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Tween Fashion with Sofia

Fall is one of our favorite months in the Rodriguez household. Pumpkins, both the real and fake ones, are being picked and strategically placed around the house. We are prepping the house for Halloween and picking out costumes online. Something new is always popping up and now that Sofia is fully entrenched in middle school, we have lots more extra curricular activities to attend.

If it’s not a school function, like a dance or school movie night, it’s some outing with friends that requires a special outfit. I’ve realized that my little girl has entered that stage where things like “the perfect top to wear to the Haunted House” or ” I want something cranberry colored to wear to school on No Uniform Day” are examples of things I hear more and more each day. I suppose that’s normal with 12 year old girls, but it still shocks me how in less than 6 months she went from asking me to take her to the American Girl Store to Forever 21.

With that being said, our struggles have evolved. I find myself increasingly vetoing outfits that I deem too mature at these stores targeted to high schoolers and college aged girls, which leads to loads of huffing and puffing about how ” she is not a baby anymore!” But, ultimately it’s my credit card that takes the beating, so too bad. As my mom once told me, when you make your own money, you can buy whatever you want!

I knew that was eventually going to come back and bite me in the butt!!

Although, Sofia is not yet a teen, she is definitely a young lady. She’s tall for her age and not only has she physically outgrown stores like Justice and The Children’s Place, but her style has also matured. She likes stores like H&M, Forever21 and Garage.

For the upcoming Fall Dance at her school, we put together this mish mosh of brands. The top is from Garage. Bottoms are H&M. Shoes from Target.

The back is laced up, which we will probably wear over a cami.

Another recent purchase for an upcoming birthday party, is this top from Forever 21. She loves flowy, bohemian style tops and this was an instant love. We paired it up with the same jeans and booties. I did have to stitch up the straps a bit as they where a tad bit too long and exposed a little more than I was comfortable with.

She also loves makeup (I wonder where she gets that from?) and often goes with me to Sephora and helps me pick out makeup. As a matter of fact, a lot of my makeup gets handed down to her. These are a few items that I lets her wear for special occasions. Now don’t go hating on me for letting my 12 year old wear makeup. As I like to say… You do you and I do me.


Elf Brushes

Tartelette in Bloom Palette

Hard Candy Lap of Luxury Top 10 Satins

Maybelline Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder

Elf Lip Balm Tint

Burts Bees Lip Crayon

Benefit Precisely My Brow Eye Pencil

Hope you all enjoyed this tween edition fashion show. If you want to see more, let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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Fall ModCloth Fashion Show – October

I was perusing the ModCloth app a few weeks back and was pleasantly surprised to see so many Fall and Halloween pieces. I love everything about Halloween. The pumpkins, costumes, trick or treating with my kids and eating their candy under the premise that I have to “check for razor blades”. Yeah, that’s definitely a ruse in case anyone was wondering.

They were also having a 40% off sale so I took advantage and threw in some pieces to make October a particular festive one.

For reference, I’m 5’10 and all the pieces are XL. Also, Sofia took the pictures so props to her for all the lighting and suggestion on how to pose.

I saw these two pieces and knew I had to buy them. First off, anyone who knows anything about me know I have a love of cats and purple, so this outfit pretty much sums up my life.

Oh My Gosh A Line Dress in Bats – $59.99. The dress is a little shorter than I typically go for. On me it’s about mid-thigh, so I will avoid bending over too much while wearing, however I must say that it’s quite comfy. I wouldn’t say the material is stretchy but the fit it true to size and the skirt is lined.

I paired it with this adorable Cropped Cardigan with Peter Pan Collar ($49). I also consider this cardigan to be true to size and it’s so cute! It also doesn’t have to be strictly for Halloween. I paired it with a black tank and my white jeans for work and got loads of compliments.

Did I mention it had spooked out cats embroidered on the collar? Meow!

I feel like I am channeling Wednesday Adams slightly more extroverted cousin with this look? Anyone else feel it?

My last purchase isn’t necessarily Halloweenie, but I still dig it. It’s fit my main criteria when it comes to fashion. It’s black and it has cute stuff on it. In this case, dinosaurs and a Peter Pan collar. Meet the Doubly Delightful Sleeveless Top in Black Dino’s $44.99.

