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Colourpop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Palette – Review Time

So yeah… it’s been 5 months!

Where have I been, you ask?

Basically, things got crazy at work and life got interrupted and I wasn’t able to post for about a month. Nothing dramatic, but for a while I was like, if I return will anyone even read my blog? And I kind of felt a little scared about that, but then I was like, “Maritza, you love this! Don’t give up! Even if the only one reading this is your mother.”

So I’m back.

See… nothing dramatic.

Anyways, I think that for my first post since my hiatus, I wanted to review something that I really LOVE. Yeah, this may be a little old news considering that these days new products are being rolled out by the hour. However, if you are like me, sometimes you sit on a purchase for a while because you either don’t have the money at the time or you are kind of waiting for the hype to die down to see if it’s something you really want because you are actually going to use it or something that you are buying just because it’s new and everyone and their mother is buying it.

Know what I mean?

The good news, I didn’t actually buy the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac palette. It was birthday gift from my dear friend Janet, but I was planning to buy it once the hype died down.

Funny enough, one of the reasons I kind of hesitated initially was that I didn’t get the color story. I know that the color choices are driven by the zodiac, but for that reason I felt it was kind of all over the place. Also, it didn’t help that it follows the zodiac signs chronologically from left to right and sometimes the color lineup made it difficult for me to create a look.

I need a palette that almost lets me paint by numbers. Know what I mean?

However, when I put brush to hand, my eyes were immediately driven to the upper right quadrant. I love pinky, mauve tones and I knew that I could create a simple, yet smoky look, by using those four colors.

Sure enough, when I started breaking down the palette, I realized that this was easier than I thought. Maybe I’m getting better at this whole eyeshadow thing or maybe there is a weird connection between all the signs, but I suddenly started creating looks that work!

Not only was the right upper quadrant speaking to me, but I dove right in to the left upper quadrant and it’s fiery tones. Then I headed to the lower left quad and was like, “Yeah… date night!

I’m not really a fan of blue shadows overall so other than swatching them, I really haven’t played with them, but I imagine that you can create a nice, sexy look by using the last row.

For that matter, you can go left to right on any of the rows and achieve a beautiful look.

Seriously the possibilities are endless.

So color stories aside, do the shadows perform well? Yes, but not all are built the same.

The shimmers are all good and I generally don’t have any complaints, other than they can all benefit from some setting spray, which I do about 99% of the time with any shimmer.

The mattes can be hit or miss though and will require a little build up on some. The Libra and The Virgo performed beautifully. However, The Sagittarius and The Aquarius are a little patchy. Not too upset about the The Aquarius being that way, but as a purple lover, a little disappointed that The Sagittarius fell through in pigment. Don’t be deceived by the swatch above, it falls apart when you start blending.

Other than those performance issues, for $16, I feel like this is a great addition to any collection. The color selection can carry you from season to season quite nicely, which makes it a great investment.

So tell me… what’s your sign and did you like the palette?

Till next time, my friends!



Colourpop x Kathleen Lights – Dream St. – Review Time!

A few months ago I was chatting with my friend Karla and I was telling her that I have to put a kabosh on eye palettes. I have so many that it’s almost become a waste. I’ll spend money on the latest one, use it non-stop for about a month and then move on to the next Must Have palette. So I told Karla that I won’t buy another palette this year, UNLESS one comes out that I couldn’t possibly live without.

She promised she would do the same too, but she broke her promise like 2 days later.


DSC00218 (2)

I was doing so good for about a month and then I started hearing chatter that Kathleen Lights was going to collaborate with Colourpop once again and that it would include an eye shadow palette. I typically don’t fall into the hype surrounding Influencer/ Beauty Guru collaborations. Yeah, some of them are really nice, but most of them require you to sit by your computer, refreshing every 30 seconds, waiting for the product to go live and then find out it’s sold out 2.5 seconds after it went on sale. This sends you on a tailspin, especially when you start seeing all your friends start tweeting about how they got a palette and your sitting here with your thumb up your ass like a ding-dong.


However, Kathleen Lights is MY GIRL! Not only does she live in Miami (like me), but she’s a fellow Cuban and you know I got to support my peeps! So, I got my credit card on stand by and when her palette went on sale, I immediately jumped on the Colourpop website and was able to snag the Dream St. palette and the Ultra Satin Lip in Rever.

DSC00215 (2)

Kathleen Lights said in one of her video’s that Dream St. was her dream palette and let me tell you, it is easily my dream palette as well. As a blue eyed girl, I am always drawn to earthy colors. Shooting Star and Magical are perfect transition colors. I sometimes just apply Shooting Star on my crease, Moony on the lid, blend it really well, add mascara and call it a day. Also, Moony makes a beautiful, slightly neutral brow bone highlighter.

Out of all the shimmers, my favorite is Sweet Dream. It’s a light golden shade and definitely has a chunkiness about it that the other shimmers don’t, but is the most GORGEOUS topper. I like to use it on the center of the lid to create a halo look and then apply some of it on the inner corner to make the eyes pop.

Although the blue green shades are stunning and highly pigmented, these are the ones that I hesitate to use the most. It’s not because I don’t like them, but because I am highly intimidated by them. However, the easiest way I like to incorporate them in my eye looks is on the lower lash for that pop of color. If I line my lower lash with Water Bearer and smoke it out with the teensiest bit of Spark (it’s super pigmented), I am set for a glam date night with the hubs.

DSC00217 (2)

I also want to state that, although I have not put it to the test fully, I am 99.9% sure that any look you create with this palette will coordinate perfectly with the Ultra Satin Lip called Rever from the collection. If you are a red lip lover like me, but sometimes want to change things up, give this orangey red color a try. They first time you put it on, you will definitely be like “Hell NO!”, but once the color dries down a bit and you have the rest of your face all done up, you will be like ‘I see you, Rever!”

Did anyone else snag Dream St.? If so, sound off below and tell me your thoughts.

Till next time, my friends!