Tween Time

Tween Time with Sofia Vol. 3

Happy Monday, Friends!

I feel like we are finally seeing the light with this flu in our house. Everyone is definitely feeling better, but I’m lucky if my face even saw daylight, much less makeup the past few days.

However, Sofia and her friends did a “photo shoot” using their iPhones a few weeks ago and in lieu of a makeup review thought I could post some of their pics.

I have to say that I think I have a mini- photographer/stylist in the making. Sofia said all the pics were taken in Portrait mode on her iPhone7 plus and she edited them on VSCO. The day was a bit cloudy and chilly, so she used blue tint for ambiance.

I’m telling you…Photographer in the making!

Not sure about her friends outfits, but I can tell you (cause I paid for it all!) that Sofia’s jeans and jacket are from Garage and her shirt is from H&M but it’s an oldie, so no longer on their website.

The pictures were all taken in my backyard, which is currently under renovation. We put in some new pavers and are about to paint the exterior of the house, so that is why you may see patches here and there. However, if you ask me, it actually makes the pictures look a bit grunge and as a 90’s teen, I dig that!

Hope you enjoy and let me know how all of you are doing? Did any of you get the flu? How did you survive?

Till next time my friends!


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