Museum of Ice Cream Miami

When I first heard that the Museum of Ice Cream was popping up in Miami Beach, I was like no way in HELL am I going to drop $40 to take a bunch of dumb pics in pink rooms surrounded by images of dairy products that I have a hard time digesting. But, of course, I am weak and succumbed to the Instagram pressure of all the pics of people taking a dip in the Sprinkle Pool and up against brightly colored walls.


However, as much as it pains me to admit this, I actually had fun! I still can’t tell whether I am basically paying for the use of a bunch of photo props and backgrounds or if it’s the curators way of strategically placing props so that you can create your own art, but either way, it was certainly interesting and, yes, I came home with a bunch of pics that will soon be showing up on the feeds of all my Instagram friends and followers.

For the record, all tickets for the Miami event are sold out, but if you want a quick peek into the “exhibits” take a look below. Also, make sure to sign up for their newsletter on their website as they will send you updates on future locations and extensions of the exhibit (if any) in Miami.

A couple of things to highlight:

  • Yes, I made sure that my makeup was on pointe and my hair was sleek and straight. Pictures don’t lie, ya’ll
  • I found this event to be perfect to take tweens and teens who are obsessed with selfies. My 8 year old son, not so much.
  • They do give you samples of ice cream and candies as you make your way through the exhibits, so prepare for a sugar rush.
  • In Miami, the exhibit is spread throughout 4 floors and the elevators were not operational, so you will be doing some cardio (to walk off the sugar).
  • The Sprinkle Pool is a timed exhibit, so you need to jump in and take those pics quick cause they will kick you out!

I hope you enjoy the pics. Some of these were taken by my daughter on her iPhone and mines were all taken on my Cannon, but honestly, I can’t tell the difference in quality.

DSC00319 (2)


Till next time, my friends!


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