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Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, Nails Booster – Review Time!

When I first heard that Tati Westbrook was coming out with beauty vitamins in her Halo Beauty debut, I was like many of you, slightly dumbstruck.

I mean, talk about a major let down.

But, whatever! I know she got a lot of flack from the beauty community and her followers, but in the end, she’s the CEO of her company and she can pretty much do whatever she wants. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

And that was pretty much what I was planning to do. Investing $40 on supplements really wasn’t high on my priority list. However, a few rough nights that had me waking up with tired skin and bags under my eyes sent me into of fit that only a fairly recent 40 year old will have.

I don’t know about other 40 somethings, but I can jump from “Damn! I look good!” to “I resemble a dusty ass Mayan mummy!” in like 2.5 seconds.

Clearly, it was during a moment resembling the second scenario that I quickly decided that I NEEDED to get a bottle of Tati’s magic beans before I crumbled into a pile of dust on my bathroom floor.

Now I know there has also been a lot of discussion around what these vitamins are composed of, however, I’m not here to talk about ingredients, so if you want to get schooled on that head on over to her website and read on up. The point of this post is to give you an honest review of the products after taking it for 1 month.

I will briefly give Tati both a thumbs up on the overall design of the bottle, which is indeed heavenly, but a HUGE thumbs down on the size of these pills. They are T-Rex sized! I literally hesitated before swallowing these suckers the first time I took them.

Size aside, do these supplements work? Yes and Maybe.

Ok, I know that some of you might be scratching your heads on my decision, but let me break it down for you.

Yes, I did see a definitive improvement in the overall texture of my skin about 1.5 weeks into taking these vitamins. I distinctly remember rubbing my upper arms one day and noticing that the small bumps that have always peppered that area had diminished. This prompted me to take notice of the skin on my face, legs and chest and I came to the same conclusion that they all felt much smoother than usual.

However, I didn’t really see any reduction of wrinkles, but to be fair, I only took them for 1 month.


April 2018

So my skin was reaping the benefits, but what about my hair and nails? This is where the MAYBE part comes in. You see, I have always had freakishly fast growing hair and nails. In order to keep my nails nice and cropped like I like them, I have to clip them about once every 1 – 1.5 weeks.

Same goes for my hair. I can go from a bob to hair past my shoulders like in 6 months and other than a few gray hairs around the forehead, I don’t really have any other markers for me to determine if the supposed anti-gray hair claims hold true. For that reason, I feel like I can’t make a judgement call on the hair and nails part. I really didn’t see any difference.

DSC00332 (2)
January 2018 – Hair at Boob Level
April 2018 – Hair Past Boob Level

Sorry, folks! I feel like I failed you all. I’m hard pressed to give you a thumbs up on this because I feel like I’m not the most suitable candidate to test all this product.

With that being said, did any of you also buy Halo Beauty? What are your thoughts on them. Any improvements to your hair and nails? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

Till next time, my friends!


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