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Retro Love Palette by Bad Habit Beauty – Review

When I first saw the Anastasia Subculture palette, I fell in love. I was beginning to get bored with all the warm red and orange palettes that seemed to all debut at the same time last summer and wanted something different. Here comes this gorgeous palette with its blue packaging and containing an eclectic mix of shades that are both unique, yet relatable. I so wanted it and was prepared to spend my hard earned money on it, but then reviews started coming.

First I was like, “ok, one bad review doesn’t mean this palette is a dud. I’m sure you will love it”, but then the trickle of bad reviews turned into a tidal wave and I put my credit card back in my wallet. $54 for a palette is really high up there for me and if all these experienced make up artists and beauty gurus couldn’t make the colors work for them, then little old me didn’t have a chance in hell.

That didn’t mean that every time I stopped by Sephora or Macy’s I wouldn’t go to the Anastasia display and internally chastise it for it’s SubPar performance.

top model rage GIF

However, my dreams were not completely dashed. A few months later, I’m scrolling through Instagram and I start seeing pictures of the Retro Love palette and I am like, “Hold up! That looks like Subculture ” So, I click one of the links and end up on Hush and I felt like I was reborn.

What rock have I been living under that I did not know that this site existed? I am scrolling through and I seeing palette after palette of eyeshadows, highlighters, bronzers and blushes that resemble that of some of my favorite brands, but for like 1/4 of the cost.

Let’s call it was it is. They are basically knock offs, but that’s ok. I really don’t care if something is a cheaper version of the original as long as the quality is there and I’m not wasting my money on some crappy product that looks nice, but applies like poo. And, yes, I know that brands like, Kat Von D, have often expressed their dislike of these knock offs, but isn’t imitation the greatest form of flattery? I mean, remember the “Cerulean Blue” scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda explains how one designer basically begins a trend and eventually that trend ends up in the sale bin of the Dress Barn like 2 years later? That’s just how fashion and, in this case, beauty works.

Anyways, I immediately spot the Retro Love palette by Bad Habit Beauty and add it to my cart. It was $10. I repeat, TEN DOLLARS. How can I NOT buy it? I was slightly distracted by all the other palettes, but held strong and only purchased this one. Trust me, it was hard not to go click crazy and buy everything.

It did take about 2 weeks for it to arrive, but when it did, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. Unlike the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s original, it did not have that velvet cover, but rather it’s made of that sturdy cardboard that you see on palettes from Colour Pop. Also, it’s a tad slimmer and compact, which I don’t mind at all.

I begin swatching and, my first thought is that these colors are surprisingly creamy to the touch and pigmented seeing them on my fingertips. There is also very little fall out upon tapping with a brush, which is good, considering that was one of the chief complaints from the ABH Subculture palette.

Some colors are definitely better than others though.  As pretty as the dark green and blue colors (Mod and Free Love) are, they did swatch patchy and I had a hard time creating a look with them as they ended up looking a bit muddy. Same for the plum color, Nostalgia. Psychedelic also had a weird consistency about it that almost flaked a bit when you dipped your brush into it, but it really has a beautiful iridescent pink color that I like using on the inner corner and for a halo eye look. However, the rest of the colors were BEAUTIFUL!


I created the golden look above using Peace and Flower Power on the crease. Youth on the outer V and lower lid and Revolution on the lid. On my second go using the same colors (car selfie pic on the right), I decided to pack on Free Love on the lower lash and smoke it out a bit using Flower Power and I got so many compliments at work that I was like, “Call Covergirl. I’m ready for my close up.”

If you felt cheated by Subculture and aren’t willing to drop a wad of cash on a subpar palette, then definitely consider heading over to Hush and purchasing Retro Love. I don’t think you will feel disappointed.

Till next time, my friends.


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