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Throwback Palette of the Month – Juvia’s Festival Palette – January 2019

I wanted to start a semi- new series this year. In an effort to show some love to my older palettes, I wanted to kick off a Palette of the Month post showcasing a palette that I love and want to use more often and, hopefully, entice you to use it too if you own it or if you are thinking about picking it up.

I started doing this last year, but it lost a little steam, but that’s it the past. No use dwelling on it, right?

New year, new me!

I wanted to kick off the month with a really fun palette. When looking at my collection, I was like, let’s go big for our first post. Immediately, my mind went to the Juvia’s Place Festival palette. This is a great palette for various reasons

It’s definitely a stand alone palette. Don’t let the bright colors fool you. Mmanwu (bright peach) and Oro (golden yellow) are wonderful crease colors. Just add a little shimmer from Uli (shimmery white) or Odogwu (champagne) and you are set.

Colors from top to bottom: Izafa, Uli, Ofala, Mmanwu, Iri Ji, Oro, Keleke, Aba, Odogwu
  • However, it’s also a FANTASTIC companion palette to any of your other more neutral palettes. All the shimmers here are beautiful and metallic. Just watch out for Uli, since it is right between a red and an orange, sometimes it picks up some fall out and tends to take on a pink or orange tint.
  • If you are looking for a bright matte shade, also consider using Iri Ji (hot pink) or Ofala (neon coral/orange). Both are buildable and blendable, which I prefer for a more blown out look. Izafa (Red) is GORGEOUS!! It’s like a bright strawberry shade on me. I love using it on my lower lash line.
  • Let me know in the comments below if you have the Festival Palette and how you use it. Show me looks!!!
  • Till next time, my friends!
  • Maritza
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    Looking Back- Palette of the Month Too Faced Sweet Peach

    When I decided to pick a Palette of the Month, I thought it would be hard to use the same palette over and over again.

    And it was!

    I would just get caught up in something new I got or a particular eye look I was going for that fell outside of the options the Sweet Peach palette had. However, it was when I started reaching for this palette as a foundation rather than a stand alone, that’s when things changed.

    You see, back when I bought his palette, I was all about the warm tone peachy shades. They were easy to use and not intimidating. I’m a bit more practiced now than I was then and I feel more comfortable using darker and brighter colors, so that’s why this palette appealed less and less to me through the months.

    I was actually thinking to declutter it at one point, but decided against it because there are some really great shades to use

    My favorite shades to use are:

    • Peaches and Cream: the perfect nude base.
    • Georgia: lived this as a transition color. It’s not as light pink as it looks.
    • Charmed, I’m Sure: a lovely chocolate brown that I use to deepen the outer V all the time.
    • Purée: transition shade perfection.
    • Summer Yum: another nice transition shade. A bit redder in color than Purée.
    • Bellini: bright, shimmery peach. Perfect for all over lid.
    • Luscious: simple and shimmery champagne color. Nice for spotlight effect or even in the inner corner.

    With all that being said, I don’t actually have a lot of pictures to show you. Mostly because I just forgot to take pictures , but also because I was using one or two shades sometimes with other palettes and it was hardly noticeable.

    So no judging. I promise I will do better in April.

    So seeing as I needed a little more color for inspiration, this months palette is the lovely, purple and orange hued Desert Dust from Huda Beauty.

    Feel free to send me any eyelooks your created with this palette for inspiration.

    Till next time, my friends!


    Palette of the Month · Too Faced

    March Palette of the Month – TooFaced Sweet Peach

    I am officially on Low-Buy for the next few months. To be honest, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new stuff coming out, that I just want to take a moment to enjoy the things I have and not always worry about what I want to buy. I mean, I have a lot of nice things, particularly palettes, so I have decided to nominate a Palette of the Month.

    The Palette of the Month (POTM) will be one that I currently have in inventory and that I will create at least 2 looks each week for a total of 8 looks a month. I can pull additional colors from other palettes or eyeshadows if necessary as the goal is not to limit myself to just using this palette, but to use what I have and not fall into an endless cycle of buying things I don’t need. At the end of the month, I will create a post showcasing all, if not the favorite, looks I created.

    For March, I was taking a look at my collection and all the way in the back of the shelf, I saw my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette sitting there all lonely and neglected. I dug it out and, well was first hit by that powerful fake peach smell, but once that faded, I literally began to mentally create eye looks. This palette really speaks to me because as blue/green eyed girl, I feel like the colors really bring out my eyes. Also, I am way more comfortable working with neutral warm shades that a whole lot of bright colors.

    Not that this palette prohibits creativity in any way. We have some nice dark plum and mossy shimmery green colors along with some bright peaches and corals that I’m sure will get my creative juices flowing.

    So, seeing as this is the beginning of the month, the clock starts now. Make sure to check back at the end to see what I was able to create. Did I stick to some tried and true looks or did I go a bit out of my comfort zone? Send me any pics or links to tutorials for me to check out. I am a tutorial FREAK!

    Till next time, my friends!