Need, Want, Skip

Need It, Want It, Skip It – New Beauty Releases

From time to time, I surf Trendmood or This is Forty on Instagram to check out any upcoming releases that pique my interest. I always save the posts that interest me and I had developed quite a collection of pictures. Now some of them, in hindsight, are definite Skips, but others fall somewhere in the categories of Need and Want.

The Need and Want categories are so hard to differentiate sometimes because why is it a Need and others just a Want? Wouldn’t you want something you need? I think I’m overthinking this, right?

Anyways, without further ado, here are my current Needs, Wants and Skips.


I only see two Needs in my folder at this time and, I will admit, that both of these “Needs” are really because I love the packaging. I swear, I am your prototypical consumer. Slap something pretty on the front of a palette or create something that appeals to my childhood or inner geek and I’m sold.

Such is the case with the Smashbox x VladaMUA collection. I swear, they could literally be selling me fecal matter and I am 99.9% sure I would buy it because I love Rose Gold and the packaging is outrageously GORGEOUS. Now, I’m not saying I would buy the entire collection, but I’m pretty sure I will pick up something.

Same goes for the upcoming Nyx Steampunk inspired collection. These colors can be pure garbage, but I will still buy it because I happen to love everything about this fictional Victorian era subculture filled with machines and metal.


These are items that I will most likely pick up, but I don’t see any real rush in getting them. I will probably wait till some reviews come out or, better yet, maybe even go on sale before I buy anything.

I love Nudestix and even though I don’t own much from them, I like how easy they make applying makeup look. Therefore, these Tinted Blur Sticks are very much drawing me in right now. If they blur any unwanted features (ahem, sinkhole size pores) while providing some coverage, then I am totally in!

I want something from the Kat Von D 10 Year Anniversary Gold Fever collection because it’s most likely going to be limited edition and a collectors item, so I know I shouldn’t wait for any reviews, but I’m hesitating a little. Not sure why it’s not a Need, but maybe I have to trust my gut and wait.

I love a good lip gloss and having never head of Hank & Henry, I was intrigued by these. They don’t look like anything special, but wondering about the overall product. I think I will wait to see how the reviews go before I shell out $17 for a lip topper.

Does anyone else think that both Maybelline and L’Oréal coming out with fruit inspired collections at the same time is kind of weird? Isn’t the fruit theme a little played out already (i.e. Too Faced Peach EVERYTHING)? Regardless, these are cute and with a coupon or sale, I will probably pick one up. They both look pretty similar to me, so I guess it will just depend on who goes on sale first.



I MIGHT wait for a coupon or a sale, but chances are higher that I will skip this Neutrogena x Kerry Washington collection. The cheek palette looks absolutely adorable, but I must admit that the eyeshadows are not drawing me in. I know I have all these colors already, therefore, unless you are just starting your makeup collection there is no need to add the Essential Eye palette to my stash.

Same goes for the Wet n’ Wild Midnight Mermaid collection below. I love that more and more brands are coming out with blues, but this is just a tad bit too dark and moody for my taste. I prefer something just a bit brighter.

Anybody feeling a little burnt out by the Kardashians? Seriously, I like them, but I feel like this Kourtney x Kylie collab is just a bit tardy to the party.

Last on the Skip list are highlighters in general. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need another highlighter and since I tend to stick to the same light golden shade for the most part, there is no need for me to pick up any of the below any time soon. I mean they are pretty, but, whatever! Not feeling highlighters lately for some reason.

To Be Determined

I’m pretty interested in seeing what Becca and Chrissy Teigen come up with, but no details yet other than something is in the works, so will wait and see what they have for us.

Anyone else see something lately that they are Needing, Wanting or Skipping? If so, drop the link in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!



Nudestix Rock n’ Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink – Review Time!

About a month or so ago, I was perusing Instagram, when I came upon a post from Nudestix in which they were going to give 50 lucky people a chance to win a Rock n’ Roller Eyeliner if you liked their post. I’m pretty sure I had to tag a friend or write something as well, but, to be honest, I forgot. I enter A LOT of giveaways, but never win, so imagine my surprise when a few weeks later, I get an DM saying that I was one of the lucky winners!

I was in the middle of a conference call at work when I read that DM and had to contain my squeal of joy. I’m sure the folks on the other side of the call must have been like “Is she ok?”