I love everything about this top. It’s lightweight, whimsical and comfy. You can dress it up with a pair of slacks and a blazer or down with a pair of white or blue jeans. Throw on some red lipstick and you are all set.

I wasn’t actually looking at anything in particular, but isn’t this what the models on catalogs do? Look distractedly at something off camera?

I hope you liked my first fashion show. If so, shoot me a comment below.

Have a great day!


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Something Old, Something New….

Something Blue?

I was chatting with my friend Karla the other day about makeup. She is that friend who totally gets your obsession with makeup and would never, EVER, make you feel bad for having too many nude lipsticks. In fact, she would try to convince you that you do indeed need both MAC X Nicki Minaj nude lipsticks because one is a pinky nude, while the other clearly has a peach based undertone.

Like…DUH! They are obviously two very different colors.

As we were talking, I found myself hardcore selling her on two of my favorite products:  my beloved Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter and the newest edition to my ever growing eyeshadow collection, the Too Faced Just Peachy Matte palette. Both products are top shelf for me, although I will admit that if I had to pick just one, Boscia would win. However, we would then have a Chicken vs. Egg situation because technically would I even need the Makeup Melter if I didn’t have any makeup in the first place?

I think this would even keep Aristotle up at night.

Something Old

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter is the BOMB! I cannot put it any other way. I got a sample from Sephora a while back and the first time I used it I was so completely blown away, I immediately purchased a full size jar.

You apply it to your dry face and massage it in for a bit. Then just when you have worked up a bit of a sweat, you wash it away with some water. I kid you not, this stuff washes away waterproof mascara. It’s more of a balm than a cleanser, so it leaves your skin soft and supple. If I had one complaint, it would be that it does leave a slightly filmy residue on your bathroom sink, so I recommend wiping it down with a towel when you are done.

Something New

I am going to admit that I initially purchased Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette out of loyalty. I am a huge fan of the Sweet Peach palette. The colors are playful, yet earthy and bring out my green eyes like no tomorrow, so when I heard that Too Faced was going to add an all Matte palette to their Peach line, I was all in. However, as we started getting sneak peeks, I started thinking I was just going to waste my money. I’m sure there were going to be dupes of the same colors from the Sweet Peach palette. In fact, when I first got an in person glimpse and swatched Peach Sangria, the one color I was most intrigued by, I was slightly disappointed. It was patchy and not quite as vibrant as expected.

But as it happened, I came a across a Sephora gift card I got from Ebates a while back and seeing that nothing else was calling my name at the store, I decided to purchase the Just Peachy mattes as a partner to my Sweet Peach.

Truth be told, I was quite judgmental at first. It was smaller and not made of that same tin material the SP is made of. I didn’t even use for a few days, but when I finally caved, I have to admit I became a convert. There is such a lovely range of light to dark mattes, that I was able to easily create an eye look without dipping into the SP palette. The colors blended really well with a brush and even though Peach Sangria is still not all that to me, it works well enough. Hey, 1 mediocre color out of 12? Not too shabby in my book.

Something Blue

Ok. I will admit I don’t have anything blue. I’ve never been able to master blue eyeshadow and blue lipstick is just not my thing. I can’t even get into blue nail polish seeing as I have been a straight up French manicure girl since I was a teen.

However, I hate to disappoint, so I leave you with this.

That always cracks me up!!

Till next time, my friends!


First Impressions · Glossier

Glossier – First Impressions

Disclaimer: please excuse any typos you may find in this post. Due to Hurricane Irma cutting my power, I am writing this post on my phone. Damn! That’s dedication, right?

You ever get sucked into buying something just because it is so hyped on Instagram? If so, don’t worry. We’ve all been there and some stuff is complete crap and other times you are pleasantly surprised. That’s what happened with me and Glossier.

Every time I go through my Instagram feed, I see at least one post showcasing that cute pink see through pouch and always wondered what all the hype was. I go to their website and everything seems very clinical. Like as if I was buying hydrocortisone instead of lip balm, but still, I was sucked in.

I went on twitter and asked my whopping 46 followers (I know you are all like “She got 46 followers, ya’ll! She’s a star!”) what products they recommend I try out and I was kind of disappointed that all I got were a bunch of people just sending me their affiliate codes. However, a few people actually sent me some good recommendations. It seems, that a lot of you like the Boy Brow and the Milky Gel Cleanser. I decided to go with the Boy Brow seeing as I am almost out of my precious Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, but passed on the Milky Gel Cleanser. I’m too loyal to my Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter. That’s the shiznet, right there!

