Just for Fun- Happy Valentines Day!!!

I want to make sure that all of you get a Valentines Day card this year, so below is an assortment that I found in Pinterest that made me giggle.

Happy Valentines Day, my friends! I wish you all lots and lots of love!!!

Till next time, my friends!



Happy New Year! Beauty Resolutions for 2019

Can I get a “Woot! Woot!” for 2019?

I get so pumped for New Years. I like that no matter how bad things get in any given year, the Universe gives you an automatic reset every January 1.

Technically, you can reset your life any day, but this is like THE day and nothing gives me a bigger high than putting your intentions and resolutions out there for the whole world (or my little blogging community 😉) to see and keep me honest.

I did this last year, and I have to admit, I wasn’t very good at keeping them, but time to reset.

So here goes:

Wear what makes me feel comfortable. I mean this with everything: clothes, shoes, but especially makeup. As a beauty aficionado and blogger, I have tendency to get caught up with all the flashy colors and trends, which can be nice because otherwise I would have never learned how to do a cut crease or a halo eye, BUT, I also have to learn to stick to what I like and what fits my style and persona.

I’m just not a rainbow palette kind of girl and, although I can appreciate all the beautiful looks, when I try to wear something like that, I just don’t feel like myself. So sorry, James Charles, I will have to pass on your palette for now.

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows. I need to take better care of my eyebrows because that is what frames my face and especially my eyes the most and I get so freaking lazy about getting them waxed and tinted.

Which you would think that would be a priority considering that my eyebrows are practically clear, but nope. Always half assing it with a brow pencil. Not this year!

Skin care. Geez, how old do I have to be to get a skincare routine in place? I’m always jumping all over the place, but this 41 year old mama is going to lock that shit down for reals this time. I’m still feeling my way through some brands and products, but I think I have my steps in place and so far, I think my skin is definitely benefiting from it. Just got to keep it up.

Last, but not least, enjoy my makeup. I am going to be the first to admit that I sometimes get caught up in the hype and find myself buying way more than I need, but this year, I am going to take it a little slow and really use my makeup. I will always be on the hunt for the next big thing, but if I don’t find it right away, I won’t panic and go crazy. Sometimes, it will come right to you if you are just patient.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Leave them in the comments below and get the party started.

Till next time, my friends!


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Trippin’ Down My Camera Roll – Year in Review 2018

Happy New Year!

If you are reading this on the 31st, then thank you for stopping by on the last day of 2018. If you happen to stop by on January 1, then a big thanks for kicking off with me, what I think is going to be, a totally AWESOME year.

I figure the best way to end the year (or begin, whatever!) is to do a ginormous Trippin’ Down My Camera Roll post that would highlight all my favorite pictures or events that took place.

In life you have to be grateful for what you have and I feel so blessed for everything I received this year and that includes all of you. Yes, you. Those of you who stopped by and read and commented and liked whenever I posted something are part of what made 2018 so special.

Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much I value you love and support.

With that being said, I hope you have a wonderful New Year.


January- Museum of Ice Cream

Me and my little man! 😍
Sofia in Washington, DC with her school trip
My beloved Besame Agent Carter Field Agent Lip Kit
The Dade County Youth Fair with the kids
The Bodyguard Broadway Show with my Mom
Always a Cap Girl!
My first ever collar with the talented Super Nova
This was the first pic that I ever had reposted. Ittse is the bomb!
My two loves just goofing around.
Holly the House Cat
The view from my balcony in Puerto Rico
The view from my balcony in Monterrey, Mexico
Family photo on my 41st Birthday
When my coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake
Driving to dinner in Toronto and finally got a pic of the CN Tower
My babies 13th Birthday! 😩
First Day of School
Newest member of the family— Dobby!
Halloween Decor!
My pumpkin!
My Halloween Get up
The Lion and Scarecrow
Thanksgiving Family Pic
My favorite palette this year
Hubby and I on a small getaway cruise
The Abyss on RCCLs Symphony of the Seas
Vacation Legs!
I just happen to like this pic a lot!
Family pic at Disney
Tiger Time!
Hogwarts at Universal Orlando
My future boyfriend!
My little Man!!! 😍😍
My little girl!

The Girls!

Till next time, my friends!



What I Got for Christmas!

They say when you reach a certain age, Christmas is all about the kids and I do enjoy seeing my little ones get excited over their gifts, but I don’t care how old I get, I love opening presents.

So even though there may be less presents under the tree for me the older I get, the ones that I do receive mean so much more.

