Palette Collab with SuperNovaBeauty – Too Faced Natural Love

Collab Time!!

About a month ago, I came across SuperNovaBeauty. Right from the get go, I realized this blog was GOALS!!! Nova runs a colorful, informative and might I add, very well organized site. She has a few recurring posts, my favorite being Palette Roulette, where she randomly picks a palette from her collection and creates looks from it all week.

Which is why when I reached out to Nova to see if she wanted to Collab on a post, I was so excited when she suggested doing Palette Roulette with a twist. Instead of picking 1 palette for the week, we would each pick 5 shades for one another and create a look with those colors and then a separate look with colors of our choosing.

We both agreed on the Natural Love palette from Too Faced because we thought it would be perfect for spring. The neutral browns, pinks, peaches and plums has a very Spring Awakening feel to it without all the 19th century German teen angst.

Now remember when I said that Nova is super organized? Well, even though I initiated this collab, she took charge like the Beauty General I invision her to be and sent me my 5 shades in a timely manner and sent me pictures of all her looks a week before our deadline.

Me, on the other hand, exhibited classic Hot Mess moves and was basically 2 days behind her on everything. I am very much the soldier in this relationship.

Needless to say her look came out FREAKING AWESOME! When I was checking out her previous posts, I noticed that she has excellent color control and is perfect at executing a sharp and well blended look, so I didn’t want to just throw a bunch of browns at her and see a basic neutral look. However, the Natural Love palette has a bit of a color deficit, but I think I managed to give her some colors that not only allowed her the creative freedom she seems to like, but also a bright and colorful look.

Below is her look with the shades I chose and the descriptions of each color:

“Honey Butter: Crease and lower lash line. This is a lovely peach matte shade that builds up quite nicely. Such a nice shadow to start off a spring look!

Makeup & Chill: Crease and outer corner. This is a great deep matte brown that blends really easily, despite being quite deep. This also gave the crease some warmth.

Bunny Nose: Inner corner and inner third of the lid after cutting the crease with a white concealer. This is such a pretty medium pink shimmer with a cool undertone. It packed really well on top of the concealer to give you a vibrant pink. I think the shimmer shades in this palette definitely benefit from a tacky, white base!

Kittens: Center of the lid, also applied on top of concealer. This is a light lavender-pink with a duo chrome gold flip. This shade is actually pretty unique, since purple-gold duochromes aren’t nearly as common as pink-gold duo chromes! This shade again packed on really well on top of concealer, and I love the overall effect it gave.

Love Bug: Outer lid and outer lower lash line. This is a deep plum shimmer that applied well wet. It is great for finishing off the outer corner of a look!

Overall, I am really happy with how this look turned out! I thought the combination of warm matte shades in the crease with cool shimmery lid shades would be really interesting and provide a nice contrast! Maritza seriously picked out the perfect shades for a spring look!”

Ok, can we say beautiful? So this is a little like following the Beatles, but below is my look. I told Nova that I am way more comfortable with neutral colors and that I have a slight issue working with dark colors, so being the kind General that she is, she assigned me some beautiful fiery pinks and coppers, but also some deep browns and plums to test my limits.

I have to admit that I struggled with this look, not because of the color selection, but because between traveling for work and 20 million interruptions from the kids, I kept starting and stopping. However, inspiration came from the Avengers: Infinity War movie. I was getting ready to go see it with the family and basically channeled a mix of Scarlet Witch and Black Widow and went with a slightly fiery, smoky eye.

I need to work on my eye close ups!

Honey Butter – used this lovely light muted peach as a transition shade on the crease and up towards the brow bone.

Spoiled – the deep brown with just a hit of burgundy was perfect for the inner crease and on the outer V

Hot and Bothered – a shimmery and firery copper. I applied this with my finger on the center of the lid and went back into Makeup and Chill to blend the edges a bit.

Honeymoon – my favorite of them all! This shimmery orange pink is my JAM! I applied this on the inner lid and blended it into Hot and Bothered. I also concentrated it a bit on the inner corner and dragged it down a bit to the innermost lower lash line.

Undercover – a dark brown/plum with a touch of glitter. I deepened the outer v a touch more and dragged this down the lower lash line and smoked it out using a dash of Spoiled and then a bit of Honey Butter to lighten it up.

I really like this look and I have to be honest, I would never had used Honeymoon and Hot and Bothered together because to the naked eye they seem very similar, but in reality they are not and play perfectly with each other.

I told you Nova has an eye for color!!

My second look is way more basic, but I love it nonetheless. It’s actually a really easy work look for me.

I used Lace Teddy on the upper crease. Nudie on the inner crease and a bit on the outer V. Then I deepened the outer V with Chocolate Martini and swept some of it down to the lower lash line. I patted Push Up on the middle lid with my finger and then did the same with Satin Sheets on the inner lid. All Done!

I want to thank Nova for participating in this collab. She is literally a Super Star as her name suggests and if you haven’t checked her blog or Instagram, please do so! She is the BOMB!



Till next time, my friends!


5 thoughts on “Palette Collab with SuperNovaBeauty – Too Faced Natural Love

  1. Haha oh my gosh Maritza, your writing is so hilarious!!! I loved both of your looks, but I think anything would look gorgeous on you with those eyes! Thanks so much for doing this with me 🙂

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