However, seeing that I am lip balm junkie, I did throw the Balm Dotcom in Birthday in the cart at the last minute. How can you not with a name like that? I swear I could create imaginary reasons to whip that out just to say the name.

Stranger: I love starfish!

Me: you want some of my Balm Dotcom. It shimmers like the blue sea the starfish comes from.

When the package arrived, I do have to admit that I was girlishly happy to see that pink see through pouch with its bubble wrap interior. I was also doubly pleased to see that they came with stickers! What is it about school like stationary items that turn me into a giddy mess?

I first attacked the lip balm. Upon inspection, it does resemble a tube of hydrocortisone. It’s medicinal resemblance stops there as it smells just like vanilla cupcakes and although it’s clear, it has a sheen of shimmer that immediately makes me double up on the application. It’s not sticky and it glides on easily. My one complaint would be that you have to apply it with your finger as it’s not stick balm, but a squeeze one.

I then address the eyebrows. I have practically clear eyebrows, so any brow products needs to be able to not only tame these beasts, but also fill and color them in. The ABH Dip Brow allows me to use an angled edge brush to carve out and practically paint my brows. The Boy Brow is just a small wand used to just groom the brows.

I apply my first layer and I’m not really seeing the results I like. My right Brow looks like it got a light wash of color. It needs more power! I dip into the tube once more and go for a second coat and with much determination finally get my brows tamed and to the exact medium brown shade that I like. The only problem now is that they have this wet, sticky consistency that I am not digging.

After about 10 minutes, the brows are dry and although not stiff to the touch, they have a textured look to them. I’m thinking that this product is not necessarily built for colorless brows like mine. Would definitely need to fill them in with using a pencil and then tame them with the Boy Brow.

Is that a problem? No. I know plenty of people who already do this, but I’m inherently lazy and prefer to use one product that can do both jobs instead of two. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

So we are at 50/50 here. Loving the Balm Dotcom and just liking the Boy Brow. Seeing as we are at an impasse, I’m thinking I will give Glossier another try and check out some of their other products.

Cloud Paint looks very intriguing. So may hit that up next.

Send me some recommendation if you can. I like to see what everyone else thinks.

Till next time, my friends!


Beauty Review · Burberry Beauty

Burberry Beauty Bite Sized Review

Disclaimer: this post was written on my phone as I have no power due to Hurricane Irma. Please excuse any typos.

I don’t really know too much about Burberry Beauty. In fact, the only things I know about the brand is that they are known for their trench coats and beautiful patterned and plaid scarves. Also, once when I went to New York with one of my friends she was prepared to pay $900 for a Burberry clutch in a gorgeous plum color until she saw the look of horror on my face and then told the salesperson she would think about it.

Don’t worry. I’m sure she ended up buying it without me present.

So when I was surfing the Sephora site and came upon a special promo for a Burberry Beauty Box, I decided to hit purchase. Luckily, it was only $35 and the hit to my wallet was negligible.

When I first got the box, I was surprised by how tiny it was. It was bite sized!! Maybe I am delusional, but somehow I thought it would be bigger (that’s was she said..ha, ha!!!).

Nonetheless, it came with 4 items:

  • Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Russet No. 93
  • Light Glow Dark Earthy Blush No. 11
  • Fresh Glow Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base
  • Burberry Cat Lashes in Jet Black No. 1

I’ve been playing around with these items for a few weeks, off and on, and I must say that the verdict is still out on Burberry Beauty for me.

Let’s start off with the item I most liked, the mascara. Those of you who have seen my older posts, know that I love feathery curled lashes. When I first saw this wand, I was a bit skeptical. It’s flexible, which means that the slightest pressure with your hand can jab the wand into your eye. However, the mascara is lovely. It lifts and separates your lashes. Gives them a nice bouncy curl and no visible clumps anywhere. My only gripe would be the bristles. They are made of spikey rubber and if you are not careful, they can sting.

My next favorite is the “blush”. Honestly, I’m not sure what the hell this is. It says it’s a blush. Looks like contour or maybe bronzer. However, I use it as eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful tan shade, similar to their traditional trench coat, that I’ve used as a transition shade with other palettes, but also on its own. I particularly love using it to smoke out the lower lid. It makes my green eyes pop!

