Makeup Brands Everyone Loves, But I Don’t

Ok, so take this post with a grain of salt because, as my friend, Karla, likes to say, “You do you, Boo!”.

Seriously, if you like any of the brands below, then more power to you. The world is a very diverse place and if 300 million people liked the same stuff, then it would be a pretty boring place to live.

With that being said, the brands below are just not my thing. I’m probably in the minority on all of them, but let me tell you why I just don’t gravitate towards them.


I have never been a MAC girl for various reasons. First off, I have yet to see a MAC salesperson who looks genuinely happy to see me there. Most of the time they looked overworked and annoyed. Also, I know that everyone raves about the lipsticks, but I always feel like they tug at my lips when I apply them, so I really don’t get the hype.

I also feel like I hear a lot of people talk about their tried and true MAC favorites, but I have not heard anyone RAVE about any new releases in a long time. MAC is just coasting these days.

Kylie Cosmetics

I’m going to keep this short. Why would I spend 3x the money on a palette or lip kit, when I can the get the same shit at Colourpop?

Sorry, Kylie. I think you are all hype.

Urban Decay

They release so damn much and it all looks the same. Seriously, everyone is going crazy about this Cherry Naked Palette, but it has the same tones as the Back Talk palette that came out in the spring. Which kind of sucked. I know because I own it and it’s a total let down.

Also, except for the Naked palettes, they always do the craziest packaging and I don’t like it. If I have to pull out the mirror or slide the palette out of some contraption, then I’m gone.


Tarte has become the Claire’s of the makeup world with their cheesy packaging and non offensive color stories.

Seriously, every palette is neutral and they must have hired everyone Toys R Us let go when they closed down because everything is Princesses and Unicorns at their marketing department. They need to bring back the adults.

Anyone else agree? Disagree?

If so, let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


17 thoughts on “Makeup Brands Everyone Loves, But I Don’t

  1. I haven’t liked any new releases from UD enough to buy them but I always repurchase their Primer Potion.
    I do love my one kylie lip kit but not enough to buy more, I would choose colourpop over kylie 100%!
    And Tarte… what are you doing with all this cutesy childish packaging? I would have liked it as a 10 year old but no 10 year old has the money for those prices. I don’t know why they’re catering to a younger crowd these days.

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    1. I was a big fan of the Primer Potion as well, it to be honest I have found other alternatives and I have never repurchased it again. Also, to me packaging is a big influence. I’m 41 years old! I feel kind of silly applying makeup with a flamingo brush. It’s stupid!


      1. I go between 3: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bare Mineral Prime Time eye primer and this sample from Makeup Revolution that I got at Ulta. My favorite out of the 3 is the BM one.


  2. I completely agree about Kylie cosmetics. When she first came out I thought her lip kits were decently priced and I was willing to try one but non of her stuff she comes out with is ever worth the price. It’s all pretty cheap quality not to mention the customer service

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    1. I have never bought anything from Kylie, although my 13 year old daughter wants to so desperately. It’s just seems so overpriced and I can’t see to find any consistencies in quality on all the reviews that I read or watch on YouTube.


  3. I love the Urban decay and mac classics but their new releases have been much of the same recycled. I’ve always been of the opinion that much of MAC is over rated and only a handful of products are truly worth buying. Same with tarte, though LOL at the child like themes. so true!x

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