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The Friday 5 – Unwind With Me

What a day, what a day!

Actually, it’s more like what a week, but I like to focus on the present and I feel like the theme of today’s Friday 5 is something along the likes of “It’s 5pm somewhere at this exact moment, so time for a drink.”

(Pours a nice, tall glass of red wine.)

I should probably call this post Un-Wine with me.

(I crack myself up!)

Anyways, with that being said, I thought today I would make this post a free for all and just take the opportunity to chat with you. I know this is primarily a beauty blog, but….

#5 – I haven’t worn makeup all week!!!

Seriously, this is so unlike me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bare, clean face with just a little moisturizer on those days when you are just planning to Netflix and Chill (like the real Netflix and Chill, not the “wink, wink” Netflix and Chill). However, I miss those peeks in the mirror when I have a really nice eye look and think to myself, “Damn, I look good!”. It’s just been so crazy at work, that I have not had 15 minutes to myself to eat, much less play with makeup. The good news though is that I’ll be doing a slew of moisturizer and face mask reviews in the coming weeks because that’s what I have been focusing on during my forced makeup hiatus.

Can I get “Yeah” for soft, supple skin?

#4 – I won a Giveaway!

This was the highlight of my week. I like to use an app called Promota to do my signboards for my blog and they were hosting a giveaway during the holidays and I WON an Amazon Echo. I feel so super cool and trendy now that  all I have to do is scream from across the room “Alexa, what’s the weather looking like today?” instead of reaching out my hand, pressing the home button and asking Siri to tell me how hot it’s going to be. #siriisso2017 #firstworldproblems

#3 – The Ice Cream Museum

I succumbed to Instagram pressure and bought tickets to go to the Ice Cream Museum that just opened in Miami last month. I’m about $160 broker than I was last week and I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but it really does seem quirky and cool and I’m taking my kids and my MOM, so you know it’s going to be HILARIOUS! Seriously though, this museum better be freaking awesome and I better be picking rainbow sprinkles out of my butt crack for a week after basically paying that much money for photo opportunities. Once again, #firstworldproblems

#2 – Vision Boards

My friend, Yudy and I, have this tradition where we each create a vision board at the beginning of each year so that we can manifest our goals and dreams into reality. Well, we did it for the first time last year, so since this is our second go around, I’m calling it a tradition. We have plans to get together this weekend and just chat, drink wine and do a little crafting. If ever I wonder the exact moment I hit middle age, I think this is it.

#1 – Holly the Housecat (AKA: the Ca-terrorist)

Let me introduce you to my cat, Holly. On the outside she looks like the sweetest, gentlest, blue eyed cat. However, don’t be fooled, my friends. She is a Terrorist. She takes great pleasure in:

  • scratching you for no reason at all
  • tipping glasses of water on your electronic devices – to cut you off from the outside world and make you her slave.
  • Attacking my 12 year old dog, Rita, for being petted 3 more times than she was in one sitting
  • Sneakily stealing one sock from each coordinating pair right after you take them off. Forcing you to wear mismatched socks for a month. Then, when you finally decide to give in and use the mismatched socks as cleaning rags, she magically procures one from her hidden sock den and dumps it on your person during the night. It’s like the scene from The Godfather, except that instead of waking up to a bloody, decapitated horses head, you wake up to a dirty, stinky sock full of cat saliva.

I need to keep my on eye her at ALL times. #hollythehousecat #sockstealer

I hope you enjoyed this little chit chat with me. Feel free to chat right back with me in the comments below. Let’s keep the dialogue going!

Till next time, my friends!


3 thoughts on “The Friday 5 – Unwind With Me

  1. Holly looks indeed very sweet but her character seems to be very similar to my cat. Lulu’s favourite waste of time is scratching and biting us without even touching her. At least our pharmacist is happy because he can sell a lot of plasters. Yeah…

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