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Halo Kiwi Seed Booster- Review Time

I don’t know what Tati has put in these little(ish) pills, but I’m sure it involves some form of witchcraft.

Seriously, people the Halo Kiwi Seed Booster is the real deal.

When Halo debuted their first beauty supplement, the Hair Skin Nails Booster, I did a review and I found it to be inconclusive because, although I saw pretty quick results on my skin, I couldn’t quite tell if it had any effect on my hair and nails because they naturally grow pretty strong and fast.

Well, I must not have been the only one to voice a similar complaint because she released Kiwi only to target the skin and I jumped on it because this stuff works. In less than a week, I was already feeling a difference in the texture of my skin. It was definitely softer than before and I didn’t really do anything different than normal.

Also, it’s designed to promote clear skin and minimize the look of wrinkles and I also think that after 2 months of using this, it does what it says.

I really don’t get too many zits these days, but the few that I do, are mostly hormonal, while in the past, those suckers popped up unexpectedly when I was too stressed or even just to say hi (bastards!). I know I still have wrinkles, but I really feel like they have blurred a bit too.

Day 6 vs Day 30

Is this going to replace my skin care routine? Nope. If anything, taking Kiwi and seeing the results have actually made me like my skin even more and want to add products that will make it look even better.

Are the new products I’m adding to my routine contributing to the change I see in my skin? Of course! But I wouldn’t be that into my skincare if I didn’t see results from Kiwi first.

Now, these magic beans do come with a price tag. At $29.99, they are $10 cheaper than the original, but still a nice chunk of change to spend monthly. I feel it’s worth the investment, but it’s up to you decide the same because, when all is said and done, that is about $360 a year on top of your usual products.

Have you tried Kiwi? What were your results?

Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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