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Burt’s Bees Beauty – Review Time

A few weeks back, I was watching my favorite beauty guru, Tati Westbrook, review the Burt’s Bees Beauty line and if I could describe the vibe she gave off in that video it would be “uninterested”. Like right from the get go, you could tell that she almost seemed forced in doing that review because as a self described Glam Junkie, a natural makeup look wasn’t her thing. In fact, she must have said the word “Natural” like 177 times in the video and none of the times was it like “Natural! Yeah!”, but more like “Natural. Sigh.”

That’s ok. She’s the Glam Life Guru. Not Natural Life Know-it-all.

Now typically I live and breath Tati’s recommendations, (Coty Airspun Powder, anyone?) but in some weird Reverse Psychology way, it made me want to go out and purchase some of these products and test it out for myself. I don’t know, maybe because I’m digging a No Fuss look these days and glitter and contouring aren’t my thing at the moment, but the simplicity of the packaging and the really clean colors of the line were calling me. I happen to also have two $25 Amazon Gift Cards from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket and I do agree with Tati that these products are quite pricey for drugstore, so it was nice to have those to offset the cost.

I bought the Goodness Glows Foundation in Buff ($16.99) and also happen to cross paths with a gift set in Natural Beauty that included the following for $34.99:

  • Facial Cleansing Towlettes for Sensitive Skin
  • Eye Shadow Trio in Shimmering Nudes (shimmery beige, pink and brown)
  • Nourishing Mascara in Classic Black
  • Lipstick in Blush Basin (pinky peach nude)

When all was said and done, I ended up paying about $1.56 out of pocket, so I think I did good and once I put it on my face and gave it a couple of days wear test, I could honestly say that I like it. However, don’t get all excited. I definitely think that there is room for improvement with some products.

For example, the foundation. It’s definitely not full coverage as it claims. I would say it’s more medium, but buildable, which works for me. It’s definitely dewy though. Like really dewy. I’m a dewy glow look kind of girl and even I found myself reaching for the powder a little more than usual to set everything. Also, you might want to go a shade or more darker than what you typically wear because it is much lighter than expected. I chose the 3rd lightest color, which has a yellow undertone on the website, thinking it might be a shade too dark for me, and it ended up being like 2 shades too light. However, once I applied some (a lot) of bronzer, it looked really nice and it didn’t break apart as the day wore on or settle into any fine lines. I will say that it’s the type of foundation that you “feel” on your skin. So if that bugs you, I suggest you skip.

The eyeshadow trio was probably my most favorite out of the bunch I bought. At first swatch, the colors feel dry and a little dull. But don’t be fooled, these are really nice and applied great with a brush on your lids. They are all shimmers, so you might want to dip into a matte from your existing collection to use as a transition shade or do what I did and use your bronzer. I then applied the darkest color on the outer V and a bit into the crease. Added the shimmery taupe-y pink (my favorite of the trio) to the lid and then topped it off with the light beige in the center and inner corner for a soft, contoured smoky eye. It was GORGEOUS and definitely a look that I will recreate again.

Also, I am going to begrudgingly admit that it was refreshing to have just 3 colors to choose from. Palettes are nice, but sometimes I get slightly overwhelmed by all the colors and possibilities and it’s hard for me to settle on which direction I want to take. It was nice having a look already spelled out for you.

I topped the eye look with the mascara, which had the dreaded rubber spikes, and at first I was like “Nope”, but then was like “Ok. I see you”. I mean, it’s not going to replace my beloved Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl mascara, but I would use it again. It claims to be lengthening, and it certainly is, but it also does a good job at making your lashes look full as well and I didn’t see any flaking or transfer as the day wore on. I would, however, refrain from looking up right after applying, as it did leave a little black dots on my lids while it dried.

The lipstick is a really pretty peach toned nude that is slightly sheerer than I prefer on one swipe, but when you added a second layer, definitely picked up steam in color. It’s a cream lipstick, which also means that it’s not going to stick around for long and you need to be prepared to reapply, but that’s ok. I’m really so over the liquid lipstick, that I’ll take a minute out of my day every now and then to put on some lipstick. I think I will pick up some of the darker berry toned shades I see online as the formula was really nice and when I rubbed my lips together had a slightly balmy feel to them.

I’ve haven’t used the makeup wipes as I much prefer to use a cleansing balm to take off my makeup, but I’m sure they will come in handy from time to time. I’ll let you guys tell me in the comments below if they are any good or not.

So anybody else have any opinions on Burt’s Bees Beauty? Did anyone get the same impression as me from Tati’s review? If so, let me know below.

Till next time, my friends!


PS- check some swatches below and let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees Beauty – Review Time

    1. The lipsticks are so comfortable! Let me k ow how the foundation works for you. I’m curious if it’s just me who found it a bit too dewy. Living in humid Miami tends to skews the outcome of certain products.


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