Ittse Marcel Starter Kit – Review Time!

I’ve literally been singing Beyoncé’s “All the Single Ladies” ever since I decided to sit down and write this post. Don’t worry, me and the Hubs are doing A-OK, but every time I play around with my eyeshadow singles, it’s like this song automatically queues up in my brain.

Not that it’s a problem at all. I love that song! I just find it funny, that’s all.

Anyways, as you all know, I have been loving me some singles lately. I love mixing and matching shades from various brands and creating the perfect palette based on my mood. The best part about creating your own palette is the ability to play with any color of your choice and not being limited to a brands perception of the perfect Sunset or Tropical Palette (ahem, Natasha Denona … you know I’m talking about you, right?)

However, even I have to admit that every palette needs some basics. Colors that are perfect to deepen the crease, create a glowy highlight or make your cheeks rosy at the drop of a dime. Recently, I received the Marcel Starter Kit from Ittse is filled with a glorious bundle of shades that can be the foundation for anyone who wants to start building their own singles collection.

If you haven’t heard about Ittse, let me fill you in:

  • They are based in San Francisco, California and manufacture all their products right in the Bay Area.
  • All their products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and soon to be talc-free.
  • Although not completely vegan, they do carry vegan products and if click here, you will see that it’s quite extensive.
  • Everything is magnetic and all their packaging is 100% Recyclable.
  • They have you pretty much covered from your brows to you lips and everything in between. Except for mascara. Ittse, can we work on that? You all know I love me my mascara.

There are two pre-made Starter Kits ($49) to choose from, The Marcel, a warm neutral palette of pinks, golds and a brown or The Riley, a cooler palette, also with pinks and golds, but includes a grey and black for that dark smoky look. All of them include a cheek color, illuminator and 3 eyeshadow singles to create a simple look. Rounding off your kit, is a travel palette to store your singles, while leaving you enough room to grow your collection and add more color if you so choose.

If none of these pre-made kits is your thing, you can also Create Your Own Palette and choose from a variety of colors to assemble your perfect starter kit. I know that $49 is a bit steep, but I just found out they have a payment plan, where for 4 payment of $12.25, you can have your kit mailed to you as well. Pretty neat!

As I mentioned, I received the Marcel Starter kit and for a girl who is definitely way more comfortable playing with warm shades that darker ones, this is a good start. I got:

  • Illuminator in Barbados – my FAVORITE of them all. It’s this glowy, golden shade that melts right into my cheekbones. It’s not in your face shine, but it still looks like the sun has decided to somehow set on my face.
  • Cheek color in Bliss – a pearly pink, which I also have used on my eyes too because… Why not?
  • Eyeshadow in Brut – a shimmery champagne color. Not too yellow, not exactly gold, but a perfect in between.
  • Tan Lines – a shimmery pinky brown shade. Pat Tan Lines all over the lid and deepen the crease with a bit of Suede Booties and your are out the door. Love it!
  • Eyeshadow in Suede Booties – what a cute name, right? This is a slightly muted matte brown, with a tinge of orange. I’m sure it would also make a lovely bronzer, except that the pan is a little small to get enough product on a fluffy face brush, but on the eyes it’s perfect for an easy natural day look. Also a perfect crease shade.

I found all the colors to be pigmented and long lasting. If I had one critique, it’s that unless you add additional colors, this collection can get quite boring. Ittse sells a large array of colors to fit all your needs, but at $9-$10/pan it’s on the more expensive side. However, be patient and wait for one of their 20% of sales and you can score them for less and you might even get free shipping.

If you want to buy any of the Starter Kits or Create Your Own, feel free to shop with me using my affiliate link by clicking here. Please remember, that if you decide to purchase something using my link, I will receive a slight commission. 🙂

Any of you tried Ittse before? If so, let me know your favorite products in the comments below. I love recommendations!

Till next time, my friends!


PS- I received the Marcel Starter Kit from Ittse via PR, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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