What’s in My Cart? – Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

Why are there always sales when I’m on a Low-Buy?

Damn you, Ulta!

Anyways, I happen to be perusing the ad for the Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty and couldn’t stop myself from adding some stuff to my cart. Unlike the Sephora sale where everything is 15% off, some of the stuff advertised is not on sale at all, so I tend to stay away from those, as that’s just filler, and try to really snag the deals.

On the top of my list are some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles, which go on Sale March 23 for $10/each. I know lot’s of people don’t like singles, but I really love them. Urban Decay makes really pigmented shadows and sometimes getting a few singles fills in the gaps in your palettes. At $10 a piece, I might pick up Blunt and Sellout.

Also, I really want to get the Buxom Full On Cream in White Russion for $10 on March 22, but don’t want to place two orders and I don’t have an Ulta close by, so this is a maybe. I do love me White Russian though and $10 is such a STEAL!


I’m a huge fan of Clarins and whenever I see a good deal, I always try to snag it because, let’s face it, they ain’t cheap! That’s why the All Stars Exclusive Discovery Kit for $27 is going in the cart. It comes with travel sized versions of the Instant Eye Makeup Remover, One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract, Hydra- Essential Silky Cream and UV Plus Anti-Pollution Suncreen in SPF 50, which is great because this is a good opportunity to find out if you really like these products before you splurge.


While I’m here might as well stock up on some faves. Sofia loves the OGX Haircare Line so seeing as they are Buy 1, Get 1 50%, will definitely pick up some Shampoo and Conditioners for her. Since she has thin hair, we get the Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner.

Also, the Hubs and I both like to use Olay Regenerist and seeing as it’s also Buy 1, Get 1 50%, will pick up 2 so that we can each have our own. I swear he uses too much and I am way more light handed. Now we will each have our own and no one is reaching for the divorce papers.


That’s it friends! I know it’s not a very exciting list, but I feel like I want to stay true to my Low Buy and only get the essentials….and some little extras 😉.

Did I miss anything special? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time my friends!


2 thoughts on “What’s in My Cart? – Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

    1. Girl, Yes! I felt like I was the only one who just found out the sale started yesterday and was like “Crap! Why did they have to have such good sales???”. It Cosmetics is the bomb! I get really good deals for their stuff on QVC too! Especially their makeup!

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