – The Fucking Flu

I don’t know if my WHOLE family has the flu or just a really bad cold, but everyone is sick in my house. Yeah, not just “cough, cough. sniffle, sniffle” sick. Like 101 degree fever (with medication), sore throat, headache, chills…the WHOLE SHEBANG!

Wow…I don’t think I have ever spelled “shebang” before. Literally, it’s She Bang, but together. Like the Ricky Martin song. Weird.

Anyways, it’s been particularly bad today, but I hope I get to see the light soon. I have to travel next week for work and there is nothing worse than traveling and being away from your family when you are sick, but especially when you have to leave them still sick. So crossing fingers that we all get better soon.

If you happen to read this post, send some good vibes our way. Any little bit, helps!

Till next time, my friends.


Facetory · Subscription Boxes

Facetory Sheet Mask Subscription Roundup and Review

In December, I made a conscious effort to focus on skincare. Partly because my skin was in desperate need of a change, but also because I came to the conclusion that no matter how much makeup I buy, it’s never going to look right if my skin is not properly moisturized and prepped.

I figured there was no better time to invest in my skin, especially since I’m 40 and, let’s face it, not getting any younger. As part of my revised skin care routine, I decided incorporate more masks and subscribed to Facetory as they will send you a curated array of Korean sheet masks each month.

There are 2 subscriptions, Four-ever Fresh (4 sheet masks for 5.95 + shipping/ month) and Seven Lux (7 sheet masks for $15.95 + shipping/ month). If you want to read up on how each plan works, check out their FAQ.

Since this was my first foray into sheet masks with Facetory, I chose the Four-ever Fresh set and the only thing I regret so far is that I only got four. Seriously, I can now see why my Instagram feed is always clogged with selfies of people wearing masks. They may make you look like that creep from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but when you peel one off, its like you anti-aged 2 years. Your skin is just so plump and moisturized!

The last box/envelope I received was actually in late December, but I just finished my last mask and wanted to give you my thoughts.

First thing firsts, I don’t get the impression that these masks are curated by your skin type, but rather by month. Meaning that each month everyone may just get¬†the same masks, which, admittedly, is the only downfall to the subscription as not everyone has the same skincare needs. Out of the four I received, my favorites were:

  • G9 Skin Strawberry Milk Bomb – creamier than the others as the name suggests. No need to apply moisturizer if you use this one. Soaked right in after removing mask.
  • Baroness Pomegranate- light and gel like in consistency. I applied this one in the morning and then put moisturizer and makeup about 30 minutes later and –OMG– my skin looked fantastic.
  • The Face Shop Aloe Mask – also gel like in consistency, but not sticky as the name would imply. This mask smelled like aloe and was a really cooling, light mask. I think I wore this on a makeup free day and my face looked bright all day.

All three also felt like a direct infusion of hydration to the skin.

The Miko Pore Control mask was nice, but the tackiest of them all and made my skin feel as if I rubbed hair gel on it. It also didn’t make my makeup sit as nice throughout the day as the others did.

**Check out ingredients and product details on the December masks, by clicking here.**

Personally, I think the price is phenomenal. I usually pay about $6 a mask from Boscia at Sephora and these masks are at par quality wise and obviously cheaper. Also, they are delivered right to your door each month like a fresh bouquet of flowers, except they don’t die and make your skin glow.

Can we say win?

If you want to try out Facetory, feel free to use my referral code by clicking here. First time subscribers will get 10% off their first order. Please note that this referral link is given to ALL subscribers and if you decide to use it, I get 10% off a future order as well.

Let me know if you use face masks and which ones you recommend. I’m want to look 35 by end of year, so help a sister out! ūüėÄ

Till next time, my friends!



Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette – Review Time

Hi, my name is Maritza and I have an addiction to face palettes.

Ok, If I am going to be honest, I love all types of palettes: eye, face, blush, lips. Heck, it they came out with a foundation palette, I would be all up in that. Do they have a foundation palette? That would be neat, right? Like a palette of crème/stick like foundation that you can mix and match to create your perfect shade and not have to buy different shades when you are darker or lighter throughout the year.