For example, I have been dying to get one of those DNA ancestry kits because I need to know where all the pale skin and freckles come from. I’m what people in the family would literally refer to as the red headed stepchild. Not that I’m a step child or adopted, but I’m that relative that if you squint your eyes really hard and look at me from far away you can see the family resemblance.

Sure made for some fun times at family reunions. Said everyone, except me.

Anyways, my husband bought me the 23andMe Ancestry and Health Kit. Now I can try to pinpoint where the heck the red hair comes from.

See the red in the hair??? I’m the only one with it in the family.

I also got a beautiful Alex and Ani bracelet from my friend Yudi. She remembered that I complimented her bracelets and gifted me one for Christmas. I love getting gifts like that because it shows that someone actually listened to you.

Since I have been in a recent skin care kick, I am loving this mini set from Origins that my friend, Janet, gave me. I think I have actually tried all these before and loved them, so it’s nice to add them again to my repertoire. I also love that I can throw them in my bag when I have to travel for work.

Now a days everyone takes the easy way out buys gift cards and I for one LOVE it. My daughters friend actually gave me this Starbucks gift card because she was so appreciative that I always give her a ride home when she needs one. Whoever said today’s youth is lost hasn’t met Mia yet. She is a doll!

Last, but certainly it least are my penguin pajama pants from my Mom. I work from home and spend like 99% of my time in loungewear, so this gift is not only practical, but fun. I also got another pair with dogs wearing funny hats in them, but currently wore them today, so I didn’t take a pic, but I will leave that your imagination.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and, remember, even if you didn’t exactly get what you wanted, someone out there thought of you and that’s a lot more than some other people can say.

Till next time, my friends!


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Last Minute Holiday Gifts – Subscription Boxes

So you waited till the last minute, huh?

It’s ok. We’ve all been there, but don’t worry, there is always a solution out there and in 2018 it’s called the Subscription Box.

The nice thing about a subscription service is that it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously, all you have to do whip out your credit card, choose how many boxes you want to give and then print out the confirmation and stick it in a card or envelope.

How easy is that?

Now there are a million services out there willing to send you just about anything, however, below are my absolute favorite.

I either currently subscribe or have gifted these boxes to friends and family and they have been received wonderfully. Maybe not when they open that envelope and just see a receipt, but just wait till they get their first box. You will be getting a text from your love one and most definitely get tagged in a Facebook or Instagram post.

Rocksbox ($21/monthly). My all time favorite box. I love accessories and I love that I can just rent them or opt to buy them. Rocksbox has the option of gifting that special someone either a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and even add a little something extra if they want to buy something.

Stitch Fix (up to $1000). Give your fashion challenged friend the gift of style. Unlike Rocksbox, you are not gifting them a monthly service, but rather the gift of a stylist. I do Stitch Fix on a quarterly basis and love almost everything I have ever received. I get 5 items, which can include clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry and keep what I like and return what I don’t. It super easy!

VineOh! ($59.99/quarterly). Another great device for that wine lover in your life. But wait! There more! Not only do you get 2 full size bottles of wine, but also 5-6 handpicked goodies to go along with it. I’ve gotten beauty products, treats, candles and lots of other neat things. It’s all curated based on the season, so it’s a nice little box to come home to after a long day at work.

Candy Club ($29.99/month). I love giving this to kid. Yeah, I may get a little stink eye from the parents, but the fact is that when that first box arrives, everyone eats something. Each box contains 6 jars of candy, selected off the candy profile you created when you redeemed your gift subscription. It’s a great treat box and the nice thing is that it can be for the whole family.

What are you favorite subscription services? Leave them in the comments below.

Happy shopping, my friends!



Best Holiday Gifts at The Drugstore – 6 Days Left

I get it. We are all busy and some of us are just not shop ahead kind of people.

I mean I know people who begin asking me what my kids want in October. For real? I can’t commit to buying food in bulk because it freaks me out that I have to eat the same shit for months in advance, so thinking about what to buy someone so far out is like putting unnecessary stress on me.

To be honest, I work best under pressure and some of my best gifts have been purchased on my way to the party. Yes, I’m that disheveled woman you see running through the store buying a gift, wrapping and a card and then see putting it all together in the parking lot.

Don’t judge.

Anyways, we have 6 more days till Christmas and I know we are right smack in the middle of holiday work parties and brunches and, if you are like me, you totally left buying your secret Santa or you coworker that gift to the last minute

Don’t stress, I’m here to help you pick out the perfect gift for that makeup junkie right from your local Walgreens or CVS.

