Hello, My Friends. Welcome to my site. If you are here, it’s because you share a love of beauty and makeup like me. That immediately makes us buddies.

Unlike most beauty lovers, I was not always interested in makeup. In fact, I was 38 years old when I truly learned how it can transform your life in a positive way. I owe this to my daughter, Sofia, who at the tender age of 10 would watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and use my very limited supply of makeup to imitate all the gurus.

Always, the enabler that I am, I would take her to the drugstore or Sephora and buy her some makeup. Then, I started watching videos with her and, eventually, finding the beauty gurus that I identified with on my own. Soon enough, it was not just me taking her to Sephora to buy makeup, but me going to buy my own makeup.

You are never to old to love something new. That is my perspective in life, so although it seems the beauty world is always changing, it doesn’t mean you have to be young to enjoy it or old to know how to use. Beauty has no age!