Sephora VIB Sale

What’s in My Cart? Sephora VIB Sale

Ahh… Fall! Cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, football and the Sephora Semi Annual VIB Sale. I live for this stuff. Not that I don’t buy makeup and other beauty products year round, but I’m saving 20% during this time of year.

Ok. Let’s pause for a second. I will be the first to admit that Sephora has literally bewitched us all with this “sale”. Under no other circumstances would I ever get excited about saving 20%. In fact, I wouldn’t even typically buy anything if they were only offering me 20%. I’d be like, “No thanks, bitches! Call me when these shoes are at least 40% off!”

And if I’m really going to be honest, we typically can get better sales or more consistent savings at the very least if we buy our beauty products from the brand vs. Sephora. For example, in October

  • Too Faced had 30% off plus free shipping.
  • Becca was offering 50% off their poured creme highlighters
  • Boscia was offering 15-20% off select products.

In fact, they offer these types of promotions multiple times throughout the year (if I causally look at my inbox, I would even say it’s monthly) and I hardly ever take advantage. I always say to myself that I will wait for the Sephora VIB Sale. Why?

Brainwashed and bewitched. That’s why. That little striped black and white bag is like crack cocaine. I can’t say no!

Anyways, this year, I’m actually taking advantage and will stock up on some favorites, like Anastasia’s DipBrow Pomade, Boscia’s Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil Balm and the Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask. I’m pretty much scrapping the bottom of the jars on those.

I’m also taking advantage of the whopping 20% off to try out some new stuff, so I’m getting the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment and Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream Mini. Both of these are top rated, so I want to see if the hype of real.

I will also pick up a Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Cocoa and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquaconcealer in Fair Light. These are my splurges as I don’t need a new eyeliner or concealer, but they were calling me.

I’m such a sucker!!!

I know this is not a very interesting cart, but I’m pretty happy. It can’t always be eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks!!

Who am I kidding? If I am going to be honest, I am 99% sure I will also add the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette to the cart. Not that I need it, but I want it!!

Till next time, my friends!



Tales from the Beauty Crypt Vol. 1

Like most beauty lovers, I love nothing more that looking in the mirror and seeing an upgraded version of myself. Since I am not a makeup artist, I do find that I struggle in creating some of the looks – I mean you wing eyeliner – that are popular or making the rounds on Instagram these days. So, I do what any red-blooded woman in the midst of a midlife crisis does. I schedule a beauty appointment at Sephora in the hopes that one of the experts can help me achieve major cat eye status.

As a Sephora VIB, all I have to do is make a $50 minimum purchase to get a “free” beauty consultation. Since I was turning the BIG 40 in August, I strategically schedule it on my birthday thinking:

1. I get to look all glam for my birthday celebration that evening

2. Spending $50 would be easy seeing as I was going to do a mini-splurge anyways on myself on my big day.

This is the first time I was going to go for a makeover at Sephora, so I was pretty stoked. I walk in at 12pm sharp and I am greeted by one of the ladies as I walk through the door. She asks my name and promptly sits me down in one of the vacant chairs next to the cutest girl. She was fresh-faced and calm and she smiled at me through the mirror. I smile back seeing my reflection and the first thought that came to my mind was that the lights beaming down on me made me look like I didn’t have any eyebrows.

Damn, my fair-haired ancestors.

My beauty consultant comes by and asks me what look I am going for today. I told her, that I typically aim for a more natural look, but since it’s my birthday, I might want to take it up a few notches. She wishes me a quick Happy Birthday (wonder how many birthday makeovers she does in a day?) and then takes my color IQ or whatever you call it with that little machine that they place all over your face and then proceeds to fly around the store finding all the things to make me look beautiful.

As she picks up products, she drops them off on the counter next to me. So far, she has landed on a Lancôme foundation, Laura Marcier pressed powder, Nars concealer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip. She also must have noticed my browless forehead.

Fresh Faced Beauty next to me looks down at the Lancome bottle and tells me that foundation is very expensive. I ask her if it’s any good and she just shrugs and leaves it at that. I am so not good at the chit-chat thing. Her beauty consultant has all the products laid out in front of her and the first thing that caught my eye was the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. It looked so fiery and sexy that I immediately thought maybe I can request to have a look made with that palette.

My consultant comes back and places the NARSsist Unloaded Palette in front me. This is where it starts to go downhill. You see, if I were more of an assertive person, I would have told her that I already own that palette and that for that reason, I wanted to try something new, but I let it go and this is, precisely, also where everything started going wrong.

Narsisst palette

The NARS palette has a range of earthy and fiery colors that are right in line with my look, but she immediately went to the darker colors and when she began to smoke my eyes out with the darkest brown shade in the collection, I knew immediately I didn’t like it. I sat there watching her dip into that color repeatedly and never told her that dark colors are not my style or that I’m really not looking to go for a look so outside my comfort zone. Just sat there, silently watching her pack on that color.