Just don’t forget to stop by the card aisle for the gift bag on your way to the register. 😉

Wet n Wild Mini Catsuit Set ($10). I love the WnW Catsuit formula and this set has 5 mini lipsticks to give as one gift or break them up and give them as a small stocking stuffer for your friends or coworkers. Just pick up a bad of Hershey Kisses from the candy aisle and drop them in a little gift bag.

Sleek Makeup Totally Lit Gift ($15). I love Sleek and for $15 this is a steal. I would give this to a girlfriend over brunch and mimosas

Elf Studio Blush Palette ($6). I know that this isn’t a holiday set or anything, but this is a GREAT face palette and I totally recommend it as a gift for any occasion. Give it as part of a larger set of gifts or maybe a small gift for that coworker who always compliments your makeup or that mom at your kids school who always sends you pictures of your kids together at school functions you never attend.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Ornament ($5). Another small gift perfect for any teenager who is getting into makeup. I bought some of these for my daughter to give as gifts for her friends.

Soap & Glory Original Pink Righteous Body Butter ($13). The perfect teacher gift and once again it just not for the holidays, but for anytime of the year.

Soap & Glory Make Your Smooth Gift ($8). Another great gift for anyone who basically showers daily. 😀

No 7 Hi Shine Lip Duo ($8). I saw this set at Walgreens and actually bought it for myself. They are minis, but the colors are so nice and universal. Another great gift idea for the teen in your life.

Hope you all are having a great holiday so far.

Happy shopping, my friends!


Holiday Gift Ideas from Macy’s – 1 week till Christmas

Anyone else a last minutes shopper?

Do you work best under pressure?

Are the you the kind of person that likes to go to one store to do all your shopping?

Then welcome, friend! I have got that beauty loving friend all covered.

I love shopping, but I am so much more of an online shopper lately. It’s just so much easier and sometimes you get even better deals, but I get it. You are at the mercy of the UPS and with only 1 week left, you can’t take the risk of any shipping delays. Therefore, when I am cutting it this close, I usually head to my local Target or Macy’s, where I can usually cross everyone off my list at one time.

Such is the case, I found my self at Macy’s this weekend and while perusing the beauty department, I was so pleasantly surprised to see so many beautiful gift sets ripe and ready for the picking and I spent so much time looking at them, comparing prices and swatching the displays that a few shoppers were asking me for help in picking out gifts.

I never felt such happiness in my life before.

Anyways, below are a few sets that I really thought were priced well and contained either deluxe or full size products.

Happy shopping!

Too Faced Sex, Gold & Chocolate ($52). This is an awesome set both in quality and price. You get The Chocolate Gold Palette, full size Better than Sex Mascara and a Shadow Insurance.

Buxom Black Tie Tease ($25.20). These are all minis, but you get 6 in the kit and, personally, I never go through a lipstick, so mini are the way to go. Also, Buxom lip glosses are the BOMB!

Another great set, which I think is great to open and separate to give out to coworkers, friends or as stocking stuffers is the Buxom 12 Piece Party All Night Set ($34.30). You can knock out a bunch of people with one kit.

For that practical friend, I love the BeautyBlenders 5pc Blenders Delight ($40). It had 2 full size sponges, 2 mini cleansers and a sponge holder. You can never have too many beauty blenders, right?

I’m not a huge fan of MAC, but I have friends who are hard core addicts, and I think this set is GORGEOUS! Containing a full size Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lip Scrub and Prep and Prime Lip, the MAC Shiny Pretty Things Sweet Scrub Set is a steal ($19.75)!

If you have a friend that loves shower gel, skip the lines and Bath and Body Works and get them the Philosophy The Sweet Life set ($25). Containing one 6oz bottle of Hot Cocoa, Fresh Cream and Cinnamon Buns, you are set through March with bath products.

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? If so, what deals did you score? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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First Friendsgiving 2018

You ever watch any of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes and wonder why these people never celebrated with their families? For the longest time, I was like, “Where the heck are their parents?”

Well, it’s been about 23 years since Friends debuted and who would have thought Friendsgiving would be a thing now?

Also, why did it take our little rag tag group of peeps so long to decide to do our own Friendsgiving? We are so behind with the times.

Better late than never, I suppose.

This weekend, we decided to all get together and celebrate the best way we know how. With lots of food, music, laughs, discussion and most of all alcohol friends.

Also, yeah, we did have wine and a little bit of the Grey Goose. Just a bit… I swear! 😉

We decided to make it a potluck and the official rules, were that everything had to be homemade, but I did cheat and buy a cake for dessert. I’m not much of a baker.

We had all the traditional foods, like turkey, cornbread, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans and even a Hummingbird Cake, which I have never had and it was absolutely delicious!