Anyways, I have recently received a slew of face palettes for the holidays as gifts and I have to say that I love the idea of them. Basically, in one neat little package, you get contour, bronzer, highlighter and sometimes blush, which I don’t know about you, but 99% of the time I double these as eyeshadows to create a simple, clean, monochromatic, everyday look. I find that, lately,¬†my favorite palette to do this with is the Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette.

DSC00238 (4)

First of all, aesthetically, I love everything about this palette. The exterior has this sleek gold and black look that opens up from the middle, like one of those expensive jewelry boxes that houses a necklace. Then when you have it opened, you get is this delicious whiff of hot cocoa. Well, more like the¬†hot cocoa powder you get in packets (think Swiss Miss), but it’s still wonderful.

The palette contains 4 highlight shades, 1 crème contour and 1 powder contour/bronzer shade. The highlights are all silky to the touch and, in my opinion, none of them are going to blind you with their shine, but definitely create that lit from within type of shine. The right two highlights, Strobe and Stunner, go perfectly with my fair skin and I often like to combine the two to create a light golden shade that works well for everyday looks and also on the eyes. I love to use them on the lid, inner corner and even on the brow bone.

Shades read from left to right, like a book: Lit, Strobe, Fire, Stunner, Shade, Sculpt

The left two highlights are better suited for darker complexions if you are going to highlight, but I like to use on my eyes. I simply just pat Lit, a shimmery tan, with a peachy/copper tinge to it, on my eyelids and then use Fire, which is a degree or two deeper, on the outer V. Both shades would also would look great as a blush topper because they are not blinding, but will make a matte blush pop if you apply light a layer to your cheeks. I would say the same goes for Stunner as it has an ever so slight pinky shimmer to it that would also look nice on the cheeks as a topper.

The third row are your contours. Shade is a cr√®me contour and¬†is sort of middle of ground shade wise. I find it a bit too dark for my¬†fair complexion and I believe that it will definitely be too light for my darker complexioned guys and gals. However, if you are medium toned, this is your shade. It’s definitely on the warmer side, so if you prefer an ashy contour, then I would skip. The same goes for Sculpt, the powder contour shade. Personally, I use this color as a bronzer, not as contour, because it has an orange base, AND as a crease color.¬†Love it on my crease!

The downfall to the palette¬†is, as mentioned above, that¬†both contours are not really universal for all skin types. That’s a bummer given the $45 price tag, but I feel that the highlights make up for it as they are the real stars of the show. Also, the mirrors are not user friendly. The are small and located on the flaps of the palette and really don’t give you a full face view, so applying contour or highlight can be a little challenging. But to be honest…WHATEVER! I never rely on palette mirrors to apply my makeup.

I know that Tarte recently came out with Pro Glow¬†To Go mini palette ($23), that contains 3 different shades and it’s supposed to be travel friendly, but to be honest, I think the Pro Glow is already small and compact and offers a wider variety of options to play with whether you travel a lot or not.

With that being said, did anyone pick up the Pro Glow To Go? Love to hear your thoughts on the shade selection.

Till next time, my friends!


Holly the Housecat · The Friday Five

The Friday 5 – Unwind With Me

What a day, what a day!

Actually, it’s more like what a week, but I like to focus on the present and I feel like the theme of today’s Friday 5 is something along the likes of “It’s 5pm somewhere at this exact moment, so time for a drink.”

(Pours a nice, tall glass of red wine.)

I should probably call this post Un-Wine with me.

(I crack myself up!)

Anyways, with that being said, I thought today I would make this post a free for all and just take the opportunity to chat with you. I know this is primarily a beauty blog, but….

#5 – I haven’t worn makeup all week!!!

Seriously, this is so unlike me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bare, clean face with just a little moisturizer on those days when you are just planning to Netflix and Chill (like the real Netflix and Chill, not the “wink, wink” Netflix and Chill). However, I miss those peeks in the mirror when I have a really nice eye look and think to myself, “Damn, I look good!”. It’s just been so crazy at work, that I have not had 15 minutes to myself to eat, much less play with makeup. The good news though is that I’ll be doing a slew of moisturizer and face mask reviews in the coming weeks because that’s what I have been focusing on during my forced makeup hiatus.

