Karity Picante Palette – Review Time

Raise your hand if you never heard of Karity until around October when they sent a bunch of influencers PR packages and then your Instagram feed was diluted with pictures of their Picante and Rose All Day palettes.

(Raises Hand)

I may have been living under a hole, but I was like “Karity-who?” Well, their marketing campaign worked because not only did I pre-order the darn Picante palette, but apparently so did a crap load of other people, which created a bunch of shipping delays.

If you followed their Instagram, they sent out an apology email, blamed it on a shipping “glitch”, and now everyone loves them again.

Blah, blah, blah… just send me my damn palette, please.

Anyways, I got my palette like 2 weeks after the release, and I was begrudgingly impressed….somewhat. It’s quite a large palette, with 21 pans (11 shimmers, 10 mattes) and goes from light yellow all the way to dark purple. The colors are all warm, which keeps with the theme of the Picante or “Hot” theme and it’s actually beautiful for fall.

The mattes are fine. They are not super pigmented at application, but certainly buildable, which I actually prefer. I like blown out eye looks, so I find mattes that can be built and blended to my preferred strength are ideal for me. Flamenco, a bright coral, and Harvest, a deep pumpkin shade are the ones that I am naturally drawn too and I find perform really well.

Eyes: Delia, Aish, Bittersweet, Sass and Flora

The shimmers are equally nice. I wouldn’t say they are the blinding in any way, but if you go in with your finger or a wet brush you will get a nice pay off. A dry brush will definitely leave you disappointed. Flora, a spirited purple and Fuego, a peachy pink, are my standouts.

I will also mention that I didn’t feel that they had a lot of staying power unless I used an eye primer and used a setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter.

First Row Left to Right: Delia, Fearless, Dune, Embers, Pimento, Bronzed, Mornin
Second Row Left to Right: Sunrise, Bobble, Fuego, Harvest, Hayley, Flamenco, Fahrenheit
Third Row Left to Right: Spicy, Passion, Epice, Sass, Flora, Aish, Bitterness

If I sound a little blasé with my review, its because after I took inventory of my palettes, I realized that I already have these colors in my arsenal. I don’t find this palette to be very revolutionary in its color story or formula and as a makeup junkie, I felt a little let down.

For example, if you own the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk, ABH Modern Renaissance or even Colourpop’s The Zodiac palettes, then you have all these shades in one way or another.

Yes, for $29.99 you probably get way more for your bang, so if you are just starting to get into makeup or aren’t very much into warm colors and want one palette to cover all your bases, then this is a good investment. However, if you are like me and have palettes coming out of your wazoo, then you might want to skip.

This is not a knock on Karity, as I ordered a Blush Bomb kit and was really impressed by it, but this palette was just ok.

What do you think? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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