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Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette – Review Time

I know I am, once again, late to the game on this palette, but it’s new to me, so I thought I would give you a fresh perspective after the hype has died down. Also, I know that Juvia’s is getting ready to drop the Warrior 2 soon, so maybe this may help your decision as I know it’s built to be a sort of companion palette.

This is the second palette I have purchased from Juvia’s and much like the Festival, I am so very drawn by the aesthetics of this brand. I’m about as white of a girl as you can get, but something about the tribal artwork with the three gorgeous Black women on the front (who give me total Okoye vibes from Black Panther) calls to me.

The goddess Danai Gurira

I LOVE it!

Packaging aside, I also love the Juvia’s Place formula overall. It’s pigmented, creamy and the shimmers are spectacular. I’ve found that you can use them with a brush or your finger and they are both phenomenal. The mattes are quality mattes, not dusty and certainly hold up well throughout the day, which I found to be the same with this palette.

The Warrior Palette ($20) is also a very neutral palette, which is exactly was drew me to it. As a green eyed girl, warm browns and coppers are my go to basics for when I want an easy, yet POW look. The two matte shades, Mino and Kano, were the ones that drew me in the most. Kano especially, since I love to use caramel colors like that on the crease.

Kano on the crease, Mino in outer V and Amina on lid.

However, I found out that Kano has a yellow undertone, that on my skin color shows much more predominantly than I wanted. I’m not mad at it as is nice considering that I don’t have a color currently in my collection like that, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Left to right in Palette: Amina, India, Mino, Ahosi, Moreno

Mino is actually really deep and chocolatey, which helps me deepen Kano to where I want it.

Left to right in Palette: Kano, Dahomey, Bakwa, Benin

I have the same issues with some of the shimmers. In the pan, some look like they will lean more toward a champagne shimmer, like Amina and Moremi, but they, once again, pick up more golden. I find that I have to do test swipes on my wrist before digging into a shade to make sure that it will go with the look I have in mind.

Are these deterrents? Maybe for girls with my skin tone and color as you might have the same issues as me, but I use this palette quite frequently and really enjoy it. However, if you are in the market for a new neutral palette, I think you might want to keep that in mind.

Anyone else have the same thoughts as me on the Warrior Palette? If so, you know where to drop your comments.

Till next time, my friends!