I recovered and about a week or so after, I got a nice little package in the mail from Nudestix containing my very own Rock n’ Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink in Golden Rose. If you don’t know anything about Nudestix, I’ll give you the rundown, because they seem like a pretty cool company:

  • Their Founder is a chemical engineer/mom whose main inspiration for this beauty line are her two GORGEOUS daughters.
  • They are kind of known for their “On the go” beauty, so a lot of their products are multi-functional and can be used for the lips, eyes and cheeks.
  • The name Nudestix is derived from their of concept of a “Nude/Natural” look in the form of a stick. Pretty clever, huh?
  • Their products are vegan friendly and enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

I know that I am not necessarily their target audience, which are millennials, but I think that their product speaks to me. As a busy, working mom of two kids, I appreciate anything that will get me out the door in 1, 2, 3 and make me look put together. I do usually forgo liquid eyeliner whenever I’m in a rush, but the thought of something that will make the process go faster intrigued me.

Both MAC and Revlon recently came out with a similar roller wheel eyeliner, but I never tried them out. I admit, it seemed a little gimmicky, but now that I actually had one of these eyeliners in my possession, I figure, what the heck!

The color I received is a metallic rose gold, which I really love. Mostly because the light color was really forgiving when it came to my technique, but rose gold is also so very in style. There is an applicator with a tiny little wheel at the end, which you dip into the tube to get product (like a mascara). I feel like the little wheel was great to create the initial flick and to get into the inner corner, but when it came to the curve of the eye, it got a little tricky. With a pen you can somewhat hold at any angle and use the flat side of the brush to create a straight line, however, with this little wheel, you could only hold it one way in order to draw a line. It made getting across your lash line a bit awkward.


The actual product itself is really nice though. I only had to dip back into the tube once and it was only because I wanted to create a thicker line, otherwise, one swipe took me from end to end. It’s also budge proof. I tested it out on the back of my hand and after washing my hands a bunch of times, that stuff did not come off. However, don’t worry, at the end of the day, when I washed my face, I noticed it came off pretty easily with cleanser and, interestingly enough, it came off in bits and pieces. I was looking at the sink and seeing a few specks of rose gold and was like, “That’s peculiar”.

Overall, I’m digging this eyeliner. I feel like there is a learning curve to using it, but once you get the hang of it,  it does shave off a few minutes from your routine.

Anyone got any tips for your girl on using a roller eyeliner? If so, you know where to leave them.

Till next time, my friends!


PS – I received this product as part of a contest, but all opinions are my own. 🙂

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Sephora Saturday – What to Buy with My $25 Gift Card

I feel awful that I totally missed my Friday post. I will admit the last couple of days have been unusually busy and I was unable to get a chance to sit down and write. Not to brag or anything, but I actually left the house and socialized with ADULTS. It wasn’t a kids birthday party or some school function, but actual events with people who are relatively at my eye level and the beverages didn’t come in a box with a bendy straw, but in glasses and were of the alcoholic variety.

Yes. I mean they had vodka.

One of those events was a work party in which I received a $25 Sephora gift card from my co-workers for Christmas (they know me so well!) and I am in the midst of deciding what to buy. I’ve been surfing their website, placing way more than just $25 worth of stuff in my cart and I am simply unable to come to a decision.

For Example, should I get Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored? If you have read any of my previous posts, you know how much I LOVE a nice red lip and $24 seems a bit steep for just one lipstick, but it’s literally the most beautiful red I have seen this season. I think it would be worth the splurge.

I could also go for quantity while getting the most bang for my buck and try out the new Sephora #Lipstories Lipsticks. As a Miami Cuban, I feel almost obligated to get Coconut Grove and Hot in Havana. At only $8 a piece, I still have enough to also throw in Popsicle.

I have been dying to try Nudestix pencils. I love the thought of one product that can be used as lip color, blush and even eye color, so maybe I should go with the What’s Your Matte? Nudes + Red ($24). It even includes a sharpener, which is awesome because I am always losing mine.

Maybe I should use the $25 towards a larger purchase, even though I really shouldn’t because my credit cards are still recovering from all the Holiday shopping I just did, and  get the Huda Beauty’s Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. Those pinky sunset colors are just GORGEOUS and, really, it’s only $2 over the card value, so I wouldn’t be out a whole lot of money.

Similarly, but way more expensive, I can also get the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette ($49). Sure it is way over budget and I need another palette about as much as I need a hole in the head, but I can’t help it. I am obsessed with eyeshadows palettes. I love how colorful they are and I swear I would coordinate them with my outfits and carry them as a clutch if it wouldn’t be weird and completely impractical.


Also, can I tell you how much I LOVE the Try It On feature on the Sephora App. I had a blast “trying on” the eyeshadows from the Chocolate Gold Palette even though I am a little perturbed that an app can blend eyeshadow better than I could.

Anyone else have any suggestions for my cart? If so, leave them in the cart below.

Till next time, my friends!