Beauty Empties

June Beauty Empties

I find that very rarely do I ever scrape the bottom of a beauty product. With so many new items coming out daily, it seems that you are always reaching for the next one and never really using the stuff you already have on hand. What a waste, right?

I’m guilty of it, but from time to time, I do find myself reaching for something and realize, in shock, that I have hit bottom.

Let us now take a moment of silence and appreciate the short, yet glamorous, lives of these beauty favorites. You are gone, but never forgotten.

Queue Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of an Angel”.

June Product Empties

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle. This was a Birchbox find and a definite re-buy. I don’t really know if it’s any better than any other detangler I have owned, but it smells so damn good. It’s like you coated your hair in cotton candy. My daughter, Sofia, also loves it and the minute is ran out, she put the bottle on my desk and was like “Buy now.”

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Light. Smashbox has some of the best primers and I have been using this particular primer for about 2 years now. I have gone through about 3 bottles of this stuff and will definitely repurchase. My foundation looks great on top of it and it minimizes pores and shine. What more can you ask?

Hey Honey Trick and Treat Series Concealer. Another Birchbox find and will most definitely repurchase. It’s not as thick as my other concealer, Tarte’s Shape Tape, but it does a wonderful job in concealing darkness and covering fine lines. I like to use this concealer on my more natural days because it looks so real, like you were born with great under eyes and get 8 hours of sleep and drink 72 glasses of water of day.

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter. I actually already repurchased the full size of this product. I received it as a sample from Sephora in one of my purchases and, I kid you not, this balm is the real deal. I only use this and then my Micellar water to pick up any tiny bits left behind and I am done. You massage it on your dry face, including your eyes, and then wash off with warm water. The proof is in the bathroom sink when you see all the makeup swirling down the drain. No need to fuss with another cleanser or product.

Morrocan Oil Treatment. I really cried when I ran out of this product. More because I tipped it over and it spilled all over my counter, but also because it’s so damn good. I have frizzy, wavy, medium length hair. It takes me a good hour to tame this monster, so I want to make sure that it damn well lasts. This product is the cherry on top of my blow out. It smells fabulous. Adds loads of shine. Tames the flyaways and leaves my hair sleek. As a bonus I rub the excess into my cuticles. Not sure if that does anything, but it leaves them nice and glossy.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This is probably the only product I will not be repurchasing. Not because I didn’t like it. It work great. Whenever I want to create beachy waves, this is my go to product. It’s smells divine and, unlike some other texturizer, it doesn’t have that gritty feel to it when you run your hands through your hair. The only problem is that it’s SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! Everytime I get a Birchbox, I pray that an Oribe sample is in there because that is the only way I can get my hands on these puppies without breaking the bank.

What products made it into your empties bin this month? Share below in the comments and let me know what I should buy or skip.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!




#Whatever Wednesday

#Whatever (as in What-EVER!!) Wednesday is an Instagram Series where I showcase products that are Fails or Meh and not worth my time.

Two weeks ago there was an AWESOME Almay coupon in the Sunday paper. Buy any eye product and get a free Almay product of lesser or equal price. I don’t really own anything Almay, so I thought this would be a good way to get to know the brand.

I head on over to Walgreens  and peruse the Almay display. I have to buy an eye product in order to cash in this deal, and looking at the selection, nothing is really calling out to me, except for an eyebrow pencil, which is not part of this review because it was actually decent, and a pen liner.

Hmm…pen liner? Take this literally, my friends, because the tip of the pen is actually like a ballpoint. I thought this was really cool. One of the things I struggle with a typical felt tip liner is the pointy tip. Really awesome when you want to make that wing, but acts like a little shit when you are lining the lid. You know what I mean? The tip is too thin, so you have to kind of use the flat side to add some width to the line?


I think we found the winner.

Whatever Wednesday

I choose a navy blue color just because it’s not black and I figure if it’s free, might as well go outside my comfort zone.

