AuNaturale Spring Collection – Review Time!

Welcome to a Special Saturday Morning Edition of Review Time!

Ok, it’s not so special if I missed Friday, but sometimes that happens. You get it, right?

Let’s talk about AuNaturale Cosmetics. I first heard about this brand through Birchbox and fell in love with their makeup and their mission statement. If you don’t know anything about AuNaturale, let me catch you up:

  • Founder, Ashley Prange, was a NUCLEAR ANALYST (can we say AWESOME?) working in DC when she decided that she didn’t want to sacrifice wearing makeup, just because certain ingredients were irritating her skin.
  • She basically created her own makeup line in her kitchen, mixing minerals in her coffee grinder.
  • After so many of her friends and colleagues took notice of her glowing skin and asking her to grind some makeup for them, she decided to create AuNaturale to fulfill the growing demand of the people for a Clean Beauty Revolution.

That’s a pretty awesome story, right?

AuNaturale’s line has got you covered from eyebrows to lips and everywhere in between and the prices are in line with brands like Becca and Hourglass. They do have quite a few sales, so I would definitely wait for a 20% to try any of their products.

It was during their Earth Day sale that I snagged their Spring Collection, a lovely lavender/purple curated set that immediately had me thinking about fields of flowers which prompted me hit PURCHASE. Consisting of 2 lip products, 2 eye products and a makeup bag for a price of $75, it’s a little on the steep side, but I did manage to get 20% off, which was nice.

If you have never purchased anything from AuNaturale, you will be pleasantly surprised when you received your box and find a REAL handwritten note thanking you for your purchase. It’s the little touches like that, that always get me.

The makeup bag is nice, sturdy and BLACK, which I think is the perfect color to offset any spills and stains that occur from open lipsticks and powders. The products themselves are also lovely, although, some perform better than others.

Right from the get go, my favorite was the Crème Shadow in Kiki, a lovely shimmery cream shadow that is perfect for an all over lid color. Applying it straight from the tube is a little rough because the products rolls from the tube in a block form, but I just use my finger to dab it onto the eyelid and I think that would be the best method regardless. For a cream shadow, I found it to be long lasting and very easy to blend, however, I did notice that it creased a bit after a few hours. However, the beauty of this product is that you can throw it your purse and touch up when needed as long as you are not going for a complicated look.

Another favorite was the High Lustre Lip Gloss in Ultra. What I liked the most about this gloss was the shade. I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It’s a bright, cool toned purple, with just a hit of pink and it’s a semi- opaque gloss, which I like, because it can easily be worn alone, or on top of another color to punch of up the shine. I don’t particularly think it’s long wearing and you will have to reapply, but that seems typical for glosses.

I often paired the gloss with their lip stain in Kauai, which I think is a perfect match if you are looking for a shiny berry lip. The color, a very deep purple shade is beautiful, but I have to admit that I personally use darker shades in the fall and winter, so I’m not gravitating to much to it right now. Also, for a stain, it’s a little thick right out of the tube and it tugs at the lip a bit when you apply. It does have longevity, which is nice, but as the color sinks in and fades, if you don’t initially apply it evenly, it is a bit patchy.

The last piece of the collection is a bit of a head scratcher for me. A super fine powder shadow in a lovely rose gold called Guava, is really up my alley, but it’s the roller ball dispenser that has me all baffled. Typically, shimmer shadows are in pots, which granted, can be a bit messy, but they allow you dip your brush or finger in and apply it right to the lid. The rollerball prohibits me from getting the exact amount I need to highlight anything because let’s face it, sometimes you want a bucketful of shine and other times you want a subtle sheen, but this applicator is not allowing you to make that decision from the get go. That’s kind of a downer, I must admit, but I appreciate the thought process behind the rollerball.

I am affiliated with AuNaturale, so if you want to purchase their Spring Collection or any products, feel free to use my affiliate link. Keep in mind, that I will make a small commission if you decide to purchase any product.

Anyone else try any AuNatural products? If so, you know where to leave your thoughts?

Till next time, my friends!


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