What’s in my Travel Bag? Universal Halloween Horror Nights Edition

I am activating mini-vacation mode. Hubs and I are heading to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights and you know I have to prepare what I’m going to wear…. On my face!!!!

I’ll be there for less than 24 hours so going into it I was like “I’ll just pack a few things.” Well, let me tell you, apparently it takes like 20 items to make me beautiful.

I knew I wanted a sunset red look for the eyes, because I was going to wear my favorite red and navy plaid shirt, so I popped out Old Faithful (AKA: Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills). I figured I wanted a lighter face look if I wanted to do a smoky eye , so I then threw in some  mascara, brow pomade, blush, bronzer, highlighter, foundation, concealer and 3 lipstick options.

What no contour?

Nah…. I didn’t want to over do it.

Seven brushes later and a handful of travel size moisturizers, toners and face masks, I was finally done.

I wish I could have told you I carefully packed everything in a cute little (big?) makeup bag, but no. I threw it all in a huge zip lock bag and stowed it away in my overnight bag.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that ground you back to reality, right?

If you’ve never been to Halloween Horror Nights, it’s a yearly event Universal Studios Florida has where they shut down some rides at night and set up walk thru haunted houses. It’s fun and full of scares and good times. Below are some pics that I took and a quick video from one of the Scare Zones. I wish I had more, but I was really enjoying the moment and just forgot to snap more pics.

Till next time friends!!


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