Falling short on the love list is the lipstick. The shade is a lovely terra-cotta color, but it’s just too damn sheer. It just gives you this wash of color that does nothing for me. I mean, if I am personally going to wear anything red, you better see me from space. Know what I mean?

Last, and for good reason, is the Luminous Base. As a girl with oily skin, I tend to stay away from primers that make me glow, because genetically I’m like a greasy lit Christmas tree, so this stuff just made my foundation slip and slide all over the place. No thank you! I’ll stick to my Benefit Porefessional.

I must say that overall, the price tag for all these full sized items individually is not that bad. Ranging anywhere from $30 – $48, I’ve paid more for less and I do have to admit that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. All the items have the signature Burberry plaid woven through the packaging and even stamped into the actual side of the lipstick. Nothing can look fancier than touching up your lipstick after dinner with one of those tubes.

However, it’s the actual colors and products that failed to impress me. I suppose Burberry can be categorized as a brand that sells that posh, minimalist look, but if that’s not your thing, then I say skip.

Till next time, my friends.



Tripping Down My Camera Roll Lane

I feel like Jane Austen, writing this post by candlelight. Hearing the crickets chirping in the moonlight and the wind rustle through the leaves. Then I think to myself, “Holy Shit! I can’t live like this!”

The truth is, I’m writing this post on my phone (so excuse any typos you may find) right after Hurricane Irma paid South Florida a visit. I have no power. It’s hot as balls in this house and the truth is that the fucking candle I have next to me is actually making me hotter. I just came inside less than 25 minutes ago from charging my phone in my car and I’m bored as hell so I started looking through pictures on my phone and thought that I would give my readers a glimpse into my camera roll.

Let’s starts with this outtake from Hurricane Irma. Keep in mind, I’ve had about 2 Rum and Cokes by this time- so did my mom on the right:

I like to call this look Hurricane Chic. Notice the key elements are frizzy hair, unkept eyebrows and sweaty skin marked by no less than 3 zits. I expect this look to top off Fall Fashion Week in New York.

Next are what we here at the Rodriguez house call Hurricane Supplies and is what primarily contributed to the 10 pound weight gain that occurred in the last 3 days.

Anyone else like Bottlecaps? I feel like they are unsung heroes in the candy world.

A car selfie from last week. I have been digging the minimalist look with a bold, red lip lately. I’m a little perturbed by the forehead wrinkles, but whatever. I’m forty!!!

I know it seems like I need a tan too, but I don’t tan. I freckle!!

Logan and Sofia pretending to love each other during Sofia’s birthday celebration at Brio.

Trust me, there is more slapping than hugging with these two.

My new Netflix obsession, Riverdale. Anyone else think that Archie is hot as hell??

I actually sent this pic to my mom because she has a thing for red heads. She agreed that he was “Muy Caliente!”.

Family picture from my 40th Birthday dinner. I love that top. It’s from Old Navy. You’d be surprised how much of my wardrobe is from Old Navy.

My husband had been recently diagnosed with Bells Palsy so that’s why he looks a bit crooked.

The outfit that I ordered from Modcloth for Halloween. I cannot wait till it arrives although with this stupid hurricane, package its probably delayed.

I plan to wear these cute black patent leather heels with a bow and ruffle at the front. I’m going for an updated Wednesday Adams look. I think I may also do a post on this if it looks halfway decent on me.

A sample of some Rodan + Fields Skincare that my friend, Nury, sent me. Between the forehead wrinkles and chin zits, I’m thinking now is a good time to try it.

She also sent me a bag of little mints, but I ate them before I snapped a picture. I’m such a mint whore. The more peppermint the better, I always say.

My kids photobombing my selfie. Sofia is constantly reminding me that I’m no Kim Kardashian, so stop with all the selfies!

Notice Logan in the background looking all sinister. I worry about that one sometimes.

And last, another selfie from Instagram. I was trying to promote on of my blog posts on Insta stories and tried to sound all sophisticated, but kind of just look like the Monopoly guy in drag.

Hope you guys enjoyed a trip down the Camera Roll lane.

Till next time, my friends.


