Makeup Declutter Time!

It’s been ages since I decluttered my makeup cart. I think the last time I did was during the summer, but I was on a “break”, so I didn’t blog about it.

Nevertheless, as I was looking through my stash, I realized I was long overdue and suddenly things went flying into either the friend/family pile or the trash pile.

In the midst of all the sorting and what not, I learned a few things about myself:

  • A lot of what I was donating were from subscription boxes
  • I tend to overbuy certain things, like palettes, but strictly purchase other things only when needed, like foundation and mascara.

So, I cancelled all my makeup subscription boxes, except for Deck of Scarlet, because why pay for something I end up donating? I mean, Boxycharm was not a total loss. I discovered my beloved Butter London Double Decker Mascara through one of the boxes, but other than that, it’s not worth it for me.

Secondly, I decided to utilize the same buy only when I need methodology for all my makeup. It’s not that I won’t splurge on a new palette here and then, but I don’t need 20 palettes in my collection at one time.

So below is everything I decluttered. Some of this stuff I liked, but never used and others, I never liked or used.


  • Too Faced Natural Love Palette: it was too big. I never reached for it because it was kind of clunky.
  • Karity Picante: I thought the colors and pigment were ok, but I have these colors in my collection already.
  • Juvia’s Place Magic Mini: I actually got sent this palette in error by Juvia’s and they let me keep it. The colors are just too bright for my taste.
  • BH Coametics Supernova: literally forgot I owned it. I thought I decluttered this last year.
  • Urban Decay Back Talk: I wrote a review on this palette. It’s 50/50. Blushes are nice, the shadows are ok.
  • Colourpop My Little Pony: I got this in a Boxycharm and is a good example of something I would never buy if I had the option. It’s a nice formula, but the colors are just not me.
  • Maybelline Lemonade: the mattes were weak and the shimmers wore off quickly. Didn’t like much.
  • Still Magnificent Metals in Kitten: I held on to this for dear life, but I just never used it. I just don’t have a need for so much glitter on my eyes.


  • Urban Decay Cherry Cheek and Highlight: if you read my review on this, you would know that the only saving grace for me was the peach highlighter. Better off with a friend.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow: beautiful formula and the two peachy shades are beautiful, but once again, it’s like I totally overlooked it all the time.
  • L’Oréal Lumi Cushion Foundation: this formula was just a little too glowy for my combo skin. I liked how light it was, but I was a greaseball half way through the day.


  • Nyx Butter Glosses in Strawberry Jam and Cranberry Biscotti: these lip glosses I think just went bad on me. They have a really funky smell, so it was time to toss. The Butter Gloss formula is awesome though, so no complaints on that.
  • Milani Matte Lipstick in Red (forgot to write down the name before I donated it): I gave this one to my mom. I had a similar shade in a Besame lippie and didn’t have a need for another one.
  • Are any of you nodding in agreement with my decisions or shaking your heads going “why would she do that!?”.
  • Either way let me know in the comments below.
  • Till next time, my friends!
  • Maritza
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