The Friday Five

The Friday Five – 2018 Beauty Resolutions

Happy Friday!

We officially made it through probably the longest week of the year and survived. Is not the first week after the holidays the worst? I don’t know about you, but I practically crawled into the office on Tuesday, took one look at all the emails in my inbox from my 10 day vacation and immediately starting counting down the days till Friday.

Loverboy was indeed correct. Everybody is working for the weekend.

Anywho, back-to-work doldrums aside, January is a wonderful month. Symbolically, the clock to your life has reset and you are provided the opportunity to improve upon yourself. Now some of us may use this forward momentum to redesign your entire life. Me, I just want to tweak a few things here and there and  I want to share them with you, so that you all can keep me honest.

Since this is a beauty blog, I thought it appropriate to share with you my 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2018.

#5 – Get My Nails Done!

Truth be told, I’m not into nails all that much. No particular reason other than I like the look of clean, cropped nails and have a tendency to pick off my nail polish when ever I do happen to paint them. However, I’m an avid cuticle picker (gross, I know) and on more than one occasion have actually drawn blood. However, I work in an industry where from time to time, I have to shake hands with other people and there’s nothing worse that extending your hand and just before you make contact with them, you see that lone little hangnail sticking out from the side of your nailbed. You start thinking, can they feel the little jab of the hangnail? Did they see that one nail is slightly longer than the others? Why is the guys hand softer than mine? OMG, I have MAN HANDS!

You see how easily it is for me to spiral? So, to avoid that, I’m just going to get a manicure twice a month. No crazy colors though. A simple French manicure will do.

#4 – Get my Brows Done

Like professionally. I only do it about twice a year and when I have them done, I go all out. Waxing, shaping and coloring. I feel like a new person and every time, I promise myself that I will maintain the new me with the fabulous eyebrows. However, life gets it the way and my Saturday afternoon eyebrow appointment gets cancelled because that kid pitch baseball game that got rained out last Wednesday, suddenly turned into a double-header and GOODBYE perfectly arched brows. No more. My brows will no longer suffer the abuse of my over plucking and get the care and attention they deserve from a professional.

#3 – Do a Hair Treatment Once a Week

My hair is naturally frizzy and living in Miami, with all the humidity and rain, doesn’t help. I also happen to use a straightening iron or brush A LOT and when I don’t, I have it twisted up in a bun. My hair takes a lot of abuse, which is sad, because I personally think it’s real pretty AND my hair happens to treat me well, despite how abusive I am to it. For example, I have only a miniscule strip of grays right where I part my hair to the side, which happens to blend into my natural golden highlights. How many 40 year olds out there can say the same? So, I’ve decided to return the favor and give my hair the nourishment that it needs to continue growing and maybe frizz a whole lot less. I picked up a few of the Nexxus Vital 8-1 Rejuvinating Masks to see how it they work. Let me know any other masks I should look into in the comments below.

#2 – Get a Facial

I can’t even remember the last time I got a facial. I mean, I remember that I bought a Groupon for a facial in August and never redeemed it, but actually walk into a spa and have someone expertly clean my pores? Yeah…it’s been years. I know exactly why. There was a period in my 20’s where I got a really bad case of acne and I didn’t want to go on medication, so I thought if I got a facial, my skin might improve. Well, not only did the esthetician poke and prod my zits in a most painful manner, leaving my face red and puffy for days, but she also kept on exclaiming on how bad my face was and provided running commentary on how much gunk she was squeezing out of my whiteheads.

But that was the past and I’m an adult (like a real adult) and I think that my face might benefit from the care of a person who actually knows what she is doing and who could possibly make me look 35 again. Wishful thinking?

#1 – Take Vitamins

So I know there are those people out there that think vitamins are a bunch of hooey. And to those, I say you do you. However, I’m a firm believer that we all need an assistant every now and then and I see vitamins, not as the main source of your nutritional needs, but as little helpers that help you close in those gaps a bit. So let’s say you are increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, but aren’t really at the 5 – 7  servings a day mark yet. Vitamins can help you a bit here and there. Also, they taste way better than they used to and some of them are GUMMIES!!!  It’s like Halloween candy, but for your health and you only take 2 a day. Remember to always read labels, my friends!

I personally love the Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins. They are squishy, pink and taste like candied grapefruit. They also contain Vitamins B7, C and Borage Oil, which are all great for healthy skin, nails and hair, which pretty much encompasses all my beauty resolutions in one swoop. Work your magic, little helpers!

What are you Beauty Resolutions for 2018? Leave them in the comments below and I will check in on you from time to time to keep you honest as well. Also feel free like this post to let me know you dig my Friday Fives.

Till next time, my friends!


5 thoughts on “The Friday Five – 2018 Beauty Resolutions

  1. Today is the first day I can wear makeup since my eye surgery! I’m very excited! I guess one of my beauty resolutions is to buy/play with more eye shadow colors. My eyes are blue, so I normally just stick to nudes and browns, but sometimes I’ll use purple or gray… I also only ever use my Too Faced Chocolate Bar because it has all of the nude and brown tones my heart desires! I guess I just want to explore more with color without looking like I time traveled from the 80s? Love your resolutions!

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