Tuesday Tutorial

Over the weekend, I was organizing my makeup counter, because I don’t have a vanity, just a small little corner of the bathroom that I share with my husband and I pulled out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette from the back of the organizer.

I did that thing they do in movies where they blow away the dust from something old, like a box of childhood toys or Grandma’s old recipes that were found hidden in an attic or basement, and admired how beautiful this palette is for like a solid 20 minutes.

I swear this is all true!

As I was admiring all these rich and warm reds, oranges and browns and reminiscing about all the looks I created, I got really nostalgic. You see, I bought this palette last fall and maybe because I wore it so much during that time, I associate it with that time of year. But no, my friends! I am here to tell you that this palette transcends seasons and, is in fact, a perfect addition to your summer look.

Behold!  Summer Sunset Eyes.

Summer Sunset Eyes

As I was searching Pinterest, I found this gorgeous look using the Modern Renaissance palette and I knew I had to recreate it. This look would be just right for a sunset bbq or date night with the hubs.

We start off by sweeping Burnt Orange into the crease and just a little above (I have slightly hooded eyes). Then dip your brush into Realgar and do the same, intensifying the look. Realgar is a gorgeous orange terracotta color and it takes just a tap to get that good color payoff.

Once you have blended that well, move on to Venetian Red and sweep it on your crease, deepening the color, and then move on to the outer V of the eye. Make sure to blend out any hard edges as this warm burgundy color can be a bit overpowering.

Summer Sunset Eyes Palette

Tap some Primavera, a beautiful champagne shimmer, with your finger on the lid and take it as close to the crease as you can. Then with the same brush you used to apply Venetian Red, blend the edges so that it has a gradient look.

Lastly, take just a bit of Cyprus Umber and, starting at the outer lash line, lightly blend upward a bit into Venetian Red to deepen the color. Sweep that Cyprus under to the lower lash and smoke it out.

Load your eyes with mascara and make sure your brows are On Pointe. Admire your handy work and wonder to yourself why on earth more men don’t fall in love with you on a daily bases.

Summer Sunset Eyes Finished Look

If you have come across any other Summer looks using the Modern Renaissance palette, please comment below. I want to use this palette more often and sharing is caring.

Have a great Tuesday, my friends.


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