Colourpop – Weenie – Favorite Super Shock Shadow EVER

A few weeks ago, I was tidying up my room and in the rush to get things done, the unimaginable happened. I dropped my all time favorite Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, Weenie, on the tile floor and it shattered into a hundred pieces.

Pause to absorb.

Laying on the floor, face down, was my beloved eyeshadow. At first, I was like, “It’s ok, Maritza. The Super Shock formula is resilient. I’m sure it’s fine.” I gently turned it over and the powder fell out of the pot in crumbles. I tried to salvage what I could, but it was no use. Everytime I would try to pick up some of the color, it would dissipate between my fingers and litter the ground like a coppery carpet.

I was inconsolable. So I did what any grieving beauty lover would do. I tweeted and Instagramed my disappointment.

thebeautyswatcher RIP Weenie from @colourpopcosmetics. I didn’t mean to drop you onto the tile floor, ending your brief, but beautiful life. May your bronze beauty shine like pennies from heaven. 🙏#colourpopsupershockshadow#colourpopweenie#brokenmakeupbrokenheart

Not even 2 minutes after opening Weenie, Sofia made a dent in it. I love my kids.

My grief was short lived because a few weeks later, Colourpop, had a Buy 1, Get 1 Super Shock Shadow deal and I snagged Weenie once again along with Liberty, a metallic silver that you could practically see your reflection when you swatch it.

The U.S. Coin Collection Swatches

With both of these in my arsenal, I feel like I have, what I like to call, the U.S. Coin Collection eye look complete. Weenie is a gorgeous coppery color that, yes, resembles a shiny new penny. I love to use it alone with just some mascara on those days when you want to seem put together, but just don’t have enough time create a complicated look.

Liberty, seems a little intimidating at first, but gently tap a bit on the center of the eye for a halo look or dab a bit in the inner corner and you will be beaming like a spit shined silver dime, quarter or possibly Lady Liberty herself.

Wait. She’s kind of green looking, but you get the imagery I’m going for, right?

Do you have a favorite Super Shock Shadow? If so, post in the comments below and I will give it a try.

Till next time, my friends!