Ittse Fell Street Collection – Review Time!

Before I had kids and became, you know an adult, I loved to travel. Not that I don’t do that now, but it’s different when you have kids. With little ones, it’s hard to get them to appreciate the history of a city, when all they care about is if there is  gift shop somewhere. However, even though I don’t travel as much as I used to, I love it when a designer or brand curates something around a location, even if I haven’t ever been there, because it makes me wonder why they chose that style or color story.

So is the case with Ittse’s Fell Street collection, which is a sensuous and warm collection filled with earthy browns, reds and dark mauves. I imagine that there must be something special about this street or district for it to deserve a full collection because by taking a quick peek at their website, they seem to have dedicated mostly eyeshadow quads to other famous San Francisco sites. So of course, I began googling Fell Street to see what the hubbub was all about and was rewarded with beautiful pictures of colorful Victorian houses, brick buildings and view of Panhandle Park.

I have to admit, I don’t see the correlation between the rich fiery colors of the collection and any pictures I pulled up on Google, but some things should be left to interpretation. Maybe it’s one of those you have to be there to experience it kind of thing.

Conceptualization aside, the Fell Street collection does not disappoint. These colors are literally me in a nutshell. I love the combinations of smoky browns and rich burgundy colors because neither shade overpowers each other. They seem to work perfectly together no matter how light or deep you go. Consisting of 3 mattes and 3 shimmer eye shadows, 1 cheek color, 1 illuminator and 2 lip cremes, the colors are:

  • Grace – a pinky bone color.
  • Istanbul – a coppery/rose gold shimmer.
  • French Pressed –  muted cool toned brown
  • Russian Hill – a STUNNING shimmery gold toned red.
  • Para – a shimmery burgundy
  • Caviar – matte black
  • Paris Pink – warm matte pink cheek color
  • Riviera – GORGEOUS shimmery pink highlighter
  • Birthday Suit – creamy cool toned mauve lip color
  • Cassis – creamy berry lip color

Performance wise all the colors stood the test of a full day of work. I did have to reapply the lip colors, but I don’t think that is unusual for a cream lipstick. I do have to admit that carrying around a lip brush was a pain in the butt, but I would just swab with my finger and dab for a blotted look. I liked it.

I do have to warn you all that Caviar has to be the blackest black eye shadow I have EVER seen. You all know how much dark colors intimidate me because any look can easily go wrong with just one too many dips in the color. However, I used a flat liner brush and used this to lightly smoke out my undereye and line the lid and it worked just as well.

Another two-for-one is Riviera. Although I initially thought it would be too dark as a highlighter, it seemed to work out fine for my pale skin. It also works beautifully as a shimmery eyeshadow and helps to introduce some lighter looks when using this collection.

If I had one complaint about this collection is that it runs you $99. However, Ittse does offer a payment plan to help with the initial sticker shock of 4 payments of $24.75 each. Also,  I am affiliated with Ittse AND if you use my code, BEAUTYSWATCHER, at checkout you will get 20% off your entire purchase. Keep in mind that I do make a slight commission if you use my code.

Anyone from San Francisco want to help me figure out the correlation between the color story and Fell Street? I think it will keep me up at night if someone doesn’t explain it to me.

Till next time, my friends!


***products above were gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own***

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