Happy New Year! Beauty Resolutions for 2019

Can I get a “Woot! Woot!” for 2019?

I get so pumped for New Years. I like that no matter how bad things get in any given year, the Universe gives you an automatic reset every January 1.

Technically, you can reset your life any day, but this is like THE day and nothing gives me a bigger high than putting your intentions and resolutions out there for the whole world (or my little blogging community 😉) to see and keep me honest.

I did this last year, and I have to admit, I wasn’t very good at keeping them, but time to reset.

So here goes:

Wear what makes me feel comfortable. I mean this with everything: clothes, shoes, but especially makeup. As a beauty aficionado and blogger, I have tendency to get caught up with all the flashy colors and trends, which can be nice because otherwise I would have never learned how to do a cut crease or a halo eye, BUT, I also have to learn to stick to what I like and what fits my style and persona.

I’m just not a rainbow palette kind of girl and, although I can appreciate all the beautiful looks, when I try to wear something like that, I just don’t feel like myself. So sorry, James Charles, I will have to pass on your palette for now.

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows. I need to take better care of my eyebrows because that is what frames my face and especially my eyes the most and I get so freaking lazy about getting them waxed and tinted.

Which you would think that would be a priority considering that my eyebrows are practically clear, but nope. Always half assing it with a brow pencil. Not this year!

Skin care. Geez, how old do I have to be to get a skincare routine in place? I’m always jumping all over the place, but this 41 year old mama is going to lock that shit down for reals this time. I’m still feeling my way through some brands and products, but I think I have my steps in place and so far, I think my skin is definitely benefiting from it. Just got to keep it up.

Last, but not least, enjoy my makeup. I am going to be the first to admit that I sometimes get caught up in the hype and find myself buying way more than I need, but this year, I am going to take it a little slow and really use my makeup. I will always be on the hunt for the next big thing, but if I don’t find it right away, I won’t panic and go crazy. Sometimes, it will come right to you if you are just patient.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Leave them in the comments below and get the party started.

Till next time, my friends!


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