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Brands I Love, but Everyone Skips Over

I was going to say that everyone hates, but that wasn’t the vibe I was going for and I don’t think anyone, including myself, hates a brand, they just prefer others.

Does that make sense?

Anyways, these are just some brands that I feel don’t get enough love on social media, but I think are pretty darn good.


I know. I know. Almay is kind of the red headed step sister of the makeup world. Always shoved all the way in the back of the drugstore makeup aisle alongside Neutrogena. They never really get any attention. Well, they really weren’t doing anything to make themselves noticed until recently when it looks like they rebranded.

Personally, I love their Shadow Squads and their Butter-kiss Lippies are so creamy. I own 4 of them and literally one is in each one of my favorite purses because they are moisturizing with a dash of quick color.

Also, their makeup wipes are completely underrated. They take off EVERYTHING!!

Besame Cosmetics

One of two brands that I am affiliated with at this time. I LOVE everything about Besame, but I feel like they are a niche brand.

Generally, people who have some sort of affinity for retro looks and styles seem to really favor this brand, but I love them for their all out commitment to the production of replicas and also because their products are really good. In an era when brands are coming out left and right with new products, I appreciate that Besame takes it sweet time to perfect a products.

If you haven’t tried Besame yet, I recommend starting off with one of their lipsticks. I love 1941 Victory Red, but 1946 Velvet Red is pretty popular. The are long lasting and SUPER pigmented. The square shaped tip of the lipstick takes some getting used to, but I work around that.

BH Cosmetics

So I know that a lot of people say they love this brand, but I just don’t hear enough hype around it and I don’t know why. I love BH! I think they have an excellent combination of quality and price and, also, like Besame aren’t releasing stuff left and right, which makes me think they are being conscience of whats going into their makeup.

I see a lot of hype around their brushes and their Festival palette was a real hit this spring/summer, but I’m a fan of their baked shadows. I LOVE the Supernova palette and use it all the time. The colors are metallic, pigmented and last all day. Also, they are really easy to apply with your fingers, so no brush necessary, which is great for those days you are rushing out the door.

For the price, it’s a win!!

Antonym Cosmetics

Ok, I would consider Antonym a small indie brand, but they have a pretty loyal following and for good reason. They are AWESOME! Not only are they certified organic, but they are headquartered in my very own hometown of Miami (extra brownie points for that).

They are are on the pricy side, but well worth it. Their baked blush in Peach is my go to blush of all time. I may stray here and there and use another one every so often, but always go back to my Peach. If you are you looking for good quality basics, then check out Antonym. You won’t regret it.

Any brands you want to give a shout out to?

If so leave them in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


Anastasia Beverly Hills · Love It!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Aurora Glow Kit – LOVE IT!

The other day I was watching a random YouTube video about the worst products of all time and the young lady mentioned that on top of everyone’s list is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit.


DSC00236 (3)

Ok, so I know that it’s not the most visually pleasing highlighter palette out there. It’s got this funky gray/purple blob on one end, a bright icy blue and then a lime green iridescent shade that really doesn’t look like it should be anywhere near your cheekbones. However, that’s the problem. I don’t really see this palette as a highlighter palette, but as a color palette. Something that you can use anywhere: cheekbones, eyes, on top of blush or lipstick. You are only really limited by your imagination.

For example, I am totally not a blue anything kind of girl. My color preferences are definitely more of the natural variety, however, I have used this palette in the following way:

  • Eclipse (soft peach) and Luna (icy white) as straight up highlighters
  • Spectra (purple) as eyeshadow, inner corner and lipstick toppers
  • Helia (lime green) as inner corner and eyeshadow
  • Orion (blue) eyeshadow, inner corner, lipstick topper
  • Lyra (warm peach) eyeshadow, blush topper, lipstick topper

Also, all these colors are super soft, without feeling too powdery and apply beautifully with a brush or your fingers. In fact, if using any of them as lid shadows,they go on best with a just tap of your fingers. I don’t suggest blending them at all or too much.

If you want to turn a basic smoky eye into something really glamorous and almost intergalactic, then tap Spectra, Helia or Orion on top of a matte black on the eyes. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS. I do suggest using an eye primer before applying these colors as eyeshadows as I do feel that they don’t have a lot of staying power. I would also make sure to spritz some setting spray as well for good measure.

Anyone have any LOVES that everyone else hates? If so, let me know. I love being a non-conformist and hope to find more people like me that go against popular opinions.

Till next time, my friends!