Bring Back The Stila Girl

Back in the 00’s, when I was in my early 20’s ….

Me: Geez why do I suddenly feel so old?


Inner Me: Umm…cause it’s 2017 and that was over a decade ago, you old geezer.


Me: Thanks, Inner Me. I appreciate your daily reality check. (Goes to cry in the shower)

Anyways, as I was saying. Back in my early 20’s, Stila used have a series of palettes, which contained an eyeshadow and blush combo, that was built around a theme. Like, Summer in the Hamptons or Striking in South Beach. All these palettes also had a cute, model type cartoon girl in the midst of some activity (i.e. rollerblading down Ocean Drive), dressed super trendy and looking like everything I wanted to be at that time: thin and beautiful with perfect hair.


She had many looks and came from different parts of the world, but she was known simply as the Stila Girl. I used to go to Sephora and swatch the palettes every time a new one would debut and drool over how cool I would look taking out this thin wallet type palette for a touch up when I went out with girlfriends.

To be honest, I don’t remember if the pigmentation was any good or if the colors lasted all day, but the Stila Girl was the only persuasion I needed to shell out my hard earned money. She was like the Instagram Model of the day. If she looked like she was having the time of her life on that cover, then I wanted buy it, because she obviously knew better than I did.

I mean, don’t we all roller skate on South Beach in a blue romper in 90 degree weather? Forget the humidity and chafed thighs. You won’t be bothered with that looking like you do in your smoky blue eye.

Stila Girl South Beach

I think it was sometime around 2011 that Stila dropped the Stila Girl. Not surprising, that’s when I stopped buying Stila. I’m not saying that their quality declined , but the Stila Girl reminded me of my youth. Of the good ole days, when I was young and had the metabolism of an Olympian. I know if she was real, Stila Girl is probably married now, with a few kids. Probably blogging and doing the school drop off looking super chic in skinny jeans and cool v neck. Her hair, perfectly balayaged and in beachy waves. I stillĀ  want to be her.

So Stila, if you are reading this, consider bringing back the Stila Girl. I know that there others like me that would spend money for the opportunity to relive their past a bit.





BH Cosmetics

Galaxy Chic – BH Cosmetics

Galaxy Chic is one of those palettes that you first buy for the novelty. Let’s face it, the whole concept is a gimmick, down to the packaging. Each deliciously swirled color is baked into small circular pans that shimmer like far away stars. The name is catchy and cute and my first thought was that this would make a great Instagram pic.

I cannot believe how shallow that sounds. I mean, I literally admitted I bought something for the amount of likes it would get me on Instagram. I think I need to get some help or the very least a lot of perspective.


The surprising thing is that when I actually began to play around with the colors and started creating eye looks, I realized how versatile and rich this palette actually is. Unlike the recent releases of red toned palettes flooding the market this summer, this has it all. Warm reds, yellows, oranges and browns that can compliment your Urban Decay Heat or Colour Pop’s Yes Please palette, as well as cool blues, greens and purples that allow you to create those unique individual look.

The only downside is that they are all shimmers, which does not make this palette a stand alone, in my opinion. I typically incorporate some matte shades in order to create the depth I like in my eyelooks. The colors also apply better with when dabbed with the finger, than with a blush, but that is not a problem for me as I usually apply my shimmers in that manner.

Did I mention that this palette is $15.99? If the colors and packaging aren’t convincing, then the price is. I spent more on lip balm and it’s not even half as entertaining as looking at this palette.

Let me know in the comments below any other palettes that I should try out from BH Cosmetics. I currently own the Solar Flare palette, which is another highly recommended one, and want some more recommendations.

Have a great Sunday!