Next day, I decide to put this puppy to the test and, I don’t know whether I got a bad one, but I opened the cap and the “ink” was all over the place. Omen #1.

I proceed to do the first eye. Color was decent and, just as I expected, the line came out even and thick in just the right spots across the lid. I blink and the product smears on the top of my lid. Omen #2

I clean it up and try again and wait a bit to let it dry before I blink and then proceed to do the wing. I make the flick and NOTHING! No product was on the eye. I shake it and test it on the back of my hand? Product shows up.

WTF? Is the side of my face waterproof or something?

Omen #3

10 minutes later and by the miracle of God and all the Catholic Saints I am supposed to know the name of, I somehow manage to create a wing. Another 15 minutes and the other eye is done. I already know I hate this product, but I decide to soldier on.

I finish getting ready and dressed and head out the door. I have to go to my daughters school for her Honor Assembly and I want to look like the Hot Mom 🙂 . I get in the car and flip the mirror down to check the look in natural light and…Mother Effer!!! The freaking eyeliner is basically gone! The wing has disappeared and the color along the lash line looks watered down and patchy.

This eyeliner is the Devil.

Honestly, thank goodness it was free because it would be a total waste of money.

Have any of you tried any Almay products that you love or hate? If so, comment below.

Till next time, My Friends!




Tuesday Tutorial

Over the weekend, I was organizing my makeup counter, because I don’t have a vanity, just a small little corner of the bathroom that I share with my husband and I pulled out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette from the back of the organizer.

I did that thing they do in movies where they blow away the dust from something old, like a box of childhood toys or Grandma’s old recipes that were found hidden in an attic or basement, and admired how beautiful this palette is for like a solid 20 minutes.

I swear this is all true!

As I was admiring all these rich and warm reds, oranges and browns and reminiscing about all the looks I created, I got really nostalgic. You see, I bought this palette last fall and maybe because I wore it so much during that time, I associate it with that time of year. But no, my friends! I am here to tell you that this palette transcends seasons and, is in fact, a perfect addition to your summer look.

Behold!  Summer Sunset Eyes.

Summer Sunset Eyes

As I was searching Pinterest, I found this gorgeous look using the Modern Renaissance palette and I knew I had to recreate it. This look would be just right for a sunset bbq or date night with the hubs.

We start off by sweeping Burnt Orange into the crease and just a little above (I have slightly hooded eyes). Then dip your brush into Realgar and do the same, intensifying the look. Realgar is a gorgeous orange terracotta color and it takes just a tap to get that good color payoff.

Once you have blended that well, move on to Venetian Red and sweep it on your crease, deepening the color, and then move on to the outer V of the eye. Make sure to blend out any hard edges as this warm burgundy color can be a bit overpowering.

Summer Sunset Eyes Palette

Tap some Primavera, a beautiful champagne shimmer, with your finger on the lid and take it as close to the crease as you can. Then with the same brush you used to apply Venetian Red, blend the edges so that it has a gradient look.

Lastly, take just a bit of Cyprus Umber and, starting at the outer lash line, lightly blend upward a bit into Venetian Red to deepen the color. Sweep that Cyprus under to the lower lash and smoke it out.

Load your eyes with mascara and make sure your brows are On Pointe. Admire your handy work and wonder to yourself why on earth more men don’t fall in love with you on a daily bases.

Summer Sunset Eyes Finished Look

If you have come across any other Summer looks using the Modern Renaissance palette, please comment below. I want to use this palette more often and sharing is caring.

Have a great Tuesday, my friends.


Beauty · Morning Routine.

AM Routine

I am not a morning person.

It’s funny because the other day I was listening to The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins on Audible and she had a whole entire chapter dedicated to how you need to wake up early each day because that is when your brain is the most productive.

