Happy National Lipstick Day!

Judging by the number of lipsticks I own, it looks like I have been celebrating National Lipstick Day for quite some time. But that's ok, everyone has a hobby, right? Mine happens to be collecting the same nude shade (it's never the same!) over and over again across multiple cosmetic lines.

Well, in honor of the best holiday EVER, I'm sharing with you my two favorite lipsticks. I would have only chosen one, but I couldn't. It would be like choosing which one of my children I love the most.

Milani Color Statement Moisture in Matte Naked. If I had to pick one lipstick to take with me to a deserted island, it would be this one. Not because it's my #1, but because, quite frankly, I think it would go well with the island decor. But seriously, I love the warm toned nude color. I think it would go well with multiple skin colors and also totally gives me 90's vibes.   It's matte, but not drying and long lasting. I can put this on in the morning and not have to touch up till lunch.

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lipstick in Cherry Blossom. Every time I go to Walmart, I pick up one of their Liquid Lippies in the tin box. The formula's are long wearing, extremely pigmented and do not dry your lips out. Their Velvet Mousse line is  probably my favorite of them all. They are not necessarily matte, but certainly not glossy and they smell like buttercream frosting. All their colors are great, but if I had to choose one, it would be Cherry Blossom. It's the perfect rose color and can got from a day to night look in a heartbeat.

Both lipsticks mentioned above can be picked up at Walmart or your local drugstore (Milani only), however, if you are planning to go to the mall today, make sure you stop by your local MAC counter, as it was announced that MAC will be giving out a FULL SIZED lipstick to all their customers on July 29. Not a sample, not a mini or deluxe size…FULL SIZE!!!  Deep Breaths, Maritza. Deep Breaths.

I think National Lipstick Day is officially better than Christmas.

Tell me what are your favorite lipsticks in the comments below. I know I need to add another nude to my collection (they are not the same!).





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