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MAC Girls – Basic Bitch Palette

I feel so naughty owning a palette called Basic Bitch. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t oppose profanity. In fact, I think that dropping the F- Bomb every now and then can be extremely therapeutic. Also, shit and bitch, specifically “That Bitch!” are token phrases in my day to day life.  Admittedly, I am usually referring to my dog, who does happens to be female, and feels compelled to pee all over the floors 2.5 seconds after a walk.

That Bitch!!!

But, you get my point. It’s not that the word Bitch makes me uncomfortable or that MAC has decided to identify certain colors or looks as bitchy. I mean, who the hell cares? It’s just semantics. In the end, no one is going to call you a Bitch just because you used that palette and if they do, then kudos to them for being able to identify a palette on face value. That’s pretty damn impressive.

So now that we are all over the name, let’s talk about the palette. MAC came out with 6 Personality Palettes. I guess the goal is to pick the one that best suits your personality, but ultimately, it comes down to color preference as I, for one, am not Power Hungry, a Rockin’ Rebel, Pretty Princess, Fashion Fanatic, Mischievous Minx or a Basic Bitch.

Did anyone else think of the end of the Breakfast Club movie when reading all the labels?

Anyways, I’m more of a Yoga Pant Mom and, quite frankly, MAC, that was a lost opportunity on your end.  Why do they always forget the moms? Mom’s are the ones who make the most money and can spend more at your counter. Maybe jot that down for next time?

Out of all the selections, the colors I was most drawn to were the smoky silvers, grays and plums of the Basic Bitch palette. I thought it would be a great palette for fall and I could honestly see myself wearing them to work, date with the hubs or drinks with friends. There are a total of 9 shades:

(copied from MAC website)

9-4-2017 5-27-40 PM

I love almost all the colors. Sly Girl is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a glittery, purple metallic BOMB and it’s my absolute favorite quickly followed by Ms. Personality and Text Me Later. However, Tattle-Tale, Game Player and Love this Bitch (highlighter) left me a bit underwhelmed. I couldn’t even get Love this Bitch to show up under any lightening, so I am thinking I may just be too pale for it, which is odd as it is an icy pink shade and those usually suit me quite well.

The palette itself cost $39.50, which at first I was like “MAC, you crazy!”, but then when I broke down the price, it basically adds up to $4.38/pan, which is very reasonable. All the pans are not exactly the same size, so there may some price discrepancy, but overall, not too bad for MAC.

Would I rush and buy the remaining palettes? Definitely, not. I would recommend you head on over to the MAC counter and choose one that suits your color tastes instead of personality.

Till next time, my friends.



Shake What Yo Momma Gave Ya!

So I was totally naked today. Not like “Free the Boobies” naked, but like, no foundation naked. For all you clear faced gals out there, I know you are wondering, “What’s the big deal?” But trust me, for some one who has freckles, wrinkles, acne scars and actual acne (at 40!), this is a big deal.

I didn’t necessarily have a perfect skin day. In fact, I am currently sporting 3 zits, major under eye circles, the usual forehead wrinkles and the ever-present freckles. In fact, since it’s summer, my freckles look like they had babies, so there are even more in my face…like literally! However, today I wanted to wear this new stick concealer I’ve been liking from Besame, but I couldn’t find it. So since I was in such a rush, I decided to just hit the Tarte Shape tape in the problem areas (see above). Highlight with my CoverFX Enhancer Drops in Sunlight. Do a little quick  dab and blend with my NARS Liquid Blush in Torrid. Contour the eyes a bit with the Hard Candy Top 10 Satin EyeShadow palette and curl the lashes with my trust Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara. And brows…this girl needs brows. Then top it off with some Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina.

Gee…that actually sounds like a lot, but work with me, ok?

The look was certainly not perfect. In fact, I picked apart my imperfections in the rearview mirror when I was dropping off the kids in school, but as I was listening to “I Like It” from Enrique Iglesias in the radio on my way back, I started thinking that I actually do like it and as started dancing along, it became even more apparent that I need to appreciate what I got.

Screw the zits, freckles, and wrinkles. I may not be perfect, but I am alive and healthy and I will continue to Shake What My Momma Gave Me.

Rock on, my friends!



The Art of the Messy Bun

I consider myself a beauty enthusiast. I love makeup, skincare, nails and fashion. However, there is one aspect that I loathe and detest. My hair.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful to have a full head of hair. I know plenty of people who due to disease or genetics, don’t have any hair and would read this blog and be like “Oh no, she didn’t!” But my love/hate relationship with my hair is more about not knowing what the hell to do with it rather than hating its mere existence.

