Deco Miami Lacquer

Deco Miami Lacquer – Review Time!

When I received my box of Deco Miami nail polishes and saw the return label was in Miami Beach, I was like “YAASSS QUEEN!”. I mean, I kind of figured they would be in Miami, but you never know, and you all know I like to support my hometown peeps, so it just validated my excitement.

Whatever, I just really love my city, ok?

Anyways, you all know my resolutions to treat myself better this year and part of that deal was treating my nails better. I seriously don’t take care of them and they actually treat me really nice. They are strong and grow super fast, so I figured I might as well return the love. The problem with manicures for me is that since they grow so fast, a gel manicure is wasted on me and since I am constantly typing on a keyboard or washing something the kids messed up, the paint usually ends up chipping off if I opt for a regular polish manicure.

So I decided that I needed to make an effort to take care of my own nails and save some money. I did an inventory of my current nail polish collection and was seriously ashamed. Almost every bottle that I owned was goopy or crusty and I basically had to throw everything away, even if there was more than half a bottle left. A friend of mine, recommended Deco Miami because they carry mini sized bottles of polish.

Now you are probably like, why would I buy a mini when I could get a regular sized bottle?

Well. Duh! You never end up using your entire bottle before it goes bad, so you basically are getting your money’s worth with a mini sized one.

I decided that instead of going crazy picking out a bunch of shades that I was going to opt for a few shades that I tend to gravitate to and keep things simple. Deco Miami nail polishes run you about $8 for 6ML (mini size) and $12 for 14.8 ML (Resort size). I realized as a newbie, that the best bang for my buck would be their Customizable Trio Set, which allowed you to pick any 3 of the 6ML bottles for $20. You also get to pick the gift box design, which I thought was a nice touch.

Looking at all the colors, I decided that I always tend to gravitate towards lighter pinky peaches, so I immediately zoned in on Rose All Day. I knew this would be perfect for an everyday look.

However, I do like an accent nail from time to time, so I thought I would also pick up a fun color with maybe a little texture to amp it up when I am feeling saucy. It didn’t take me long to land on Champagne Miami. A metallic rose gold that shimmers in any lighting.

I was about to pick up another shade to mix it up a bit, when I saw that I could add oils to this set. I am an avid cuticle picker (I know, so gross!) and so compulsive about it that I can literally make myself bleed. I knew at that moment, that I needed to add the Lavender Oil to the set to see if it will heal my cuticles and therefore not give me anything to chew on.

This by far was the best decision I made. Don’t get me wrong, Rose All Day and Champagne Miami are beautiful colors, but the Lavender Oil is worth every penny. First off, it smells great. I find myself sniffing my cuticles like a weirdo these days, but that’s better than picking them, right?

Secondly, the effect was almost instantaneous. In less than a week, my nails looked healthy, less dry and there were far less hang nails than before. The best thing is that I can throw this oil in my purse and whenever I see the cuticles looking a bit grungy, I just apply it and go. It takes minutes to dry and it’s clear, so it won’t affect your clothing.

If you subscribe to Deco Miami’s mailing list, you automatically get 15% on a future purchase. However, they also run specials from time to time, so it’s worth waiting for one of those to add to your collection or to maybe make some seasonal changes.

Let me know your favorite nail shades and brands in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


One thought on “Deco Miami Lacquer – Review Time!

  1. Those look really nice and cutely sized. Great for travel and just to have in your purse when you are board. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been enjoying China Glaze a lot lately. I like that most of them are one coat opaque and self leveling.


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