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Shu Uemura x Super Mario Bros. – Nerd Girl Fantasy Come True

If ever there was a time when childhood and middle age collided it would be now as I just found out that Shu Uemura, legendary masters of hair care, will be releasing a limited edition Holiday Collection featuring none other than Super Mario Bros.

I think I just peed myself.

Shu X Mario


The line will include a makeup removing oil, eyeliner, lipstick and eye and cheek palette. Also, if you have about $400 just hanging around and no bills to pay, you can also buy a trunk to house all your goodies.

According to Refinary29 , the line is scheduled to be released on October 1, which is pretty damn close to the release of the Super NES Classic Mini on September 29 and the Super Mario Odyssey game for the Switch on October 29.

I think they are going for a trifecta that is specifically targeting the 35-45 demographic who like Mario and makeup. Kind of a really random niche, but hey… I’m sold.

TAKE MY MONEY!!! (Throws cash at the computer)

If you are interested, Shu Uemura has a pre-order notification link on their site so that you don’t have to be stalking them like I had planned to do for the next few weeks.

Till next time, my friends.




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