Spring Break! Trippin Down My Camera Roll

You all know that every once in a while, I like to take you all on a little trip down my camera roll. Well, I don’t lead a particularly exciting life, so I have to accumulate enough footage to make it worthwhile for you all. However, seeing as last week, the kids and I were off for Spring Break, we did indeed venture out a bit more than usual and I think I reached that magical number of pictures.

I mean, if I am going to be honest, the majority of my free time isn’t exactly spent at “Da Club”, but rather in my PJ’s binge-watching Gotham on Netflix, but I don’t think you all want to see pictures of that.

Or do you? I know some of you out there love The Penguin as much as I do.

Anyways, without further ado. Let’s begin a-trippin’:

We went to the beach and even though it was a sunny day, the water was freezing! Didn’t stop the kids from getting in though.

We went specifically to Aventura Mall so the kids can go down their brand new slide. They had such a blast! I would have gone myself, but someone had to hold the purses, right? 😩

I love all the art pieces scattered around the mall, but I’m constantly telling the kids to not touch anything!!!


That is HUGE Lladro sculpture. I kept on telling the kids to “Not get so close!”.

At another cheer event. This time at the Miami Dade County Youth Fair. It was a school day so we couldn’t stick around to ride some rides, but it was fun!

This is what usually happens when I ask Sofia to help me with some flat lays.

Took a trip to the public library to get the kids and myself some new library cards and fell in love with the murals.

Holly obviously thinks I’m her couch.

A pic of Sofia during her Washington, DC trip with her school.

At the FIU basketball game where her team were part of the halftime performance. Look how sassy my Aunt Diana looks.

Logan wanted to mask with mommy.

Now that’s one huge scary cupcake. Seriously, I’m on the Keto Diet and some days I swear I would eat that stuffed cupcake. I do miss sugar a bit!

That’s it, folks! I told you I don’t lead a very exciting life, but it’s just fine for me. 🙂

Till next time, my friends!



Trippin’ Down My Camera Roll – Black Friday 2017 Edition

Yes. It’s that time again where I take you on a magical trip down my camera roll. Yesterday, I decided to take the kids and my daughters friend Black Friday shopping at Aventura Mall in Miami and let me preface this post by saying that I WILL NEVER GO SHOPPING WITH 3 KIDS EVER AGAIN!

I am so physically exhausted and brain dead that I can barely function this morning. Also, I don’t want to see the inside of a Forever 21 or H&M for at least a few months. Holy Crap, they were in Forever 21 for so long, that I had to find a little nook somewhere between the shoe section and the dressing room and crouch awkwardly with Logan. I know I must have looked like I was panhandling.

“Please, sir. Can you buy me this velour cold shoulder bodysuit?”

Everytime I thought they were ready to pay, some hoodie or sweatshirt caught their attention. I mean, come on ladies, cut this old lady a break!

Regardless, I did manage to have some fun and captured some images for posterity.

So let the show begin!


Oh you know, just cuddling up to a Reindeer Topiary sitting cross legged on a bench. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Awww Yeaahhh, Baby! There is a TopShop in Miami. I mean, there might be more, but I’m not cool enough to know where they are. Also, TopShop carries Kylie Cosmetics, but I couldn’t even sniff a lip kit because there were so many people converging around the displays. Sofia gave me the stink eye when I said “No way Jose’s Daughter!” (cause the Hubs name is Jose…get it? Ok. Moving on)

They literally wanted to take pictures at all the holiday displays and I was about at hour 3 here and wondering how the hell they still got all this energy.

The Nintendo Holiday Experience was the bomb. I got a chance to play Mario Odyssey and I LOVED it! As a classic Nintendo lover, I love it when it switches to pixelated Mario.

Yes. Yes that is the new Lego Millennium Falcon. Do you have about $800 laying around somewhere? If not, don’t worry. It’s sold out everywhere. So you can’t buy it anyways.

Ahhh….finally something that Mommy likes. I am always mesmerized by Lush’s bathbomb display. It’s like a work of sweet smelling art. Holy Crap! It’s Smell – o- Art!!!

There was a fidget spinner bath bomb that actually spins. They were entranced.

You can’t hide from me, Santa! I see you sitting in that giant Christmas Ornament!

Hello Holidays!! This display is stunning! It’s actually one piece of a large tree, but I couldn’t get it all in one shot.

So over Black Friday Shopping! Yeah, I feel you Logan. While the girls were fluttering around Pink, me and Logan were just like “Nope”.

Drove by Lowes in Hialeah and picked up our Christmas Tree. Perfect ending to an exhausting day.

Till next time, my friends!