Can I get “Yeah” for soft, supple skin?

#4 – I won a Giveaway!

This was the highlight of my week. I like to use an app called Promota to do my signboards for my blog and they were hosting a giveaway during the holidays and I WON an Amazon Echo. I feel so super cool and trendy now that¬† all I have to do is scream from across the room “Alexa, what’s the weather looking like today?” instead of reaching out my hand, pressing the home button and asking Siri to tell me how hot it’s going to be. #siriisso2017 #firstworldproblems

#3 – The Ice Cream Museum

I succumbed to Instagram pressure and bought tickets to go to the Ice Cream Museum that just opened in Miami last month. I’m about $160 broker than I was last week and I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but it really does seem quirky and cool and I’m taking my kids and my MOM, so you know it’s going to be HILARIOUS! Seriously though, this museum better be freaking awesome and I better be picking rainbow sprinkles out of my butt crack for a week after basically paying that much money for photo opportunities. Once again, #firstworldproblems

#2 – Vision Boards

My friend, Yudy and I, have this tradition where we each create a vision board at the beginning of each year so that we can manifest our goals and dreams into reality. Well, we did it for the first time last year, so since this is our second go around, I’m calling it a tradition. We have plans to get together this weekend and just chat, drink wine and do a little crafting. If ever I wonder the exact moment I hit middle age, I think this is it.

#1 – Holly the Housecat (AKA: the Ca-terrorist)

Let me introduce you to my cat, Holly. On the outside she looks like the sweetest, gentlest, blue eyed cat. However, don’t be fooled, my friends. She is a Terrorist. She takes great pleasure in:

  • scratching you for no reason at all
  • tipping glasses of water on your¬†electronic devices – to cut you off from the outside world and make you her slave.
  • Attacking my 12 year old dog, Rita, for being petted 3 more times than¬†she was in one sitting
  • Sneakily stealing one sock from each coordinating pair right after you take them off. Forcing you to wear mismatched socks for a month. Then, when you finally decide to give in and use the mismatched socks as cleaning rags, she magically procures one from her hidden sock den and dumps it on your person during the night. It’s like the scene from The Godfather, except that instead of waking up to a bloody, decapitated horses head, you wake up to a dirty, stinky sock full of cat saliva.

I need to keep my on eye her at ALL times. #hollythehousecat #sockstealer

I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat with me. Feel free to chat right back with me in the comments below. Let’s keep the dialogue going!

Till next time, my friends!


Rocksbox · Subscription Boxes

Rocksbox Reveal – Vol. 1

I LOVE jewelry. Especially really unique pieces. They don’t have to be flashy or expensive, but a little off the wall is cool and nothing too chunky. I don’t like the feel of heavy things on my body. Also, I love natural stones, like rose quartz or moonstone, particularly paired with gold or silver.

You see what I just did there? I basically gave you my style profile on Rocksbox. It’s really that easy and now you just sit back and wait for a cute little package to arrive with three items that you can rent for as long as you want and then return for another set or buy if you can’t bear to part with one.

DSC00249 (3)

To rent the set, it’s $21 a month and you can keep it for as long as you want. Keep in mind, that you will be charged each month regardless if you return them right away or not. You have to return all three pieces together in order to have another set sent out to you, but you can refresh your set as many times as you want and it will still just be $21/month.

If you decide to purchase a piece, the monthly credit will be applied to that purchase and if you ever decide to buy all three pieces, you get an additional $10 discount applied to the total. Now mind you, these pieces are not exactly cheap.¬†The average price is¬†between $40-$100/piece (from my experience), so $21 -$31 off isn’t exactly a steal, but this is where the renting part comes in handy. Let’s say you like something, but not enough to shell out $100, you can still wear it to that important meeting or that wedding and then return it.

Trust me, if you are anything like me. You will want to refresh your set more often than you think.

Also, you do get to browse the site and make a Wishlist of pieces that you like. If available, your stylist will send a piece (or more, but up to 3) to you in your box. If there is a special occasion or outfit you would like assistance with, just leave your stylist comments and they will try to help you coordinate jewelry for that event.