You see, I have thick, wavy hair with a tendency to frizz at the slightest touch to humidity. Did I mention I live in South Florida? Rain and humidity is a way of life here. It is also the bane of my beauty existence because it prevents me from options. If I want to straighten my hair, I have to pray and hope that it doesn’t rain, otherwise goodbye shiny straight locks. If I decide to curl my hair with a wand, then one step outside the front door guarantees me those curls will die a quick death. Therefore, in the battle between me and Mother Nature, I end up waving my white flag and decide to do nothing and throw it into a messy bun, which is why you guys rarely see me with my hair down in my blog posts.

I’m also not going to lie. I’m pretty lazy and throwing my hair in a bun is so much easier that spending an hour trying to get it to cooperate. Call me defeated, but I don’t care. I work from home most of the time, so it’s not like I am trying to impress anyone. My husband and kids probably don’t even remember what I look like with my hair down.

I have a few go to products to create the Not So Perfect Messy Bun. The first one is a hair tie. If you have thick, long hair like me, then let me introduce you to my best friend. The Beauty 360 Ponytailers Strong Hold for Thick Hair.


I find these at CVS and they cost about $5 for a pack of 24. They are strong, so they don’t break easily and they don’t stretch out and become all floppy. The best part is that they are wider/longer than the average hair tie, which any girl with a full head of thick hair knows, the smaller ones can be too short to get the tie around the ponytail enough times to get that hold that keeps your hair in place all day. For messy buns, these are the BEST because not only do you have enough give to hold the hair up, but also take the band around one more time to secure everything in place and prevent the ever dreaded bun droop. Nothing says loser like a droopy bun.

However, even a messy bun is not the solution, cause I have all these little baby hairs that fly all over the place and frizz even when slicked back with hair spray, which is why my second best friend, next to the hair ties, is the headband. I find that a head band can give the messy bun that added touch of fake glam. I mean, let’s face it, nothing says I didn’t try more than a messy bun, but adding a cute headband mean you tried a little harder and therefore, my friends, you are one step above the masses. I personally like these retro headbands that I get on Amazon. They cost about $8 a piece and come in a bunch of funky designs.


Once I get the bun and head band in place, then add a spritz of your favorite hairspray and you are all set. I personally do my hair after my makeup, so the finished look is something like this.

Outtake Besame

Not too shabby, right??

Till next time, my friends!



Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette – Welcome to Neutral City

Guess who’s back? Back again. It’s me!!!

Took a little hiatus from the site in order to move homes and I learned the first day that black winged liner in 90+ degree weather while carrying box after box up and down stairs is not a good idea. So haven’t worn much makeup since then, which is fine because now I get to put to the test some goodies I have in the back burner, beginning with this beauty from tarte.

I know from the outside the Clay Play Face Shaping Palette looks like the most boring palette in the world. Just a bunch of neutrals sitting there waiting to be asked to the party. Like me in high school. But trust me, this palette is a hidden gem. Once again, like me in high school.

First off, it smells like chocolate, so everytime I dip into it, I feel like I am digging into a box of square bonbons. The colors are pigmented and rich and only require a slight tap to obtain maximum color payoff. This is way better than the last palette I picked up from tarte, the Eye Love You Mothers Day set, was pressed so hard it made it almost impossible to get any color.

The shades are compartmentalized from light to dark, with each quad containing a mix of brown matte shades and a corresponding light vanilla shade, which can be used as contour, bronzer, eyeshadow and brow color.

Can we say multitasker?

Of course, you and I know there are no rules when it comes to makeup, so use any shade your little heart pleases for whatever you like.

For example, I like this combo:

  • Desert for contour
  • Terracotta as bronzer
  • Solstice under brow bone
  • Sand as a transition shade on the lids
  • Journey on the crease
  • Ember in the outer V and lower lid
  • Dunes for the brows

Voila! Just add mascara, blush and your favorite lipstick and your out the door.

The one downside is the price and also that name- Clay Play Face Shaping Palette? Am I the only one who thinks that is way too long? But the price kind of sucks more. $46 for a bunch of browns isn’t something that a lot of people might be into, but if you are looking for a one stop shop for neutral colors, then I would definitely consider this a good investment.

Till next time, my friends!