It didn’t matter that when all was said and done she created a beautiful wing liner or contoured my cheek bones to perfection. That the NARS lip pencil in Cruella she put on my lips was the perfect red for my skin tone and that I added it to by online basket the next day or that when I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday, I also ended up buying the very same Anastasia Beverly Hills Cheek Trio blush she used. All this didn’t matter at that moment because all I wanted to do was get the hell out of the store.

She must have picked up on how uncomfortable I was because when she finished with me, she asked me if I would like her to lighten the eye look a bit, but desperate to just be done with this experience, I told her no. That it was fine and I thanked her and went to pay for some items I had picked out in advance.

This is ultimately more of a tale of caution, that a beauty horror story and it’s not because this consultant did a terrible job, it’s because I was a terrible customer. I told her what I wanted and never expressed any of my concerns during the process or guided her to the colors or products that I liked. All I did was sit across Fresh Faced Beauty and lament how beautiful her makeover was going compared to mine.

That really was not fair to myself or to my beauty consultant. In the end, I told her I liked the look. I led her to believe that I was a happy customer and that I was going to give her a good review. She would never know that I felt so uncomfortable with the amount of black eyeshadow I had on that I put on my sunglasses before I even left the store or that I washed off all the makeup the minute I got home.

It’s been about a week since my failed beauty consultant and I have decided that I will give myself another chance at redemption. Yes, you read that correctly. Not the beauty consultant or Sephora, but myself. I am going to walk in there and ask them to create a look with a few products I have been wanting to try and prove to myself that I am not a pushover or people pleaser because in the end, it’s not always about makeup, right?

Till next time, my friends.










Say Yes To Coconut Lip Kit

I’m really not one to get very hung up on my facial attributes. I’ve learned that when it comes to beauty, most people always take the “life is always better on the side” perspective, instead of being grateful for what you have, as imperfect as it may seem. You always think that you would be so much happier if you had bigger boobs, a smaller nose or thicker hair.

With that being said, I’m not averse to trying new things out to see if there is a way to improve my perception of those facial and body parts I’m not too keen on. So, when perusing the beauty aisle at Target a few weeks back, I came upon the Yes To Coconut 2 Step Lip Kit. I don’t necessarily hate my lips, but I definitely would categorize them on the thin side, and for someone who spends a great deal of her time applying lipstick, I do know that those with plump lips have the definitive advantage in rocking certain colors.

Let’s just throw this little puppy into the cart, why not?

I use lip balm daily, so I consider my lips pretty well hydrated, however,  I had about a million calls at work today, so not only was I thirsty from all the talking, but also noticed that my lips were a bit parched. The lip kit claims that it will hydrate, restore and plump your lips, so no time like the present, right?

The kit is separated into two parts. Step 1, is to use the exfoliating lip scrub. It’s a gel like sugar scrub that smells like coconuts, which is like THE scent of the moment. I found it to be gritty enough to scrub off the dry patches, but I think the real winner is the gel as it provides a nice cooling effect after you finish. When I wiped off the excess, I found my lips to be soft and smooth. There is definitely enough product left over to use a few more times, but once you tear into the bag, you will need to put the remainder into a little jar or sandwich bag because it is not resealable.

Yes To peeps? Can we work on that part? This is good stuff that is going to waste without a resealable container!

Step 2 is the fun part. It a lip plumping mask containing sodium hyaluronate, which is supposed to help your skin retain moisture, thus making them look fuller. The mask sticks to your lips pretty well and it’s just the cutest thing. You are supposed to wait 15 minutes before you take it off, which gives you just enough time to take your selfies…cause why would you NOT take a selfie looking like this?

Don’t mind the hair and no makeup look…it was a long day


There is a slight tingling feeling while wearing the mask. Since the mask is so oversized, my one concern is that if you happen to have a small cut or zit in the vicinity, whatever is making it tingle, exacerbates that area. So don’t be like me and decide to try on the mask when you have a zit right on the side of the mouth. OUCH!!

After 15 minutes, the mask does dry out a bit and you know it’s time to take it off. Do I have plumper lips? I don’t think so. However, my lips feel super soft and taste like pina colada. If I were going out tonight, it would be the right time to try out a new liquid lipstick or lip tint, but I am just staying home and eating pizza in my yoga pants and Captain America tee.

Whatever. No regrets.

While checking out Target online, I also found that Yes To has a coconut lip balm, which I think will be the perfect follow-up. I think I may pick it up next time I am at Target along with a few other of the coconut lip kit.

We can’t all have lips like Sofia, but don’t mine look smooth?

Have you guys tried any other Yes To products? If so, let me know so that I can give them a shot.

Till next time, my friends!