Ok, enough talking! Since this is my first Rocksbox post, I felt compelled to give a brief introduction on how it works, but if you want more info, head on over to their FAQ and read up on anything I may have missed.

So what did I get in my latest box? I’m so glad you asked!

To begin with,¬†I got the beautiful Aster Aloe Necklace in Rutilated Quartz ($46) which I highlighted in the first pic above. I love how the stone looks hazy and is cut into a neat shark tooth shape. It’s a beautiful delicate piece, however, the 15 inch¬†chain was a little short for my taste. I prefer a style like this to hang a bit longer down my chest and this fell right between my collarbones.

However, the second necklace I got was just perfect! The Valencia Necklace¬†Rudiment ($68) is an Evil Eye inspired design with a delicate gold chain. It has “sapphire” and crystal accents and is made to hang a little¬†higher to your neck. It looks gorgeous with collared shirts and regular tees and I’ve already worn this on various occasions and have received so many compliments. I actually did end up purchasing this piece as it was just too unique and eye catching (pun intended) to return.

IMG_0670 (2)
Excuse the close up pic. Pic taken from iPhone and it was just not working out for me.

The last piece,¬†which¬†I also decided to keep because I’m such a sucker,¬†are the Octavia Ear¬†Jackets ($55) also from Rudiment, and are what I like to call a basic with a twist. The stud is a genuine opal stone with a line of crystals that hug the curve of your earlobe. I think this is something that you can either dress up or down and will look good with anything. I was in desperate need of a set of earrings that I could wear for work meetings and actually look like I was trying and I think that these fit the bill.

For the record, this post is totally NOT sponsored. Rockbox doesn’t know who the heck I am and probably never will, but when I like something, I will tell you all about it, and I really like this subscription box. Yes, it’s a little weird renting jewelry. Small delicate things have a tendency to break and get lost and you do run a risk of having to purchase something if that happens, but small wear and tear is actually covered¬†with your monthly fee, so if you are someone who takes good care of their pieces, then this might be something up your alley.

If you liked this post and decide to check out Rocksbox, feel free to use my referral code MARITZABFF39. This is a referral code that they give to ALL their customers and if you decide to use it, then I get $25 towards a future purchase.

Also, let me know if you like these type of unboxings or reveals by liking this post. On days when I am having a hard time figuring out what to write, I go through all my posts and see what you guys gave a big thumbs up to and try to give you all some more of that type of material.

Till next time, my friends!


Clarins · Influenster · Skincare

Clarins Extra Firming Day and Night Cream – Review Timeless

About a month ago, I was lamenting over the fact that I needed to get a new moisturizer. My skin was just not feeling the ones I was using, which, admittedly, where a bunch of subscription box samples that weren’t working for me. My skin is moistly oily, but I had been getting these dry patches on my forehead and around the mouth area and nothing that I was using was making that better. I must have thrown some sort wish out there, because a few days later, I was sent a nice little box from Influenster with¬†two deluxe size samples of the Clarins Day and Night Extra Firming Moisturizer.

Thanks, Universe!


If you want to read product details, head on over to their website here¬† and read up on all the good stuff. I don’t think you come here for an ingredient list, but rather to get a real user opinion and review.

The samples lasted for exactly two weeks, which is just the time frame Clarins states you will begin to see your skin become firmer, tighter and rejuvenated and I’m going to start off by saying that it’s true! My favorite out of the two is the Night Cream.¬† I could tell that my skin was in desperate need of a change and some intense moisture, because after using it one time, it felt like my skin blossomed overnight. The first thing I noticed was how soft my it felt to the touch. It didn’t exactly feel silky, but soft. Like as if you were running your finger back and forth on stick of butter. That’s a really weird comparison, but just go with it.

Both creams are thick and smell like you walked into a expensive department store. However, the scent does not linger, but even if it did, I wouldn’t mind. It’s pleasant, like a soft, floral perfume. While, I appreciated the thickness of the Night Cream, I feel like that is the one thing about the Day Cream that I fault. It takes FOREVER to sink into the skin and wasn’t very compatible with some of my foundations, especially the dewy ones. It made my skin a little shinier than I liked, no matter which primer I used, and had me reaching for the setting powder a little more than usual. However, on make up free days, I just lather some of this and go about my day, mindlessly touching my face to feel how soft it felt.

