The Friday Five

The Friday Five – Best of Beauty 2017

When I sat down to go through all my makeup to pick my Top 5 of 2017, I thought it would take hours. I pictured I would go all Apprentice on my makeup and be like “You’re Fired, Becca Rose Quartz Highlighter!”, but it was surprisingly easy and even slightly cathartic. I spent so much money on makeup and I was worried that I was going to agonize over all the money I wasted, which trust me some money was truly wasted on junkie makeup, but when picking my Top 5, all I could think of was how much I got my money’s worth from these products.

So without further ado, I present you my 2017 Top 5 Best of Beauty:

#5 – Benefit Galifornia Blush

I remember roaming Sephora sometime earlier this year and looking at the Benefit display and thinking, “Damn, Benefit. You have got to step up your game!” Nothing called my attention and for the most part, nothing still does, EXCEPT, for their Galifornia blush. I wore the hell out of this blush during the summer and up until around October-ish, when my tan started fading a bit. It is the prettiest pinky, coral color that goes great with a full on glam date night look or a “running out the door to take the kids to baseball practice, so I need to look semi-presentable” type of look. Did I mention it smells like coconut scented tanning lotion?

#4 Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Weenie

If you read my post on how I accidently destroyed my beloved Weenie, then you know how I feel about this shadow. It’s coppery, with a hint of peachiness and it’s perfect for my blue eyes. I never make a fuss when I apply this eyeshadow. It’s simply, pat on the eyelid and blend a bit up to the crease. Apply mascara and I am out the door. I wear this to any event, from client meetings to kids school events and I always get compliments about how pretty my eyes look. Seriously, Colourpop should pay me commission based on how many times I have recommended this shadow to the PTSA moms at my kids school.

#3 Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight

I think based on the list I have going so far, 2017 was the year of No Fuss makeup. I had so much going on between work, school and family that I had no time to spend on complicated, time consuming looks. I wanted makeup that would literally get me out the door in less than 10 minutes. Some people might say to skip highlighter if you are rushed for time and to those people I say “Are you smoking something?”. I get it though, when you are crunched for time, you do the brows, some mascara and a bit of foundation or concealer. However, the Cover FX drops don’t really take up much more of my time and add that extra glow that take your look up a notch in an instant. I just take the same beauty sponge I used to blend in my foundation, and pat in some Sunlight highlighter across the tops of my cheekbones. Done! You have a gorgeous, natural, dewy golden glow about you. If you want to kick it up a notch, top it with a powder highlighter and you have an instant day to night look.

# 2 Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer in Tan-Tastic

Ok, I know I being slightly bitchy by adding a limited edition item to this list that is no longer available, but I would be untrue to myself if I omitted this bronzer because I literally use it almost everyday. The bronzer is just the most perfect warm shade of tan and blends beautifully. It’s also the perfect multitasker. When I am in a rush, I sweep this on my cheekbones, hairline, jaw and neck and then grab a fluffy crease brush and blend it on my the crease of my eyes. One and Done! What more could I ask for?

#1 Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

I need my foundation to make my skin look like skin. I don’t care if it let’s my freckles peek through or that it’s not full coverage, I just want my skin to look natural. I also don’t want to spend a fortune on foundation because it’s probably the beauty product I go through the most, so even though I LOVE tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation, I couldn’t spend $39 every 2 months on it. I’ve got kids and bills to pay, y’all! However, Covergirl saved the day. Their Healthy Elixir foundation is lightweight, easily blendable and can definitely be a full coverage foundation if you build it up, but I find that one layer creates a beautiful canvas for your makeup. It’s not a matte foundation, which I love, and gives your skin that lit from within look that, at 40 years old, is what I crave. Good job, Covergirl!

What are your top beauty products of 2017? Did any of you agree with my picks? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time, my friends!


7 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Best of Beauty 2017

  1. I’ve always wanted to try the Custom Enhancer Drops, but the price has always scared me away… You sold me, though! Going to see if I can find them at Ulta or Sephora (or if I can find something similar) because I got tons of gift cards for Christmas!

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