Anastasia Beverly Hills · Love It!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Aurora Glow Kit – LOVE IT!

The other day I was watching a random YouTube video about the worst products of all time and the young lady mentioned that on top of everyone’s list is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit.


DSC00236 (3)

Ok, so I know that it’s not the most visually pleasing highlighter palette out there. It’s got this funky gray/purple blob on one end, a bright icy blue and then a lime green iridescent shade that really doesn’t look like it should be anywhere near your cheekbones. However, that’s the problem. I don’t really see this palette as a highlighter palette, but as a color palette. Something that you can use anywhere: cheekbones, eyes, on top of blush or lipstick. You are only really limited by your imagination.

For example, I am totally not a blue anything kind of girl. My color preferences are definitely more of the natural variety, however, I have used this palette in the following way:

  • Eclipse (soft peach) and Luna (icy white) as straight up highlighters
  • Spectra (purple) as eyeshadow, inner corner and lipstick toppers
  • Helia (lime green) as inner corner and eyeshadow
  • Orion (blue) eyeshadow, inner corner, lipstick topper
  • Lyra (warm peach) eyeshadow, blush topper, lipstick topper

Also, all these colors are super soft, without feeling too powdery and apply beautifully with a brush or your fingers. In fact, if using any of them as lid shadows,they go on best with a just tap of your fingers. I don’t suggest blending them at all or too much.

If you want to turn a basic smoky eye into something really glamorous and almost intergalactic, then tap Spectra, Helia or Orion on top of a matte black on the eyes. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS. I do suggest using an eye primer before applying these colors as eyeshadows as I do feel that they don’t have a lot of staying power. I would also make sure to spritz some setting spray as well for good measure.

Anyone have any LOVES that everyone else hates? If so, let me know. I love being a non-conformist and hope to find more people like me that go against popular opinions.

Till next time, my friends!