After about 2 weeks, I can honestly admit that I see a visible difference about my skin. This includes my neck and decolletage area. Are my wrinkles gone? Absolutely not. However, there is a definitive blurriness about them, particularly the really fine ones around my eyes, and even some of the smaller forehead wrinkles. Along with blurred wrinkles, my face just looks plain nicer, brighter and plump. Kind of like you came back from a nice jog and all your blood is pumping and making everything look healthy and pink.

So the big question is, would I buy this duo again? SURE! If I had $180 ($93 for Night¬†& $87 for Day) laying around, I would jump on that like no tomorrow. However, I don’t and even though I LOVE what this does for my skin, that is a A LOT of dough to drop. You do get a decent amount of product, 1.7 oz per jar, so that does offset the cost a bit and trust me that a little goes a long way. You don’t need a lot a day to make this product work. However, broke mortals like me might need to head on over to the drugstore for a cheaper dupe if that’s not a manageable monetary commitment for skincare.

Any recommendations for a good cheap dupe? If so, leave them in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


****The product above was provided to me complimentary for testing.****

The Friday Five

The Friday Five – 2018 Beauty Resolutions

Happy Friday!

We officially made it through probably the longest week of the year and survived. Is not the first week after the holidays the worst? I don’t know about you, but I practically crawled into the office on Tuesday, took one look at all the emails in my inbox from my 10 day vacation and immediately starting counting down the days till Friday.

Loverboy was indeed correct. Everybody is working for the weekend.

Anywho, back-to-work doldrums aside, January is a wonderful month. Symbolically, the clock to your life has reset and you are provided the opportunity to improve upon yourself. Now some of us may use this forward momentum to redesign your entire life. Me, I just want to tweak a few things here and there and  I want to share them with you, so that you all can keep me honest.

Since this is a beauty blog, I thought it appropriate to share with you my 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2018.

#5 – Get My Nails Done!

Truth be told, I’m not into¬†nails all that much.¬†No particular reason other than I like the look of clean, cropped nails and¬†have a tendency to pick off my nail polish when ever I do happen to paint them.¬†However,¬†I’m an avid cuticle picker¬†(gross, I know) and¬†on more than one occasion have actually drawn blood.¬†However, I work in an industry where from time to time, I have to¬†shake hands with other people and there’s nothing worse that extending your hand¬†and just before you make contact with them, you see that lone little hangnail sticking out from the side of your nailbed. You start thinking, can they feel the little jab of the hangnail? Did they see that one nail is slightly longer than the others?¬†Why¬†is the guys hand softer than mine? OMG, I have MAN¬†HANDS!

You see how¬†easily¬†it is for me to spiral? So,¬†to avoid that, I’m just going to get a manicure¬†twice a month.¬†No crazy colors though. A simple French manicure will do.

#4 – Get my Brows Done

Like professionally. I only do it about twice a year and when I have them done, I go all out. Waxing, shaping and coloring. I feel like a new person and every time, I promise myself that I will maintain the new me with the fabulous eyebrows. However, life gets it the way and my Saturday afternoon eyebrow appointment gets cancelled because that kid pitch baseball game that got rained out last Wednesday, suddenly turned into a double-header and GOODBYE perfectly arched brows. No more. My brows will no longer suffer the abuse of my over plucking and get the care and attention they deserve from a professional.

#3 – Do a Hair Treatment Once a Week

My hair is naturally frizzy and living in Miami, with all the humidity and rain, doesn’t help. I also happen to use a straightening iron or brush A LOT and when I don’t, I have it twisted up in a bun. My hair takes a lot of abuse, which is sad, because I personally think it’s real pretty AND my hair happens to treat me well, despite how abusive I am to it. For example, I have only a miniscule strip of grays right where I part my hair to the side, which happens to blend into my natural golden highlights. How many 40 year olds out there can say the same? So, I’ve decided to return the favor and give my hair the nourishment that it needs to continue growing and maybe frizz a whole lot less. I picked up a few of the Nexxus Vital 8-1 Rejuvinating Masks to see how it they work. Let me know any other masks I should look into in the comments below.

