What I Got for Christmas!

They say when you reach a certain age, Christmas is all about the kids and I do enjoy seeing my little ones get excited over their gifts, but I don’t care how old I get, I love opening presents.

So even though there may be less presents under the tree for me the older I get, the ones that I do receive mean so much more.

For example, I have been dying to get one of those DNA ancestry kits because I need to know where all the pale skin and freckles come from. I’m what people in the family would literally refer to as the red headed stepchild. Not that I’m a step child or adopted, but I’m that relative that if you squint your eyes really hard and look at me from far away you can see the family resemblance.

Sure made for some fun times at family reunions. Said everyone, except me.

Anyways, my husband bought me the 23andMe Ancestry and Health Kit. Now I can try to pinpoint where the heck the red hair comes from.

See the red in the hair??? I’m the only one with it in the family.

I also got a beautiful Alex and Ani bracelet from my friend Yudi. She remembered that I complimented her bracelets and gifted me one for Christmas. I love getting gifts like that because it shows that someone actually listened to you.

Since I have been in a recent skin care kick, I am loving this mini set from Origins that my friend, Janet, gave me. I think I have actually tried all these before and loved them, so it’s nice to add them again to my repertoire. I also love that I can throw them in my bag when I have to travel for work.

Now a days everyone takes the easy way out buys gift cards and I for one LOVE it. My daughters friend actually gave me this Starbucks gift card because she was so appreciative that I always give her a ride home when she needs one. Whoever said today’s youth is lost hasn’t met Mia yet. She is a doll!

Last, but certainly it least are my penguin pajama pants from my Mom. I work from home and spend like 99% of my time in loungewear, so this gift is not only practical, but fun. I also got another pair with dogs wearing funny hats in them, but currently wore them today, so I didn’t take a pic, but I will leave that your imagination.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and, remember, even if you didn’t exactly get what you wanted, someone out there thought of you and that’s a lot more than some other people can say.

Till next time, my friends!


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