Cover FX – Shimmer Veil – Review Time!

When I got wind that the February Boxycharm box was going to include a Cover FX Shimmer Veil, I was so stoked. Immediately, I got up from my chair and was like “And this is why I subscribe to Boxycharm!”. Admittedly, the only “person” in the room was my cat, Holly, and she didn’t exactly share my enthusiasm, but if she was a human, I’m sure she would have replied with a “Hell Yeah!”


Fast forward a few weeks and I get my box and open it to find that I got the color Amethyst , which is a gorgeous pinky mauve. I swatched it on the back of my hand, and if I could best describe it, I would say it has the feel of a liquid lipstick, but a bit thinner. Not as glittery as the Stila Magnificent Metals and with hardly any fallout. Lot’s of people say it’s very similar to Colourpops Supernova formula, but don’t take my word for it as I don’t own any. What I can say is that, one coat on your lids, leaves it a bit patchy, so it’s best to go into the tube one more time and smooth things out.


Immediately, I knew that I wanted to use my Modern Renaissance palette to create a smoky, yet shimmery look. I applied Buon Fresco on my crease and then took a bit of Cyprus Umber on the outer V. Then I gently dabbed Amethyst on my lid, beginning in the middle and then working my way to the inner corner and then extending just right before the deepened outer V. You have to do this quickly as I find that the products dries pretty fast.  I wouldn’t really rely on using the doe foot applicator to smooth it out across your lid as I find it a bit small, so it’s best to use your finger to dab or a flat brush to smooth it out if you want to be precise. Lastly, I went in with  slight mix of Primavera and Buon Fresco to integrate the look a tad right where there is that slight separation of color. I smoked out the lower lid, applied black liner to the waterline and some mascara.


It really was a nice look and when I went over to my Sister In Laws house for a family get together, she was like “WOW! Your eyes look really pretty!”. So I knew that I had a look that I would be willing to recreate often. After some paella and red wine, I went to the bathroom to freshen up and took a peek at myself in the mirror and was like “WTF?”

Literally, it looked like the shimmer disintegrated and all that was left were patchy crumbles hanging on to bits and pieces on my lids. I tried to remember if I had rubbed my eyes at any part and knew that I am practically pre-programmed to not touch my eyes when wearing makeup. Besides, the crease and outer V were hanging in there and it was just the shimmer that was gone.

Ok, don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I didn’t use any eye primer, so I figured, maybe that would make the difference next time. Encouraged, a few days later, I recreated the same look and, this time, applied some Urban Decay Primer Potion. I had to go to the office, so figured I would impress my co-workers with my awesome make up skills.

Nobody noticed, but that’s ok. I know I have SKILLZ!

A few hours into the day, I go to the ladies room and as I am washing my hands, I look in the mirror and once again, I see nothing but some glitter residue on my lids. When I got home, I decided to swatch the product once again on the back of my hand and wait a few hours before wiping off. Sure enough, after about 2 hours, I could literally scrape the pigment with my nail.

Darn it, Cover FX! I was rooting for you!

Is this true for all the colors in this line? Not sure. I only own one, but if you have a different color that seems to hold up well, let me know. Not sure I will buy it, but it’s worth noting.

Till next time, my friends!


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