#2 – Get a Facial

I can’t even remember the last time I got a facial. I mean, I remember that I bought a Groupon for a facial in August and never redeemed it, but actually walk into a spa and have someone expertly clean my pores? Yeah…it’s been years. I know exactly why. There was a period in my 20’s where I got a really bad case of acne and I didn’t want to go on medication, so I thought if I got a facial, my skin might improve. Well, not only did the esthetician poke and prod my zits in a most painful manner, leaving my face red and puffy for days, but she also kept on¬†exclaiming on how bad my face was and provided running commentary on how much gunk she was squeezing out of my whiteheads.

But that was the past and I’m an adult (like a real adult) and I think that my face might benefit from the care of a person who actually knows what she is doing and who could possibly make me look 35 again. Wishful thinking?

#1 – Take Vitamins

So I know there are those people out there that think vitamins are a bunch of hooey. And to those, I say you do you. However, I’m a firm believer that we all need an assistant every now and then¬†and I see vitamins, not as the main source of your nutritional needs, but¬†as little helpers that help you¬†close in those gaps a bit. So let’s say you are¬†increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, but aren’t really at the 5 – 7 ¬†servings a day mark yet. Vitamins can help you a bit here and there. Also, they taste way better than they used to and some of them are GUMMIES!!!¬† It’s like Halloween candy, but for your health and you only take 2¬†a day. Remember to always read labels, my friends!

I personally love the Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins. They are squishy, pink and taste like candied grapefruit. They also contain Vitamins B7, C and Borage Oil, which are all great for healthy skin, nails and hair, which pretty much encompasses all my beauty resolutions in one swoop. Work your magic, little helpers!

What are you Beauty Resolutions for 2018? Leave them in the comments below and I will check in on you from time to time to keep you honest as well. Also feel free like this post to let me know you dig my Friday Fives.

Till next time, my friends!


Beauty Review · Burt's Bees Beauty

Burt’s Bees Beauty – Review Time

A few weeks back, I was watching my favorite beauty guru, Tati Westbrook, review the Burt’s Bees Beauty line and if I could describe the vibe she gave off in that video it would be “uninterested”. Like right from the get go, you could tell that she almost seemed forced in doing that review because as a self described Glam Junkie, a natural makeup look wasn’t her thing. In fact, she must have said the word “Natural” like 177 times in the video and none of the times was it like “Natural! Yeah!”, but more like “Natural. Sigh.”

That’s ok. She’s the Glam Life Guru. Not Natural Life Know-it-all.

Now typically I live and breath Tati’s recommendations, (Coty Airspun Powder, anyone?) but in some weird Reverse Psychology way, it made me want to go out and purchase some of these products and test it out for myself. I don’t know, maybe because I’m digging a No Fuss look these days and glitter and contouring aren’t my thing at the moment, but the simplicity of the packaging and the really clean colors of the line were calling me. I happen to also have two $25 Amazon Gift Cards from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket and I do agree with Tati that these products are quite pricey for drugstore, so it was nice to have those to offset the cost.

I bought the Goodness Glows Foundation in Buff ($16.99) and also happen to cross paths with a gift set in Natural Beauty that included the following for $34.99:

  • Facial Cleansing Towlettes for Sensitive Skin
  • Eye Shadow Trio in Shimmering Nudes (shimmery beige, pink and brown)
  • Nourishing Mascara in Classic Black
  • Lipstick in Blush Basin (pinky peach nude)

When all was said and done, I ended up paying about $1.56 out of pocket, so I think I did good and once I put it on my face and gave it a couple of days wear test, I could honestly say that I like it. However, don’t get all excited. I definitely think that there is room for improvement with some products.

For example, the foundation. It’s definitely not full coverage as it claims. I would say it’s more medium, but buildable, which works for me. It’s¬†definitely dewy though. Like really dewy. I’m a dewy glow look kind of girl and even I found myself reaching for the powder a little more than usual to set everything. Also, you might want to go a shade or more darker than what you typically wear because it is much lighter than expected. I chose the 3rd lightest color, which has a yellow undertone on the website, thinking it might be a shade too dark for me, and it ended up being like 2 shades too light. However, once I applied some (a lot) of bronzer, it looked really nice and it didn’t break apart as the day wore on or settle into any fine lines. I will say that it’s the type of foundation that you “feel” on your skin. So if that bugs you, I suggest you skip.