Well, no disrespect to Ms. Robbins, because I really loved that book, but no amounts of coffee or exercise can ever make me a more productive person in the morning. I’m not even hungry in the morning. I’m barely alive and it’s really all about simplicity those first few minutes after I wake up.

That’s why my morning routine is so basic. Whenever I see all these Instagram bloggers post their morning routine, I am like “Do you wake up at 3am to exfoliate?” Seriously, I wake up at 7am and only have 45 minutes to shower, put make up on, get dressed, feed the kids and get out the door so that I can have them in school by 8am and myself at work by 8:30am. And before you even suggest having me get up earlier to have more time, please save your breath. Not going to happen.

AM Routine

So what do I do to keep my skin looking presentable?

Not much really and I don’t mean that in a “Because my skin is naturally fabulous” kind of way, but more like, this is as good as it gets.

First off, I gently use a cotton pad to wipe off any moisturizer I put on before bed with Micellar Water. Sometimes, I look horrified at the cotton swab after I see how much of my mascara I did not wash off and the proceed to count the additional wrinkles under my eye this must have caused.

Then it’s all about the sunscreen. I use the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil- Free with SPF 110 and let that sink in for a while. I find that using actual sunscreen, instead of relying on the one that may already be in your moisturizer is a little thicker, so you need to give it a few minutes to settle in.

A 110 SPF , you say??? Do you live on the Sun?

No, but I’m getting up there in years and it’s taken me this long to figure out that all the tanning (sunburns) I got in my youth contribute to my perceived aging, so might as well use what they got to offer. SPF 110 is just fine for me, thank you very much!

Lastly, I put on the moisturizer. I really like the Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur. I know it got some mixed review, but I like it. It has a primer sort of feel to it and one of the main complaints I read on Sephora was that it seems to pill under your makeup, but that has never happened to me. I have combination skin and I find that as long as I pat it on my T-Zone area and gently rub it in everywhere else, it gives me the effect I am looking for, which is a softened around the edges kind of look.

All this only really takes me about 5 minutes or so, which is perfect because, the majority of my get ready routine is dedicated to putting on my makeup and doing something presentable with my hair.

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of my morning routine and feel free to share yours in the comments below. I love hearing about new products and if you can tell me how to shave this down from 5 to 3 minutes, you will officially be my new best friend.

Till next time, my friends.







Beauty Blogger · MOTD · Sunday Funday

Sunday Fun Day – Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day!

Whether you are dad, uncle, brother or just a damn good friend to someone, just know that you have the potential to be an inspiration to kids, young and old, in this world.

Today, the kids and I took Hubs out for a Father’s Day lunch. Nothing fancy, really. Just stopped by our favorite Ale House in Miami Lakes to spend some time together and celebrate.

When I was going through my palettes, I looked at the back of the organizer and saw the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and I knew that I wanted to use it today. Funny, that it is so light and pink, and I wanted to use it for Father’s Day. Not that you couldn’t use it, but my first thought was to go with something bold and sexy, like a red lip and cat eye, because that’s what my husband really likes (if you know what I mean…wink, wink!)

Anyways, I digress.

As I was saying, the Naked 3 was probably one of my first high end palettes, so it’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie. My favorite color is Nooner. It’s the perfect Mauve and on the crease provides just the right amount of definition. I blend out the edges a bit with Limit and then deepen the outer V with Darkside. On the lid, I used Trick and then tapped some of Stila’s Magnificent Metal’s in Kitten Karma to make it really pop.

MOTD 06182017

The rest of the face, consisted of the following:

  • CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir in Creamy Natural
  • Tarte Shape Tape in Light Natural
  • CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight
  • Becca Blushed with Light Blush Trio Pallete – I mixed Wisteria and Snapdragon
  • Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara in Black
  • Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lip Color in Cherry Blossom

As a side note, you know your look was On Pointe, when your soon to be 12 year old came up to you and asked what colors I used in my eye look and then spent one hour in the bathroom trying to recreate it.  🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!