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Besame Agent Carter – Teaser Email

It’s time for Beauty Avengers to Assemble!

I was perusing my emails today and, low and behold, I find a little nugget about Besame’s upcoming Marvel Agent Carter line. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to decipher the clue they sent, so I am calling on all my Agent Carter fans for help.

What do you think? Is there a clue here on when the line is going to drop?

I know that Red Velvet must be part of the line as there is clearly a reference to it below and Besame also happened to feature it today in Instagram and Twitter. Not to mention that the color formulation is from 1946, which would place us right around the same time Agent Carter joined Shield, but what else am I missing?

Anyone else able to pick up on any other tidbits? If so, drop them in the comments below. We can super sleuth together.

Beauty Avenger Out!


4 thoughts on “Besame Agent Carter – Teaser Email

  1. Using the third comic as a clue – you have to overlay the word search and the crossword as if they were printed on the same sheet of newspaper, and you’re looking at it with a light shining through it. It reveals some code words, but not what they link up to (possibly the lipstick number used in the show, but the rest are unclear).

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  2. FYI: Besame just sent out pre-order emails to the people that subscribed on the Agent Carter Besame page. The set runs at $68 USD. I did buy it, but I can’t figure out the new code they’ve implemented on the note that Jarvis forwarded to Howard from an unknown person. I’ve tried multiple code ciphers and I couldn’t crack it. All I could tell, from reading the note, was that I will be receiving lipsticks inside my pre-order set. What does b7D mean?


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