The eyeshadow trio was probably my most favorite out of the bunch I bought. At first swatch, the colors feel dry and a little dull. But don’t be fooled, these are really nice and applied great with a brush on your lids. They are all shimmers, so you might want to dip into a matte from your existing collection to use as a transition shade or do what I did and use your bronzer. I then applied the darkest color on the outer¬†V and a bit into the crease. Added the shimmery taupe-y pink (my favorite of the trio) to the lid and then topped it off with the light beige in the center and inner corner for a soft, contoured smoky eye. It was GORGEOUS and definitely a look that I will recreate again.

Also, I am going to begrudgingly admit that it was refreshing to have just 3 colors to choose from. Palettes are nice, but sometimes I get slightly overwhelmed by all the colors and possibilities and it’s hard for me to settle on which direction I want to take. It was nice having a look already spelled out for you.

I topped the eye look with the mascara, which had the dreaded rubber spikes, and at first I was like “Nope”, but then was like “Ok. I see you”. I mean, it’s not going to replace my beloved Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl mascara, but I would use it again. It claims to be lengthening, and it certainly is, but it also does a good job at making your lashes look full as well and I didn’t see any flaking or transfer as the day wore on. I would, however, refrain from looking up right after applying, as it did leave a little black dots on my lids while it dried.

The lipstick is a really pretty peach toned nude that is slightly sheerer than I prefer on one swipe, but when you added a second layer, definitely picked up steam in color. It’s a cream lipstick, which also means that it’s not going to stick around for long and you need to be prepared to reapply, but that’s ok. I’m really so over the liquid lipstick, that I’ll take a minute out of my day every now and then to put on some lipstick. I think I will pick up some of the darker berry toned shades I see online as the formula was really nice and when I rubbed my lips together had a slightly balmy feel to them.

I’ve haven’t used the makeup wipes as I much prefer to use a cleansing balm to take off my makeup, but I’m sure they will come in handy from time to time. I’ll let you guys tell me in the comments below if they are any good or not.

So anybody else have any opinions on Burt’s Bees Beauty? Did anyone get the same impression as me from Tati’s review? If so, let me know below.

Till next time, my friends!


PS- check some swatches below and let me know what you think.


Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and that the first day of 2018 has been SPECTACULAR! I personally had a wonderful past 2 days enjoying time with my family and friends, but I wanted to pop in before the end of the day and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Like I did on Christmas Day,  I thought it would be fun to list some highlights from the past 2 days.

  • Went to go see The Greatest Showman with my kids, mom, aunt and some family friends. All I have to say is that Hugh Jackman is PHENOMENAL! Don’t wait to see this movie when it comes out on video. It’s one of those that you have to¬†experience on a big screen.
  • Chinese food with above mentioned ladies after the movie. They say that it’s good luck to eat Chinese food on New Years, but that may be made up. Who cares!¬†I love me some noodles.
  • Doing tequila shots like a college girl with my friends and dancing regaetton and salsa till the ball dropped. Needless to say that our dancing definitely got looser the more shots we took, but it was so much fun. If you want to see what our husbands did while we danced, check out my Instagram Highlights Story appropriately titled New Years Eve. ūüôā
  • Before doing above mentioned tequila shots, playing Heads Up with all the couples and laughing our heads off. Mostly because we were also drinking cocktails while playing. I promise I am not a lush, but it’s New Years Eve!! You got let loose sometimes.
  • Smooching my husband and kids at midnight. I love them so much!
  • Waking up surprisingly NOT hungover. Must be all the Chinese food and carbs¬†I loaded up on during lunch the day before.
  • Going to lunch at¬†one of our¬†favorite local restaurants,¬†Flanigans,¬†with my husband and kids to celebrate the New Year. It’s kind of a tradition.
  • Getting out with Sofia and walking the track by our house to neutralize all the food we ate the last 2 days and also to kick start our New Years resolution to be fit and healthy.
  • Capping the day off BBQ-ing some burgers in the new grill my mom received as a gift. I know that most of the US is under snow, but we have had the most beautiful weather in Miami the past couple of days. Not hot, but not cold. PERFECT!

