Milan Rowe Cosmetics

Just For Fun: Milan Rowe Cosmetics Launch Party

So your girl here recently got the opportunity to attend a launch party for Milan Rowe Cosmetics and I thought I would give you a little peek into the event.

Simona Milan, the founder of Milan Rowe, debuted a super sexy line of liquid lipsticks and a palette specifically designed to compliment all skin colors and above all else, make you feel like the best version of yourself. Her vision of inclusivity and empowerment was the central theme of last nights event and, honestly, by looking at the diverse group of people there, you know she must be proud that her vision came full circle.

I will be doing a separate review of the products in an upcoming blog, but for now, I thought it would be fun to take you along and give you a peek into the party.

The colors are definitely sexy, but come in all shades from nude, berries and red.
Iā€™m such a sucker for a red and Drama Queen was STUNNING!
My messy swatches. I was so feeling the smoky colors too!
The Eyeconic Couture Palette!
Everyone got a chance to write a message and hang it on a beautiful display of branches. As always, I try to be light and positive šŸ˜‹
My date for the night. The lovely Amy.

I loved Simona’s introduction. She talked about how out of despair came her beautiful vision of this brand. It was a lovely message to never give up.

There was food, it the CUPCAKES were the BEST!!
The party girls… the dancers were GORGEOUS! Actually the entire crowd was gorgeous. Beautiful people were everywhere!

Can’t have a party without the conga!!! Gotta love Miami!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep a look out for the full review of the products coming soon.

Till next time, my friends!