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Burberry Beauty Bite Sized Review

Disclaimer: this post was written on my phone as I have no power due to Hurricane Irma. Please excuse any typos.

I don’t really know too much about Burberry Beauty. In fact, the only things I know about the brand is that they are known for their trench coats and beautiful patterned and plaid scarves. Also, once when I went to New York with one of my friends she was prepared to pay $900 for a Burberry clutch in a gorgeous plum color until she saw the look of horror on my face and then told the salesperson she would think about it.

Don’t worry. I’m sure she ended up buying it without me present.

So when I was surfing the Sephora site and came upon a special promo for a Burberry Beauty Box, I decided to hit purchase. Luckily, it was only $35 and the hit to my wallet was negligible.

When I first got the box, I was surprised by how tiny it was. It was bite sized!! Maybe I am delusional, but somehow I thought it would be bigger (that’s was she said..ha, ha!!!).

Nonetheless, it came with 4 items:

  • Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Russet No. 93
  • Light Glow Dark Earthy Blush No. 11
  • Fresh Glow Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base
  • Burberry Cat Lashes in Jet Black No. 1

I’ve been playing around with these items for a few weeks, off and on, and I must say that the verdict is still out on Burberry Beauty for me.

Let’s start off with the item I most liked, the mascara. Those of you who have seen my older posts, know that I love feathery curled lashes. When I first saw this wand, I was a bit skeptical. It’s flexible, which means that the slightest pressure with your hand can jab the wand into your eye. However, the mascara is lovely. It lifts and separates your lashes. Gives them a nice bouncy curl and no visible clumps anywhere. My only gripe would be the bristles. They are made of spikey rubber and if you are not careful, they can sting.

My next favorite is the “blush”. Honestly, I’m not sure what the hell this is. It says it’s a blush. Looks like contour or maybe bronzer. However, I use it as eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful tan shade, similar to their traditional trench coat, that I’ve used as a transition shade with other palettes, but also on its own. I particularly love using it to smoke out the lower lid. It makes my green eyes pop!

Falling short on the love list is the lipstick. The shade is a lovely terra-cotta color, but it’s just too damn sheer. It just gives you this wash of color that does nothing for me. I mean, if I am personally going to wear anything red, you better see me from space. Know what I mean?

Last, and for good reason, is the Luminous Base. As a girl with oily skin, I tend to stay away from primers that make me glow, because genetically I’m like a greasy lit Christmas tree, so this stuff just made my foundation slip and slide all over the place. No thank you! I’ll stick to my Benefit Porefessional.

I must say that overall, the price tag for all these full sized items individually is not that bad. Ranging anywhere from $30 – $48, I’ve paid more for less and I do have to admit that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. All the items have the signature Burberry plaid woven through the packaging and even stamped into the actual side of the lipstick. Nothing can look fancier than touching up your lipstick after dinner with one of those tubes.

However, it’s the actual colors and products that failed to impress me. I suppose Burberry can be categorized as a brand that sells that posh, minimalist look, but if that’s not your thing, then I say skip.

Till next time, my friends.


Besame Cosmetics

Besame Cosmetics – It’s Vintage, Not Old. Just Like Me.

I am officially 40 years old today! Not sure why I added an exclamation point there, to be honest, but positivity, my friends. Positivity.

In honor of me entering the 4th decade of my life, I’d thought it would only be appropriate to talk about vintage makeup. Ok. Not the kind you buy in eBay or find in grandma’s closet, but the new kind sold by Besame Cosmetics, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands.

A little back story on how I came across this brand…

A while back I was reading, Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. It’s a quirky, but extremely charming novel about a modern girl, Lara, who finds herself haunted by the spirit of her deceased aunt, Sadie. Back in the 1920’s, Sadie epitomized the modern woman. She dressed in short dresses, wore makeup, smoked, drank and dated men her parents did not approve. However, she died all alone in a nursing home with no family or friends around, and decided that her niece, who is in her 20’s, was going to help her with some unfinished business solving the mystery of a cherished piece of jewelry and artwork. Of course, along the way, Sadie ends up helping Lara, a practical person by nature, to let loose a bit and enjoy life. It’s a fabulous story.

Anyways, there is a part of the book where Sadie convinces Lara to dress up in typical flapper girl garb for a date with a hunky American businessman. They end up in a second hand store, where Sadie, invisible to everyone except Lara, begins pointing out all the items she would have worn back in the 1920’s, including makeup. Sophie Kinsella went into such great detail describing how the lipsticks, powder and mascara not only looked, but how it was used and applied, that it stuck with me. So when actually doing some research on vintage makeup,  I came across Besame Cosmetics.