Feel free to let me know what you guys did because one of my goals is to get to know you much better. I feel like we are all virtual neighbors here and it’s nice to get personal and find out how you are doing or what you did on any given day, so drop a comment and keep me up to date.

Till next time, my friends!


The Friday Five

The Friday Five – Best of Beauty 2017

When I sat down to go through all my makeup to pick my Top 5 of 2017, I thought it would take hours. I pictured I would go all Apprentice¬†on my makeup and be like “You’re Fired, Becca Rose Quartz Highlighter!”, but it was surprisingly easy and even slightly cathartic. I spent so much money on makeup and I was worried that I was going to agonize over all the money I wasted, which trust me some money was truly wasted on junkie makeup, but when picking my Top 5, all I could think of was how much I got my money’s worth from these products.

So without further ado, I present you my 2017 Top 5 Best of Beauty:

#5 – Benefit Galifornia Blush

I remember roaming Sephora sometime earlier this year and looking at the Benefit display and thinking, “Damn, Benefit. You have got to step up your game!” Nothing called my attention and for the most part, nothing still does, EXCEPT, for their Galifornia blush. I wore the hell out of this blush during the summer and up until around October-ish, when my tan started fading a bit. It is the prettiest pinky, coral color that goes great with a full on glam date night¬†look or a “running out the door to take the kids to baseball practice, so I need to look semi-presentable” type of look. Did I mention it smells like coconut scented tanning lotion?

#4 Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie

If you read my post on how I accidently destroyed my beloved Weenie, then you know how I feel about this shadow.¬†It’s coppery, with a hint of peachiness and it’s perfect for my blue eyes. I never make a fuss when I apply this eyeshadow. It’s simply, pat on the eyelid and blend a bit up to the crease. Apply mascara and I am out the door. I wear this to any event, from client meetings to kids school events and I always get compliments about how pretty my eyes look. Seriously, Colourpop should pay me commission based on how many times I have recommended this shadow to the PTSA moms at my kids school.

#3 Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight

I think based on the list I have going so far, 2017 was the year of No Fuss makeup. I had so much going on between work, school and family that I had no time to spend on complicated, time consuming looks. I wanted makeup that would literally get me out the door in less than 10 minutes. Some people might say to skip highlighter if you are rushed for time and to those people I say “Are you smoking something?”. I get it though, when you are crunched for time, you do the brows, some mascara and a bit of foundation or concealer. However, the Cover FX drops don’t really take up much more of my time and add that extra glow that take your look up a notch in an instant. I just take the same beauty sponge I used to blend in my foundation, and pat in some Sunlight highlighter across the tops of my cheekbones. Done! You have a gorgeous, natural, dewy golden¬†glow about you. If you want to kick it up a notch, top it with a powder highlighter and you have an instant day to night look.

# 2 Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer in Tan-Tastic

Ok, I know I being slightly bitchy by adding a limited edition item to this list that is no longer available, but I would be untrue to myself if I omitted this bronzer because I literally use it almost everyday. The bronzer is just the most perfect warm shade of tan and blends beautifully. It’s also the perfect multitasker. When I am in a rush, I sweep this on my cheekbones, hairline, jaw and neck and then grab a fluffy crease brush and blend it on my the crease of my eyes. One and Done! What more could I ask for?

#1 Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

I need my foundation to make my skin look like skin. I don’t care if it let’s my freckles peek through or that it’s not full coverage, I just want my skin to look natural. I also don’t want to spend a fortune on foundation because it’s probably the beauty product I go through the most, so even though I LOVE tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation, I couldn’t spend $39 every 2 months on it. I’ve got kids and bills to pay, y’all! However, Covergirl saved the day. Their Healthy Elixir foundation is lightweight, easily blendable and can definitely be a full coverage foundation if you build it up, but I find that one layer creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup. It’s not a matte foundation, which I love, and gives your skin that lit from within look that, at 40 years old, is what I crave. Good job, Covergirl!

What are your top beauty products of 2017? Did any of you agree with my picks? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time, my friends!