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ModCloth Sale and Mini Haul

I have a slight obsession with whimsical clothes. Seriously, if there an article of clothing that looks slightly retro, like from 1940’s or 1950’s, or something a like nerdy/hip librarian would wear, I’m in! So when I found out ModCloth was having a 25% off sale through August 16, I was totally stoked.

To be honest, I’m pretty simple when it comes to fashion. My closet is trending towards minimalism as I have made a habit of decluttering anything that doesn’t fit me or that I haven’t worn in 6 months or more. And don’t worry, I live in Florida, so weather doesn’t really affect whether I wear something only a few months out of a year. Typically, we are pretty warm, so no need to hoard the heavy sweaters and ski boots.

Nevertheless, I do like to update my wardrobe a few times a year. I mean, even if I tend to stick to the same style, doesn’t mean that every now and then I don’t add something new and since this is my birthday month, I decided to “treat yo self!”. Besides, “fall” and “winter” is coming and the temperature might actually drop into the 80’s here in Miami in the next few months. BRRRR!!!!

Typically I am a jeans kind of girl, but I still like to keep things nice and neat and pair them up with a cute top, like a collared button up, lace patterned blouse or a printed tee.  As I was perusing the ModCloth website, the first thing that caught my eye was this cute Cat Knit Sweater. I probably won’t get much wear out of this till December or January, but CATS!!!! For $29.99, I am adding it to the cart and hitting buy. I’m thinking that with a pair of skinny jeans and some ballerina flats, it will look adorable. It got a 3 out of 5 stars on the site, but with only 2 reviews, not too worried. It runs up to a size 4x.

Cat Knit Sweater

Also, with a cute pair of light blue skinnies or even, white ones, is this adorable pink collared knit top. The color is definitely wearable now in the summer and since I don’t subscribe to any fashion rules that prevent me from wearing anything light after Labor Day, I’m thinking it will still be worn way into the fall/winter/spring. I make the rules up in this house! No reviews on it yet, but for $24.99, I’m thinking I am willing to give it a go, so in the cart it goes.


Although I work from home, I do occasionally have to go into the office and to meetings, so I am thinking about this Navy A-line dress with bow details. I have it in my cart, but I am still hedging and haven’t purchased it yet. At $79.99, it’s a little steep for me, but does this not scream nerdy librarian from the 1950’s? I am thinking that this dress with my black patent leather heels with the cute ruffle and bow on the front were meant for each other.

Navy Bow Dress

I don’t just love ModCloth for the clothes. I actually get a kick out of surfing their website and finding some off the walls items. Life is short, so why not enjoy it, right? For that reason, I give you some random shit that I found funny and cute. I hope they make your day and if you do happen to buy one, please send me a pic. I’ll make sure to update you guys on any wacky purchases as well.

Also, don’t be surprised if a lot of these revolve around cats. I have an unhealthy obsession with the feline sort.

Illuminated Inspiration Candle in Jane Austen – $14.99

Culinary Curiosity Whisk – 14.99

Play by Playful High-Waisted Shorts in Retro Cats – $29.99

It’s the Hot That Counts Cotton Oven Mitt in Nerd – $14.99

Savor the Scenery Container Set – $39.99

Join Me Fur a Drink Flask – 14.99

Happy Shopping , my friends!


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Fashion Inspiration

Summer Lovin


Summer Lovin


We are moving out of our apartment in August and so for the next few weeks, we will be decluttering, donating, boxing up and sending to storage most of our stuff. We are downsizing for various reasons, and it’s quite cathartic going through all your stuff and putting aside the things you truly love and giving away those items that are just not your style anymore.

And before you ask… yes, that also includes make up.

That still doesn’t mean that I don’t want new things, but it’s a give a take at this point. If I really want something, I made a promise, that I have to get rid of something I don’t use any longer. Once, we move into our permanent place, I am hoping that it will have the space for a big vanity and closet to house all my beauty things.

So, what do you when you can’t justify making a purchase, but really, really, really want it?
I like to make little vision boards of all the stuff that tickle my fancy and imagine me wearing it or using it on a particular occasion. Sometimes, this makes me want it even more, but other times, it removes that need after it’s been sitting in my folder for a while, particularly, the $1500 YSL purse and $13,000 Chanel watch. You know, got to feed my children and all, but it’s a Vision Board, so you put on there what you want!


The inspiration behind this particular board is poolside cocktails at The Delano Hotel in South Beach. I wanted something easy and effortless, but not pretentious.
Do you create vision boards? If so, leave your comments below and share some of your wants.
Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.