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Deck of Scarlet – Edition #12 – Review Time!

I honestly don’t know why Deck of Scarlet does not get more hype. They are pretty darn awesome for the following reasons:

  • They are very interactive on Instagram. When you make a comment on a post, they always take the time to reply. I think that is very polite.
  • They don’t just send you a palette, but also an extra item.
  • They evolve and listen. They just introduced a monthly plan for $29.99 which gives you the option of a palette or kit which has a range of full size items.

I still subscribe to the bimonthly plan, which includes a palette and an extra for $29.99, but I have a feeling that will be phased out soon for the monthly plan. Regardless, it’s a great subscription because the products are top notch.

Edition #12 was curated by Lupe Cuevas and its a bright, kick ass palette with the following shades options:

  • Obsessed- muted matte pink
  • Cocoa- mid tone matte brown
  • Groove- dark purple shimmer
  • Crystallized- icy pink highlighter
  • Inst- Famous- bright fuscia blush/shadow
  • Dizzy- icy pink lip topper
  • Undone- creamy grungy brown lip color

I really enjoyed all the shades, except I found Crystallized to be a bit too pressed to get much of a color punch or glow without having to scrape the top layer.

Colors from top to bottom: Obsessed, Cocoa, Groove, Crystallized, Insta-Famous, Dizzy and Undone

Don’t be afraid of Inst- Famous. Although it’s very bright, it won’t leave you looking clownish and it makes a lovely eyeshadow as well.

Undone is the real winner for me. It’s this grungy 90’s inspired brown and it’s GORGEOUS! As a true 90’s teen/ young adult, it brought back many memories.

Now, if only Deck of Scarlet would make Undone into a lipstick, I would be set!

Do you subscribe to Deck of Scarlet? If so, let me know what you think of the latest palette or new monthly subscription offering.

Till next time, my friends!


Deck of Scarlet · Subscription Boxes

Deck of Scarlet – No. 11 – Review Time

I have a burning question that I can’t seem to find the answer to (at least not within the first page of hits — lazy bones!) on Google.

Why is it called Deck of Scarlet?

I get that that some people call palettes a deck, but Scarlet??

Is it a weird play of words on some card game that I don’t know about? Are they making a reference to Gone with the Wind? Is it like a reverse Scarlet letter, in which you wear the makeup proudly instead of in shame?

Am I overthinking this?

Inner Maritza: Yes…to the last question. Now move along.

Ok. If anyone has the answer, just drop it in the comments. That way I can sleep at night.

Anyways, Deck if Scarlet is a bimonthly subscription that sends you a complete palette, with the ability to create multiple looks all for $29.95. Each “deck” has 3 eyeshadows, 2 Cheek, 2 lipsticks and 1 freestanding item, like a mascara or liner.

Each palette is curated by a YouTuber and you can collect them all or if one doesn’t seem to be to your liking or you can opt to skip that month.

I actually like that. Unlike Boxycharm or Ipsy, if you don’t like it or want it, you can just say “Next!”.

Palette #11, which is the latest palette and my first ever deck, was curated by KristinaxMakeup. Not very familiar with her, but she is very pretty and seems to know how to do makeup very well. I like that she tends to use her fingers a lot when creating a look, which I do as well.

At first when I got my palette, I was little thrown off by it though. It has a sort of bumblebee vibe with the bright yellow (Limoncello), golden shimmer (Tan Lines) and black matte (Onyx) eyeshadows. However, I can see how you can create three very easy looks by just quickly tapping any one of the shimmers on your lid and then using the matte to deepen up the crease.

You can also for a much more strategic look, and easily create a halo or cut crease and use all three.

The shadows all perform beautifully and are extremely pigmented. Limoncello is probably the hardest for me to incorporate in a look, but it’s such a unique shimmery neon yellow, that I’m happy to have it as part of my eyeshadow collection.

Let’s not forget the larger pans, which are supposed to be the highlighter (Bad Behavior) and blush (Moonstone). These can be used as eyeshadows in addition to cheek products and provide you with even more options.

Actually, I love Moonstone. This kind of peachy brown shade is my JAM! Its such a beautiful color and it goes on so nice and smooth. Same for the highlighter. I thought it was going to be a bit too dark for my complexion, but I use a light hand and it compliments the blush so nicely.

Also, they look beautiful on the eyes as well. Just blend Moonstone on the crease with a fluffy brush and tap Bad Behavior on the lid and you are done. If you like a little shadow, then lightly tap the fluffy brush on Onyx and apply that to the outer V and the lower lash and your done.

Another favorite shade of mine in this palette is the lipstick Metal Rose. Oh my Lord! It’s like a peachy red shade that sounds strange, but looks so pretty. I just dab it with my finger and it gives such a nice blotted look. If you layer it on top of Coy, it brings out the peach tones even more. The lipsticks are not particularly long lasting and are a bit thin in consistency, but the shades are both nice.

I do hate that that the lipstick is part of the palette. It just makes reapplying so hard unless you want to lug your palette around with you, but the heck wants to do that? If only they could detach that part and send it as a small side item, I would even forgive them that I have to carry around a lip brush or use my finger to apply all the time.

Speaking of side item. This set also comes with a glitter eyeliner in gold that you can definitely use to line your eyes or even apply it on top of the shadows for a fun nighttime look. It looks really nice, but the color does flake off after a while, so I don’t tend to use it.

Overall, I really like this palette. Yeah, it’s not structured conveniently and I don’t think you can get 20 looks from just this palette, but you can get a fair range of looks and for $29.95, it’s a good price. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Anyone else try out Deck of Scarlet? What do you think?

Till next time, my friends!