Ittse – Ready Rouge Creme Cheek Color – Review Time

I think blush is one of the most underrated beauty products out there. Most of the time, eyeshadows and lipsticks take all the glory, but I see very few people talk about the hardworking blush.

Well, I’m going to change that today because I managed to get my hands on the latest release from Ittse of their Ready Rouge Creme Cheek Colors and it’s going to get cheeky in here!

Well, I did get one contour in the set, so not all are blushes, but they are are truly beautiful. I also did end up giving some of the pans to my friends to try out, so I couldn’t swatch them all for you, but I believe them to be the same in quality (other wise, I would not have given them away 😉).

Creamy to the touch, when you swirl your finger in the pan, you are kind of taken aback by how smooth it is because I expected something waxier as my experience with previous cream blushes always had me struggle a bit to get product out.

Not the case with these shades. I was easily able to get enough product from just one swirl to dot both cheeks and blend it in, which is nice because when you first put it on, you are like “Yowza! That’s pigmented!”.

Personally, I love a pigmented lipstick or shadow, but I kind of want a soft, natural blush. That’s ok, because they actually blend out really nice. You can use a brush or even a beauty sponge to work the product in, but I used my fingers and it was fine.

Ready Rouge Creme Blush in Coquette

The finishing effect is this soft natural flush of color, which is perfect for an everyday look.

I thought it would be nice to see if I can wear the shade Coquette as a lipstick as well, since I like the look of my cheeks and lips matching, but I believe that it requires a bit more wax to give it the lasting power we see in a cream lipstick.

If you want to pick up one the Ready Rouge Creme Cheek Colors to try for yourself, you can do so by heading over to the Ittse website. The pans will run you $10 each or you can pick up a quad for $38.

If you want to save 20% on your order, feel free to use my code BEAUTYSWATCHER. Keep in mind that I do make a slight commission if you buy any products.

Anyone else want to give their most favorite hardworking blush a shout-out? If so, do so in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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