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MAC Girls – Basic Bitch Palette

I feel so naughty owning a palette called Basic Bitch. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t oppose profanity. In fact, I think that dropping the F- Bomb every now and then can be extremely therapeutic. Also, shit and bitch, specifically “That Bitch!” are token phrases in my day to day life.  Admittedly, I am usually referring to my dog, who does happens to be female, and feels compelled to pee all over the floors 2.5 seconds after a walk.

That Bitch!!!

But, you get my point. It’s not that the word Bitch makes me uncomfortable or that MAC has decided to identify certain colors or looks as bitchy. I mean, who the hell cares? It’s just semantics. In the end, no one is going to call you a Bitch just because you used that palette and if they do, then kudos to them for being able to identify a palette on face value. That’s pretty damn impressive.

So now that we are all over the name, let’s talk about the palette. MAC came out with 6 Personality Palettes. I guess the goal is to pick the one that best suits your personality, but ultimately, it comes down to color preference as I, for one, am not Power Hungry, a Rockin’ Rebel, Pretty Princess, Fashion Fanatic, Mischievous Minx or a Basic Bitch.

Did anyone else think of the end of the Breakfast Club movie when reading all the labels?

Anyways, I’m more of a Yoga Pant Mom and, quite frankly, MAC, that was a lost opportunity on your end.  Why do they always forget the moms? Mom’s are the ones who make the most money and can spend more at your counter. Maybe jot that down for next time?

Out of all the selections, the colors I was most drawn to were the smoky silvers, grays and plums of the Basic Bitch palette. I thought it would be a great palette for fall and I could honestly see myself wearing them to work, date with the hubs or drinks with friends. There are a total of 9 shades:

(copied from MAC website)

9-4-2017 5-27-40 PM

I love almost all the colors. Sly Girl is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a glittery, purple metallic BOMB and it’s my absolute favorite quickly followed by Ms. Personality and Text Me Later. However, Tattle-Tale, Game Player and Love this Bitch (highlighter) left me a bit underwhelmed. I couldn’t even get Love this Bitch to show up under any lightening, so I am thinking I may just be too pale for it, which is odd as it is an icy pink shade and those usually suit me quite well.

The palette itself cost $39.50, which at first I was like “MAC, you crazy!”, but then when I broke down the price, it basically adds up to $4.38/pan, which is very reasonable. All the pans are not exactly the same size, so there may some price discrepancy, but overall, not too bad for MAC.

Would I rush and buy the remaining palettes? Definitely, not. I would recommend you head on over to the MAC counter and choose one that suits your color tastes instead of personality.

Till next time, my friends.


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