I was immediately hooked on the brand. Not only did it look like something out of Twenties Girl, the whole website had this vintage, old Hollywood vibe that I dig. Their lipsticks are all replicas of shades used from 1910 -1960’s and their cake mascara is also supposed to mimic the type used by women of that time. Just check out some of the Instagram pictures posted by their fans and you will get an idea of how totally cool these vintage looks are.

Besame 1941

I swear, they could be selling puppy poop in a tube and I would have bought it simply for the presentation.

That’s kind of gross, actually, but you get my drift.

I have a long list of items that I want to buy from Besame, including everything from the upcoming Marvel Agent Carter line — sight unseen — but I decided, shortly before the eve of my 40th birthday, that the most appropriate item would be a lipstick, aptly named 1941 Victory Red.

I know that something named 1940 You’re Old would be better, but Besame skipped that year, so when deciding between 1939 Tango Red or 1941 Victory Red, I went with the second one. Which works for me because 1941 is a gorgeous, vibrant, highly pigmented, true red. It’s not stiff, which allows for the color to glide on easily on to your lips. I wish I could do a live demo to show you how much color goes on with one swipe. I am in love!

Besame 1941 swatch

Also, I need to take a moment to discuss how gorgeous the tube is. I would totally take it out in the middle of a dinner date with the hubs or right before a big meeting and reapply my lipstick just to show it off. Now, I know that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am totally swooning right now.

Typically, I don’t wear colors this vibrant on a day to day and reserve them for special occasions like my birthday, but, like Lara, I’ve decided that life’s too short to sit around and wait for the right moment to wear a cute dress, take a day off to go to the beach, or in this case, put on red lipstick. So, I decided, just before the BIG 40 on a random Thursday, to get all glammed up and wear Victory Red. I didn’t do much. I worked from home, packed up some old (vintage?) kitchen stuff in boxes to take to the Goodwill and attempted to build a Minecraft Lego set with Logan. It was, for all intents and purpose, a totally boring day. But every time I looked in the mirror, I was like…Damn Girl! You look FABULOUS!


Maybe 40 won’t be so bad, after all.

Till next time, my friends!


PS – if you like the products mentioned above, feel free to click on the affiliate link on the sidebar. Make sure you read the disclaimer before you buy. 🙂






Almay Instant Glow Highlighting Duo – A Hidden Gem

Oh Almay….I've always had a love/hate relationship with you.  I love your commercials with Carrie Underwood because she is so cool, talented and All-American, but every time I try one of your products, I have been monumentally disappointed.

Also, I feel really bad saying this, but your brand is so forgettable. Every time I go into the drugstore, you are tucked away into the farthest corner of the makeup aisle, somewhere between Neutrogena and Sally Hansen, with only the smallest sliver of space, and an excessive amount of foundation and concealer bottles which makes your display always looks so…. beige.

Beige. Very beige.

So imagine my surprise, when I walk into my local CVS and right in the very front of the makeup aisle I see a rather large display of shimmery pink and golds (the Park Ave rich cousin of beige – she's cool) calling my attention. There is nothing that makes me stop in my tracks faster than the promise of a good highlighter and the Instant Glow Highlighting Duo certainly did that. It is a sleek, dual ended strobing stick, with a cream highlighter on one end and liquid on the other. The cream twists up for easy application directly on the skin and the liquid end has a small doe foot applicator.

You want to know something funny? This is probably the most interesting product Almay currently has in their line up and I cannot for the life of me find it on their website to link to this post. Almay…you are killing me!!!

Anyways, my eye is immediately drawn to the pink one, Soft Glow, and I decide to give it a try. Did I mention, this puppy costs $14.99? I don't know whether that is actually steep or my predisposed beliefs on Almay automatically make me think I am about to throw away some money. Well, either way, here goes nothing.

I want to give this highlighter a fair shot, so I prep the skin with my go to moisturizer, Hey Honey Boost It Up, and foundation, Covergirl Vitalist. I dot some of the liquid highlighter on the high point of my cheeks and blend it in with my beauty sponge. The liquid highlighter has a very pearlescent quality, which I am totally digging at this point, and sunk into the skin quickly and nicely. I finish up the rest of my face with bronzer and blush and then dab some of the cream highlighter with my finger on top of the liquid for an added punch, as well as on the bridge of nose and cupids bow.

Ok, Almay. I think you are on to something here.

The end look is not a mega high watt shine, but a glow from within type. It looked natural and healthy and while I was running errands around town with the hubs and kids, I kept on looking in the rearview mirror (you know we all do that!) and thought the look was keeping up just fine with me.

So, has Almay been redeemed in my eyes? Somewhat. I really like this product and know I will continue to use it. I'm just hoping that this will be the start of something new for them because even these highlighters can easily get drowned out by their sea of beige bottles.

What do you think? Am I being slightly unfair to Almay? Anything else that I should give a try to make me a convert? If so, leave your ideas in the comments below.

Have a great Sunday, my friends!