Project Pan

Project Pan 2019

This year is going to be THE year. I feel it, friends.

Last year, I set for myself a really lofty goal of panning 5 products and failed miserably. So this year, I’m taking a more realistic approach and panning just two.

Hey, if I manage to pan these two before the end of the year, I will add some more. It’s just that when I put too much on my plate, it begins to feel monotonous and boring using the same things over and over, so doing it two at a time, feels like a stepping stone rather than a plunge into an abyss.

One of these products was in my Project Pan last year and it was probably the only one I made the biggest dent on and the one I actually didn’t mind using very often. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is probably one of my first highlighters and one of the ones I naturally reach for the most. Not going to lie, it also has a very sizable dent in it, so I feel like progress will be easily made.

The second item is the Super Shock Shadow from Colourpop in Weenie. This is one of my favorite Super Shocks shadows and one of the ones I reach for the most because the color is really pretty and all I have to do is spread this coppery shade on my lids, apply some mascara, and go.

Perfect for those days when you got way too much to do, but you have to look presentable.

Are you in the midst of a Pan? If so, let me know in the comments below. We can be panning buddies. Kind of like workout buddies, but we keep each other motivated to use our products up, instead of moving on to something else.

Till next time, my friends!