Dupe Alert

Dupe Alert! Becca Ocean Jewels vs. Make Up For Ever Star Lit Palettes


I was in Sephora yesterday and happen to catch a glimpse of the new Becca Ocean Jewels palette. It’s gorgeous and soft just like I imagined. I then sashayed on over to the Make Up For Ever display and caught a glimpse of the new Star Lit palette and was hit by an immediate case of deja vu, except that it really wasn’t deja vu, but literally the same colors in different palettes.

I’m telling you right now, you don’t need both. Just pick one and you are good. In fact, I will outline the deciding factors:

We all know that it’s that fresh looking purple shade that is calling your attention on both palettes. If you like your purple cool and shimmery, then opt for the Becca palette. That is a nice true bright violet. If you are wanting a duo chrome, shimmery purple with a black undertone, then go for the Make Up For Ever palette as that one is definitely darker.

If price is the deciding factor, then know that Becca’s Ocean Jewels is $35 and Make Up For Ever is charging $45.

If presentation is your thing, I like the Becca palette more. It’s nice and weighty and it has a really nice, BIG mirror. Seriously, you can see your entire face in it. The Make Up For Ever palette is cardboard and has a nice mirror, but you can’t see your entire face in one go.

I hope this helps and let me know if you plan to pick up any of these.

Till next time, my friends!