Since there was no big game to watch in the TV, we decided to spend the day just talking and telling funny stories. Yes, we even discussed politics, but kept it civil. We are classy like that.

Of course, the day could not go undocumented, so a lot of pictures were taken. Check out our first ever Friendsgiving below and let me know if you have had your own. What do you guys do and is there anything special we should do next year?

The Girls! Michelle (maker of the delicious Hummingbird Cake), Yudy (Hostess with the Mostest), Me (brought the store bought cake), Janet (came late and didn’t eat anything!)
The before picture and of course we forgot to take an after photo, but you can use your imagination.
The Publix Pilgrims! Florida peeps, you know what I’m talking about!
I totally made those green beans!!
The Hummingbird Cake!
The chef!
Hubby and Me!
The Friends!
The cutest cornbreads ever!!!
You see how much love we had to give???
Of course, there was a cute baby!!!
Followed by a cute couple!
And even cuter kids! Well, except Janet! She’s the adult in this pic.
Of course, we had a “photo booth”.
The Rodriguez Family!

Till next time, my friends!


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Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette – Review Time

Forget the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade or any specific drop in temperature, for me, the holiday season goes into full swing the minute I get my hands on a Too Faced Holiday Collection item.

I was perusing my local Macy’s the other day, itching to spend some recent bonus money from work I received and came across Too Faced’s most recent line. I was tempted to get the Gingerbread palette, but the price deterred me a bit. It was a little more than I wanted to spend and, to be honest, I was so close to buying it, when off in the corner, this adorable little mini palette catches my eye. I immediately put down Mr. Gingerbread and wrapped my hand around the cutest and sweetest smelling palette of them all.

Truth be told, I haven’t heard too much hype around the Sugar Cookie palette. Not sure why because it’s FREAKING beautiful! Consisting of 8 cooler toned shades (3 shimmers and 5 mattes) built into a small tin palette, not sure how this is not getting more attention.

For $26, I think this palette is a great deal. Normally, I would tell you that the shimmer and metallics steal the show, but with this palette, it’s the mattes that are the stars. Milk & Cookies is this cool toned taupe that blends perfectly in the crease as a transition shade. Burnt to a Crisp is probably the most pigmented chocolate brown I have seen in a long while and bonus points for not skipping or getting all patchy.

As usual with any Too Faced palette they always throw in a matte with some glitter, which I usually skip over, but Tough Cookie is an excellent black matte and I’m not even mad that they threw in some purple specks in there. It actually looks nice!

I do wish the lilac matte, Cookie Pusher, was slightly more pigmented, but it’s fine. I think I just might be a little too pale for this shade. Same goes for Butter & Love, which is a pink hued off white color. However, that shade is perfect for the brow bone or inner eye.

From Top to Bottom: Nom Nom, Milk & Cookies, Half Baked, Tough Cookie, Butter & Love, Fresh from the Oven, Cookie Pusher, Burnt to a Crisp

The metallics are good. I love the colors, but I find the execution to be spotty with some. Nom Nom, the iridescent silver shade is a little flaky upon application and I can’t quite seem to find a good fit for it when creating a look with this palette.

Fresh from the Oven is a beautiful rose gold/copper shade and performs the best out of the trio all on its own. It works beautifully with a brush or with your finger. However, the one I love the most is the coppery one with a purple shift shade called Half Baked. It’s the metallic I have used the most and the one that made me buy the palette, but, word of advise, it works best when you wet your brush with a little setting spray. The color won’t want to stick too well when dry.

Anyone pick up this little sweet thing? What about it sister mini, Tickled Peach?

If so, let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!



Happy Halloween!!!

It’s been a crazy, hectic, fun day between work and the Halloween festivities, but wanted to hop on and say a quick Happy Halloween to all my readers.

This is probably my most favorite holiday of all time because when else can you dress up and knock on strangers doors and get candy?

It’s like the Disney version of The Purge!

Anyways, I went over to my friends house with the kids and we took them trick or treating, ate pizza, drank wine and binged on candy.

It was literally the perfect night! See for yourself!

Costume for school: Logan as Goku from Dragonball Z and Sofia as Cheryl from Riverdale
Sofia with her friends

The Family Pic: Sofia as a witch, Logan as Spider-Man and Me as a Scarecrow
Up close of my makeup. I think I did good for the 30 minutes I had to get ready after work
Neighborhood Decorations
More Decorations
Found this really old tree and it was the perfect creepy background
Kids dancing to Just Dance Halloween songs
The Lion and Scarecrow
The whole crew of kids

Hope you all enjoyed your evening!

Till next time, ghouls!